Piccadilly or pick a willy ……

I had quite a slave session the other day when my dark dungeon looked
more like a Piccadilly Circus – except there you don’t normally see
naked men sucking cock on demand: my demand.

I decided to deal with five worthless slaves at once and put on my
most scary military uniform to put me in the mood. That meant a pair
of tight-fitting camouflage trousers, lace-up ankle boots (ideal for a
good kicking) and a severe-looking military cap.

Luckily my dungeon is big enough to accommodate a gaggle of slaves:
Piece of Shit (for that is his appropriate name) was locked in the
cage; PVC Piggy was dressed in a PVC suit and spread arms akimbo on a
punishment chair, his ugly face hidden by a pig’s-head gimp mask.

Three other slaves stood at attention, bollock naked apart from their
collars, awaiting my instructions.

“Now you fucking slave boys, don’t disappoint me today. I am in no
mood for disobedience, do you understand?” My harsh words, coldly
expressed, echoed in the dim light of my leather-clad dungeon.

I was not alone in my session that day because I had the assistance of
my male colleague Master Dom. He helped me handcuff the standing
slaves. But before he got his strong arm in play (caning play that is)
I ordered one of the naked slaves to go and suck dick. First, Piece of
Shit’s member was to be vigorously vacuumed with a willing tongue.

After a few minutes I barked an order, “That’s enough, we don’t want
either of you enjoying that too much and whatever you do, cocksucker,
don’t make him cum or there will be maximum trouble for you both. That
trouble will involve feeling the weight of my boot up your sissy

As you know I am a fan of embroidery and so I set about tying one of
the naked slaves in a fine web of my red rope, criss-crossing his
naked torso and making a very pretty picture of it I must say. I then
attached one end of the rope to the ceiling mount which gave me a very
good target for a spot of whipping with my trusty crop.

Slave cried out in pain which got my ire: “I hope you aren’t a bunch
of chickens ready to give me the safe word. Don’t let me down. Take
the pain!”

With the help of Master Dom, I then released Piece of Shit from his
cage and ordered him on all fours like the obedient dog he is.

“Crawl around the floor and suck dick!” I barked. “And if you don’t do
it quickly and properly I will kick you hard in the balls with these
boots. That soon had the miserable serf racing around like a
cock-licking hound.

It was then time for some serious beatings. Master Dom applied a
muscular swish of my cane to the backside of the one of my regular
pain sluts. I lost count of the strokes (as did the slave) but it must
have been at least 20 or 30….who’s counting when you are having such a
good time?

I ended the session with a version of ‘ten green bottles’ only this is
called ‘who’s got bottle?’ In this fun game, I line up the naked
slaves – backs to the wall – and give them some hard whacks with the
cane on their bare arses until they can’t take it any more and drop to
their feet. The last one standing – it was my pain slut – is the
winner. Like the rest, he had some wonderful marks on this bottom and
back – signs of the care and attention handed out to them by Mistress
and Master. Such loving care!