My diary

I have decided to write a regular diary about my life as a domme, my thoughts, my plans, my fantasies, dreams, desires and evil intentions.

Keep looking, keep learning and keep on your knees!


23 responses to “My diary

      • Actually I’m not sure what part you was confused about
        License :
        1. formal permission from a governmental or other constituted authority to do something, as to carry on some business or profession.

        2. a certificate, tag, plate, etc., giving proof of such permission; official permit: a driver’s license.

        3. permission to do or not to do something
        4. intentional deviation from rule, convention, or fact, as for the sake of literary or artistic effect: poetic license.

        5. exceptional freedom allowed in a special situation.

  1. By the way Mistress Paris; I love your website video of the suspended slave being whipped. It makes me want to take his place. Do you have such a facility yourself please?

  2. i thought that the video of the man being suspended by his ankles and whipped was taken at the dungeon facility in France, not England?
    just to clarify then ; do you have a similar suspension facility in your dungeon in England. Sorry about the late reply. I have been very busy recently

  3. Ah Thank You Mistress Paris. That s very interesting indeed. I must look into this. I have been thinkng about this for some time now. Whereabouts are you situated please?

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