Tie and Teasing

I seem to have a reputation for being a hard and cruel mistress. That I am but I do have a gentle side – if you know where to look. The same is said for my friend Lady Lash who is a cruel a bitch as you will find in any dungeon. But there are times when the both of us are in gentle teasing mode. Take the other day: we had a softie slave who wanted us to tie and tease him. Well, on that day we were happy to oblige and promptly requested the slave boy to undress. We watched as he did so – arms folded, slightly mocking as his pathetic cock came into view when the pants went down on our soft command. Once butt naked, Lash and I got down to work – we tied the slave to a bed with ropes – not too tight but just tight enough to give him a sense of constraint. Lady Lash was wearing her favourite outfit of rubber including a nice tight pair of  latex panties. She’d been in them all day beating the hell out of other subs. So this naked slave’s tongue was brought to play licking and cleaning her tight black rubber knickers. Being a bit of a bitch,  she couldn’t resist planting her arse on his face and giving him a few little breath thrills. Nothing too tough. Then I got to work with my little cock whip giving him some rather soft little swipes across the shaft. Lady Lash couldn’t resist a gentle squeeze on this balls (she was using about 15 per cent of her natural squeeze power so the pressure was nothing more than a little uncomfortable for the slave). After this I unclipped my tit covers (pvc) and showed the slave my gorgeous breasts with their long pointy nipples. This seemed to excite the poor man – his cock went ever more rigid – thus allowing me a little more surface areas to rain down my gentle lashes. Lady Lash ran her finger nails up and down his body and I couldn’t resist a little fun with my nasty pin wheel. The session ended with both me and Lash giving the by now boiling point perv some bare-ass facesitting with orders for him to lick out our pussy juices (which were running rather free this point). His face covered in our precious liquids we then ordered the slave to wank – using our face lubricant if he so wished. He did. He tried to jerk off very fast but I took his hands away at the crucial moment. I love tease and denial. After 4 or 5 attempts to burst his banks, Lash and I finally let him cum – and it was like an Icelandic volcano. His cum lay thick and hot across his belly. We of course ordered him to clean it off which he did with ease. Thus cleaned up – we untied our lucky slave and ordered him to shower.  When he was in the cubicle, Lash and I offered a  bit more evil temptation by stripping off – shoving the hot rubber apparel on to the floor and giving each other long slurpy kisses. Our moans perked up the slave’s cock – as they were intended to do – but we didn’t let him cum again. Not till next time we have him on our tie and tease table.


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Virgin sub

Whilst I enjoy inflicting pain and humiliation on experienced slaves, there is nothing quite like breaking in a newbie; a virgin arse, an unscathed pair of cock and balls, two juicy male nipples not yet clamped into sharp waves of pain. Well the other day, I had a virgin to my dungeon. He was a young guy – about 23 – skinny but with smooth unblemished skin. This was his first time to see a domme and I could tell – first his arse cheeks were soft and untroubled by any whip. Then there was his demeanor – he was shaking like a leaf when he first saw me in my wicked pvc catsuit and boots. Without a word from me the quivering young slave fell to his knees when I came strutting into the room. Instintively he began to lick my boots – sweet but I hadn’t given any permission for this worship. His first taste of punishment followed – a brisk couple of hard slaps on his arse. Already the soft pink turned to angry red. That’s how I like it.

I gradually introduced the novice to the taste of my whip, the invigorating buzz of my electro-strap on and (I suspect) his first ever arse fuck. Of course, being a newcomer, I was very gentle – I can be you know – and with a mixture of teasing, name calling and the occasional slap – I had the little puppy craving to serve me. He shall of course and next time won’t be so gentle.

Talking of not being gentle, I have posted the second part of Madam X story- on my AdultWork site page – it’s pretty hard core domme and reflects my own cruel thoughts of what I would do to a sub if i met one on a long train journey. Punishment on wheels – read the story to find out more.