Fire and Ice

You have heard of the expression: ‘going hot and cold’ – usually meaning changing your mind about a subject. Well I think I have re-defined this old saying in my usual dominatrix way. Last week I had a slave going all hot and cold – up his arse. As you know Lady Lash and I are big devotees of the strapon and love nothing more than the feel of a big rubber cock strapped around our crotches.  We like to put on our cocks as our slave lies on all fours waiting for our attentions. Imagine if you will, Lady Lash with her gorgeous rubber catsuit, huge strapon strung around her hips. Picture yours truly, Mistress Paris also bedecked in tight rubber giving her big black pull-on penis a long, slow fondle. See in your minds eye, the miserable man slave arse up in the air, his hairy hole waiting for some strapon action. Now normally the aforesaid arsehole is prepared with a nice oily lube. In this case, as we like to see our slaves suffering, we put on something a bit different: not oily lube but a nice fiery dollop of Radian B. Imagine that hot stinging gel forcing its way – and I mean forcing – up your bum tube. It starts with a not unpleasant rosy glow, builds slowly as the heat dial is turned up and ends in a frenzy of fiery pain felt deeper inside you than you knew was possible. Suffering from deep within. Of course Lash and I get nothing but pleasure from watching you wince and begging us to put out the ‘flames’. We usually ignore these pleas (unless you are a beginner or softie). Then just when the slave thinks his arse has caught fire, we douse the inferno with something he least expects: ice cubes. Yes, we get a  tray of ice cubes from the freezer, take a handful and shove it up his hot arsehole. Again you can image the pain and pleasure of two powerful and merciless madams showing freezing water up into your Radian-B soaked bum. Pain and Pleasure. Fire and Ice. Lash and Paris. All goes together don’t you think?


Luncheon Meat

I am a lady who lunches. Well, not in the classic sense of meeting ladies of leisure over a salmon salad and glass of bubbly at the Café Royale. No, when I say lunch I mean passing a pleasant midday hour with a very different kind of dish – one that is served up hot. The heat I refer to is the scorching flesh of a slave’s backside. I have a slave who likes to come for lunch. The only thing is that he isn’t offered the usual light meal – more a rather large mouthful – of a strapon that has been resting somewhere far up his own arse. Let me explain: my lunchtime lacky has just an hour to spend in my treasured company. Most of that lunch hour is spent with the slave in question on all fours taking my strapon up his pathetic arse. There’s nothing I like better than to harnass up my huge rubber cock and give the slave a good old fashioned ramming. I am good at ramming: I ram very well (got strong pelvic thrusts that help to shove the latex tool way up his tight little back passage. Once I tire of this first course, I like to take my cock round to the other side of the male subject and ram it into his mouth. I make him savour every lick and swallow.  After all, we know where it’s just been don’t we? That is just the first course.. If there’s time, I have an even bigger strapon – long and thick – that takes a bit of extra effort to make its way up that arse tunnel. But make its way it always does. Yes, the slave might well moan and groan but that only makes me want to turn up the ram power to 11. Sweat pouring off me, I wipe my brow and  quickly pull out the giant tool and offer it to my ‘guest’ as a real lunch treat – into his useless mouth it goes ..further and further until he gags. I do not like him gagging at my luncthime offering. That may well lead to some serious handiwork on his arse cheeks. A short whip does the trick. If he’s good, I let him off this part and order him onto his back. Stark naked of course. There I allow him a real lunchtime treat: to  wank himself off as I slowly make him clean the strapon with his tongue. Think of it as ‘doing the dishes’. Once he cums – or more likely explodes – I make him smear his chest with his own cum. If I am in a mean mood (and when aren’t I?) I then whip him clean. Think of this as a ‘whipped cream dessert’ An hour up, my lunch date is over.  I order him to get dressed and then kick him out the house but not before thanking the lady who lunches.

It’s a dom’s life

Yes I know my readers have been waiting so long for my next blog. Life just got in the way and we have never been busier. I say ‘we’ and of course I include my fellow doms Miss Venom and Lady Lash. We have been up to some pretty wicked things since last we talked. And though, as you know, I have my soft and fluffy side, my darker, more cruel side often takes over. I must be having a bad effect because both Lash and Venom have been chalking up some pretty harsh and dominating scenarios.  I don’t know where to begin there’s so much to catch up on. We’ve been having some serious fun with a sissy slave who, truth to tell, looks pretty good in a seamed stockings, heels, and frilly maid’s outfit. He/she looks even ‘better’ with thick red lipstick and a nice curly wig. Any feelgood factors though are soon dispelled as Lady Lash and I got down to some pretty serious humiliation – especially when ordering our maid to down her knickers and show us what she’s got.  A pretty pathetic little clit with balls is what she has and we can’t help but laugh our leather boots off at the sight. Lady Lash, who used to be rather meek and mild, has learnt a lot from me (am I sad to say this?) She has become a mean bitch of the first order and enjoys nothing more than taunting little boy/girls. I  like to laugh at the expense of a pathetic male and usually I punctuate my giggles with a few hefty slaps on their tiny tools. But you know what? A nice red dick goes well with the lipstick. Anway, when we have finished mocking the maid’s privates we get to serious work. Lash has developed a liking for dishing out a good spanking. She enjoys hitching up her skirt and ordering the maid to lie across her stockinged legs. Whatever thrill he gets from glimpsing her black stockings are soon dispelled by the first mighty thwack across his arse. I thought `I was a good spanker, but Lash is rising up the ranks rapidly. In no time, the maid’s arse cheeks are turning as red as his lips (and dick). Good job red is my favourite colour. I can’t resist adding a few slaps of course and might be tempted to add to the pleasure (mine and Lash’s) with the taste of my whip. The sissy’s cries for mercy go unheeded of course – they are fuel for our fury. To be honest I lost count of how many slaps the maid got on his arse cheeks…Lash was loving it.

When suitably scourged, we turned our attention to the maid’s fuckhole. A rather tempting little arsehole that drew my mighty strapon like a magnet. As I fucked his arse like an MG piston, Lash fucked his mouth with a large leather dildo that made him gag. Too bad. Gagging is too good for that sissy. When we get bored, we swap over – Sissy takes my strapon (and you know where that’s been) in his filthy gob and Lash attacks his butt.  If he doesn’t let us fuck him easily, we stop what we are doing, hold up his face and give him several mighty slaps around the face. I enjoy covering his stupid eyes with a dollop of my warm spit. I love to see it running down his face.

When the spitroasting is done, we might let him go or, more likely, put him through further torments – perhaps some electrics on his girly balls or some savage nipple clamps to make the girlie shed a tear – who says big girls don’t cry? Big sissies certainly do. We make sure they do.

Anyway, that gives you a flavour of what we naughty doms have been up to. Let me know what you think and what you’d like us to do to you.