Iced and tortured 2

My slave was ready for more action. So I led him to my garden where I made him lay on his front. I barked orders at him like a cruel sergeant major – “Right, miserable little man, ten push ups…now! Fast!” He did as he was told but of course, not fast or high enough. So this time I put some weights on his back and used by boot to make his push up  a little more challenging. I ordered him to do another ten but after eight he collapsed in exhaustion. I laughed at him calling him a ‘skinny whimp’ and ‘no kind of a real man’. Then I took the weights off and turned him round roughly. I then stood astride his body – he must have got a  good look up my booted legs to my naked pussy. If he did grab a look at my sacred mound, it didn’t’ last long as I unleashed a stream of piss right over his pathetic face. It felt so good to have that slave cowering and suffering the humiliation of being pissed on by his mistress. I ordered him to lick up every drop – which he did, or tried to do. Of course, he didn’t do well enough so I grabbed him by the hair to a standing position and then set about his cock with my electric cattle prod. He screamed liked a pig – but I just laughed. “I can’t have a smelly sub in my garden – you will have to be showered again,” I taunted. He whimpered knowing too well what was coming next – more iced water. He was like a cold drowned rat by the time I’d finished with him. He begged me to let him dry himself – so I relented. But I had a new way of drying – I got my whip and made him run  round and round the garden. He didn’t go fast enough so I put a collar on him and attached a long pony rein. Now I had control over how fast he should go and I whipped him like an old-fashioned circus animal. He sped round so fast that within a few minutes he was not only dry but starting to get wet with sweat. I didn’t tolerate this and so, yes you’ve guessed it, another dowsing with icy water. My little pony boy was clean again. But I hadn’t finished with this garden experience. I felt that his arse needed a little punishment so after giving it a few more strokes with the whip, I put on my strap on and fucked him for at least half an hour. By the time I was done, he was no more than a pathetic little worm. I did feel that he needed a little reward – I noticed that his little cock was getting hard. So, graciously, I allowed him to cum on my boots. He did so and of course, I insisted that he lick off every drop with his tongue. A very enjoyable day.


Iced and tortured

I had a great session the other day with a sub who told me that I could do whatever I wanted with him. What an offer! One that this domme cannot refuse. I liked my lips in anticipation. I managed to quell my excitement at being carte blanche with a male body and gave him my best icy stare. Ice plays a key part in this story as you will see. I sternly told him to take off his clothes and be quick about it. He stripped in seconds. I ordered him to stand with his legs spread and his hands against the wall. On went my rubber gloves as I began to examine his  worthless body. First I laughed at his skinny arms, then grabbed his balls for further investigation. Saggy and pathetic they were. He yelped in pain as I gave them a good squeeze – and believe me I have strong hands. Then I got my magnifying glass out to try to find his cock – all I could find was a tiny clit. He replied: “Please mistress, it isn’t a clit, it is my cock.” Of course I laughed in his pathetic face. “That is not a cock. That tiny thing is a clit.” With that I flicked his tiny member with an elastic band which elicited a scream of pain. That of course was my wicked intention. “Well at least that little thing is alive”, I laughed. My attention was next drawn to his skinny bare arse cheeks. “I will give them some nice colour and loosen up the little hole you have buried in there.” He gulped in fear (and excitement). With that I did what I love doing – scaring the shit out of him. I went up close to his ear and whispered in a very stern but quiet voice: “Be scared, be fucking scared my little boy.” He shivered. There would be more shivering later. Much more.

To be continued


Warning. If you are of a nervous disposition, I don’t think you should read this. You all know that as a domme I have a very gentle side. But get me riled or pissed off, and I can be a demon in leather (or PVC).  Of course, I always take my slave into account. My regular gardening slave likes to be roughed up and knocked around. I am more than happy to oblige of course especially if he upsets. The other day, he upset me more than ever.  He usually comes each week to tend my garden and I expect him to be there on time, in place, butt naked with spade and pair of shears.  Last week he was late. Late! When I asked him where he’d been, he replied with utmost disrespect telling me that he had another appointment somewhere – I don’t care what he said, or what is pathetic excuses were. I didn’t like his tone or that he was telling me about his world.  He is a slave who belongs utterly to me – and as far as I’m concerned he has no life beyond what I allow him to have. So when he started reeling off the pathetic excuses , I got really mad. I let him do the work in the garden…gave him some extra hard and heavy work and then ordered him to my dungeon. I couldn’t  wait for him to finish and be ready for me. I wore my thigh length boots and PVC basque, carried my short whip and felt ready to give out some severe punishment.  I licked my lips in anticipation. But I was really angry so when he appeared in the punishment room, I immediately bawled at him making sure my angry face was within inches of his miserable eyes. “Don’t you ever disobey me again and I never want to hear your pathetic excuses or reasons why you can’t do this or that for mistress. You are mine, you belong to me – I tell you what you can and can’t do.” He quivered and  I could see that his knees were knocking. I spat in his face and as the spittle ran down his nose, I gave him six slaps across the face – so hard that his face went red as a beetroot.  I was still spitting with fury – just seeing him there naked before me, made me even more full of rage. I punched him hard on the arms and he sank to his knees. I ordered him up and chained him up with his legs far apart. Then I really got to work. I have a simple but evil rubber fly swat and gave his cock, balls and legs some nasty whacks. He yelled in agony but I wasn’t finished yet.  I have a new toy that I was keen to use on him. An electric fly swat. Yes it delivers a very nasty electric shock on top of the flick swat. I used that on his balls until he cried for mercy.  ‘Mercy has to be earned’ I shouted. And as the sweat poured off his miserable beaten body, he cried for forgiveness. I eventually relented, unchained him, told him to get dressed and kicked him out of my sight. Next time, he will certainly know who is boss here.