Sissy spitroasting

The spit roast sissy

As told to Brainsex – my scribe.

A new slave arrived at Mistress Paris’ torture centre not knowing what awaited him

This lamb to the slaughter arrived at her palace of pain and was ordered to put on a sissy costume lying in wait for him.  It was a classic maid’s outfit complete with frilly lace petticoats,  fishnet stockings held up by a fancy black garter belt, high heel shoes, wig, choker, all set off by some very fancy makeup applied with an unexpected delicacy by the mistress herself.

He was ordered to stand for inspection and the mistress immediately noticed that the maid’s little cock had started to twitch.  The mistress, folded her arms across a tight leather basque, parted her stockinged legs and whispered in the sissy’s ear, “Don’t you dare get hard until I tell you. Stay small, soft, and pliable. I want that thing small and malleable. It won’t  pump into life,  stiffen with desire until I give the order. Is that understood?” With that gently delivered command,  the mistress slapped his cock hard with the upper side of her hand. Her bony knuckles met the strained skin of his penis with a hard crack which made him yelp with pain.

“Open your legs. Open your fucking legs’, she suddenly barked. He did so with a whimper only to receive yet another hard slap on that reddening cock. The sissy didn’t spot that the mistress had taken out of a drawer, a devilish little device known as a cock cage. “There, that will tie up your sissy clit and make sure you don’t get hard till I say so.” As she spoke these words,  her hands were busy fitting the caging device to his manhood.  Part of the wire clasp caught on his cock skin. Was this deliberate? Most likely.

The next part of the sissy’s humiliation came as a complete surprise (to him). Mistress had another slave waiting in his cage for an order. Now that order came, cold and heartless, “You bastard shithead,  I am letting you out of the cage to go suck that sissy’s cock.” The newly released slave did as he was bidden.  Sissy slave had been shoved on to a massage bed, legs dangling over the edge. That gave the second slave a purchase on his dick. “Suck him hard, suck him fast,” was the mistress’s order of the day. As he did so, the mistress took the opportunity of fingering ‘shithead’s’ asshole with a rubber glove.  She told sissy slave that the other worthless wanker would  soon be ordered to fuck his ass with his large cock.

The order came and the wanker duly shoved his cock up the ass of the sissy. Mistress chose this ‘rapist’ because she knew he could keep his cock hard for hours and not come.  As he pounded sissy’s ass, mistress barked more orders,  “Shove it in harder, faster, go on faster otherwise you will pay with my whip. My cock whip!” The ‘rapist’ did not need a second order and duly went at the sissy’s tight hole like a supercharged piston engine.

While this ass fuck went ahead, the mistress quietly donned her giant strapon, shoved the slave out of the way, and rammed her rubber dick up that sissy hole. She soon tired of this, walked round to the other end of the table and without ceremony,  stuck her dildo into the sissy’s mouth. “There,  taste your own shit,” she barked, half laughing.

As she fucked his mouth, she ordered the erstwhile rapist to continue his ass fuck – classic spit roasting. Mistress has a superb sense of timing. She saw that the slave was close to cumming and so ordered a change round. She took on the pumping of sissy’s ass, while  the slave rapidly placed his cock in the unfortunate  male maid’s mouth and with a deafening groan, shot his load into the waiting orifice.

This mistress likes to round off a session with a nice friendly beating and so, she then ordered the sissy over her knee. As his nostrils smelt the warm leather of her boots, he felt the first hard blow on his ass cheeks. Then more, and more still. “You deserve a thorough spanking, and that is what you are going to get,” said the mistress, now sweating with exertion. When his cheeks were nice and red, she threw the sissy to the floor, ordered him to dress (no shower allowed as that was part of the humiliation process) and he left. It was only later that mistress remembered, that  sissy slave still had his cock cage attached. That would serve him right.  He would have to remain celibate until the next session. As she said, “That slut deserved everything I gave him. “