How did I get a worthless slave to submit his salary AND his house to
me? Read on for a true story of total submission. Could you become my
Next Pig Slut?

As a lifestyle dominant I know what i am looking for when I want a new slave. It is not easy to enter into my stable of slaves, I do not make it easy from the very start for a slave to make an impression on me. So to begin with the slave has to be keep on trying to get my attention, so after several requests to se me I allowed pig slut to attend and work on my garden. It was there I could see it had the potential to be groomed into a pig slut that I maybe able to use. I began by asking it if he would be interested in doing a friends garden for me, of course he said yes after all he wanted to please me. it was then while he was hard at work I went around to see him, I ordered him to strip naked and few pictures later he was mine. You see pig slut had secrets people who he would not want to see the pictures I had of him. I slowly began to collect more and more information about pig slut He wanted to please me and with the control I now had over him he had little choice to but to obey me. Slowly I started to groom my pig slut, to begin with I ordered my phone to be topped up, only a small amount £20 but I knew exactly where I wanted this to go!! Payments would be made sometimes they were late I had to impose myself more on pig slut a simple letter addressed to home worked he was not late again with his top up. But those that know me a simple top up was never going to be enough for me I wanted to control more of what pig slut had to offer. He works hard earns a fair wage so why did he not give me more. I ordered a small monthly allowance so he could show how much he wanted to serve me. £100 followed the end of the month, I could see now pig slut was going to be very useful to me. As far as pig slut was concerned this allowance was just to show how much he wanted to serve me. I began to take more control over pig slut I demanded his passport, it was slow to arrive pig slut needed to be reminded who was in control. It was easy to bully such a pathetic pig slut and demand the passport from him it was handed over to me, more control! The pig slut was mine now I had more control over him than ever before, I was slowly introducing him to true financial domination control. he was there now to work for me and also to act as my sex slut as well. I would now have pig slut attend my house and pleasure his new Master his mouth would be used so his Master could fuck his mouth hard, this would happen often now and pig slut was starting to understand I owned him. It was now pig slut was paying £200.00 to me as his monthly allowance. It was time to to step up my control over him, I wanted to have him prove to me how much he wanted to serve me. With work now being done at my house for a new dungeon, pig slut would often say I could use his house if I wanted to. So I started to be more demanding of him. I told him that £200 was no longer acceptable it was insult to me such a low amount. I told pig slut that from now on £300 would be the minimum would accept. Payment would be made at the end of each month without fail. August came pig slut was working at a venue close to my home,pig slut was told to bring my allowance with him. Mobile phones are such a useful tool. A simple text and pig slut was waiting for me naked with my allowance in his mouth on his knees. I arrived and took the allowance from it mouth, master had also come with me to have his pleasure. I ordered pig slut to take his Masters cock deep into his mouth and not to stop until Master filled his mouth with cum. I had pig slut where I want him now, but I do like control and I felt I could have more control over, we often exchanged texts so I asked pig slut how much he wanted to serve me, he said he wanted to prove himself. I seized on that and told him to prove it. along with my next allowance I wanted his house keys. The end of September came a few day ago was very pleased with how it went. Master and myself drove to pig sluts house ordered it to wait naked in the kitchen with the keys to his house in his mouth and my allowance in an envelope at his knees. had dressed in tight black leggings and high heals was going to show pig slut he is just a low life and will serve me until I say he can go. When I arrived I walked into the kitchen to see pig slut on his knees, wine had been poured and was waiting for me. I had pig slut hand over the money and demanded to know what it was. I was told it was his hard earned cash and he knew he should hand it over to me. I made him crawl around the house showing me each room that I now have control over. It was Masters turn to have his pleasure now I made pig slut bend over in his lounge and wait, Master fucked him hard making him squeal like a pig slut he is, he was ordered to clean his Masters cock then take it deep into his mouth and swallow all that Master had to give him!! To add to my fun and excitement I filmed all this as it happened and will a have clips on my web site soon….. I left my new house with my allowance in my handbag, my plans for pig slut are going well soon I will impose more control over him and he will have no choice but to obey. PIg slut is mine and will always be mine now, I will continue to lower pig slut self esteem he will learn that he must not think for himself and he will soon only live and work to support me. I have plans for pig slut that will slowly develop as my years of ownership over him continue…..