A wet Tuesday

It’s a horrible wet miserable Tuesday and I’m stuck in the house.  The kitchen now I come to think of it, is a place where lots of fun items can be found for the imaginative domme. Imagine what I can do with a wooden spoon on my slave’s rear end or the pain that could be inflicted with a cruel use of my cheese grater. Ouch!. I think I might plan some kitchen domination…..


Random domme thoughts

I have always had a domme tendency..I think it goes back to my teenage days when there was nothing more I enjoyed than humiliating boys. I was bloody good at it too. I liked lashing out with my tongue (I know how to be a real bitch) and my fists too. It took a little while to realise that though fists were good, you can’t beat (that’s the right word) a good bit of leather – a whip or a belt. As I write this I am choosing what belt to wear to go with my tight jeans and knee-length black boots. I like looking the part of a domme even when out shopping. If i get poor service in a shop or cafe, then I like to fantasise about how  I would use the belt to beat some good manners into the poor guy. I have been know to lure a salesman out of the shop and into my car and clutches. But more on that later. Must go now my studded belt is on. Imagine that against someone’s arse…..

My diary

I have decided to write a regular diary containing my life as a domme, my dreams, wicked fantasies and plans. My aim is to give you the privilege of getting inside the mind of an active, lifestyle dominatrix, a lifestyle sadist and whip mistress. I hope you find my blogs illuminating and perhaps even entertaining. I hope you don’t find them shocking …of course they are not for the eyes of the under 18s or anyone easily offended by my world of pain and submission: of leather and instruments of torment.