A Tale of Two Slutties (apologies to Dickens)

‘It was the best of times, it was the worst of times’. Best for me,
worst for the two slaves I have just had some fun with.  This blog
involves some forced cock sucking, c&b torture and some wicked stuff
from yours truly. You have been warned!
My evil mind got going when I got a booking from an elderly slave who
finds it hard to get a hard on. Hard Times, as Dickens might have
said. The 72 year-old has problems in getting it stiff and certainly
finds that his cumming is going. This was a job, I thought, for my
regular house slave who came to do his usual domestic duties of
cleaning and washing the floors in my place. The younger houseboy duly
arrived and as usual was ordered to strip naked.  As it is February
and we all need some colour in our lives, I then put his pathetic
penis in a nice pink cock cage. This looked just right for a
cock-sucking slut like him. Of course at this point he had no idea
what he was in for – some extra duties involving his mouth.
As he got to work, I went up to my boudoir to dress in something
appropriately wicked. I chose my sexy ‘What Katy Did’ red and black
basque. I looked into my full-length mirror as I slowly slid the
basque over my slim size eight waist and tightly over my 32F bust,
which stood proud bursting out of the top. It shows off my cleavage
very well. I then slowly donned my silk stocking pulling them gently
over my feet, sliding them above the ankle, my knees and up to the
tops of my strong thighs. Then – what shoes to wear for this session
with two sluts? I looked through my large collection of shoes all the
time calculating what damage I would be inflicting on the pathetic
creatures before me. I chose well – my black killer stilettos –
perfect for kicking a sub in the balls or cock, just right for
inserting a sharp heel into his balls up right up his arse crack. I
love looking all sexy and provocative – it helps put my mind into full
dominatrix overdrive (though it is in that gear most of the time).


to be continued….