Miss Lash and I get hot – together

I have had this strange daydream and I want to share it with you. I don’t think of myself as bi but working with Lady Lash has given me some new and rather hot ideas. We both look very sexy in our PVC or leather domme gear and it never fails to get our slave of the day hot under the dog collar. I love nothing more than strutting around in my thigh boots and basque, and Lady L enjoys lauding it over some wimp in her fishnets and corset. Anyway my idea….I am always thinking of ways of teasing a slave …I want him to get to bursting point – whether that’s done  through pain or humiliation (or better still both). But here’s another way to tease and taunt: getting hot with Lady Lash.
The way it would work is this: we would have slave boy tied firmly down to my punishment bed – tightly chained so that he can’t move or get anywhere close to his cock which would be left free to  rise and fall with Paris empire. Then Lady L and I would start to get up front and personal: feeling each other’s fetish gear, stroking a stockinged leg, caressing a protruding nipple. I might get down and lick her stilletoed boots or she my thigh boots. I might let her feel my arse or slide a casual thumb down my tight little panties into the wet sex cave within. We might kiss – French of course – we would paw each other and whisper about all the evil things we would do to slave if he dared to get a hard on without our permission. I can imagine that our lesbo routine would make him melt but he could do nothing about it……And if he did, there would be extra punishment to come. Aren’t I evil? Shall I do it? Would you like to hear about it when we get it on together, Miss Lash and I?


Spit Roast Rumble

I came across the idea of ‘spit roast’ a few years ago but funnily enough haven’t done it very often. But a few weeks ago, Miss Lash and I enjoyed a very good example of this very special form of torment. To get to the bottom of this (very appropriate, as you will see), ‘spit roast’ means taking a slave up the arse with a strap-on while at the same time sticking a similar dildo into his mouth. Thus the wretch is skewered at each end. And serves him right. Anyway, we had a cracking session with a slave who said he wanted to be spit roasted and treated roughly. Well rough treatment is of course Mistress Paris’ special subject. I love roughing up men – I am very strong and can’t think of anything more enjoyable than giving a worthless slave a hard time. Usually I give them such a hard time that they have a hard-on time of their own.
Miss Lash and I were in a particularly mean mood that night and all too happy to rough up the slave. We ordered him to strip naked and then shoved him on to the end of the bed. Miss Lash grabbed his arms and I took him by the ankles and shoved his legs apart. We chained him up to the bed and made sure he was completely helpless with his arse in the air and head up. He wasn’t keen to get his arse out or head up but a few slaps across the face and painful stripes on the bum soon persuaded him to comply. I grabbed his hair and told him in my cold authoritative voice that he better keep present his arsehole to me and his dirty mouth up and ready for action from Lady Lash. I say ‘dirty mouth’ but I don’t think he realised how dirty it would soon become.
Slave was now ready to be spit roasted.  I put on this enormous strap-on and Lady Lash did the same. We looked pretty awesome – two powerful and mean ladies each ready to fuck the slave with their huge rubber cocks. I started as I meant to go on; shoving the strap-on into his tight little arsehole without any ceremony. He cried out in pain but that was music to my ears. I rammed him over and over again…you call it a rape but the slave was obviously enjoying it..the masochist that he is. Anyway, I wasn’t satisfied with the rate of arse pumping. So I took hold of the slave’s hair like a pair of reins and like riding some wild thrashing horse, managed to roger the slave with ever more power. The strap-on got as far up that arse tube as is physically possible. Maybe even more.
As I shoved that rubber up that now searing and widening arsehole, Lady Lash was equally busy ramming her strap-on into his mouth with the speed of racehorse. I never knew she could be so cruel – she fucked that mouth with such gusto that he gagged on her ‘cock’, she was getting very hot (in all senses) but that just meant she went in even harder.
Then I had a brainwave: the ultimate humiliation. I suggested to Miss Lash that we swap over. Miss L would stick her strap-on up his bum and I would take the encrusted dildo and ram it into his mouth. I told him that he was going to eat his own dirt. He begged me not to do it but I took no notice. I slowly moved round to his mouth and without more ado, thrust the strap-on into his mouth. He gagged. Too bad. Eat your own shit! I shouted. At the other end of the worthless body, Miss L was going at his arse like a racing car piston. I don’t know what took over me but I just pounded that mouth with my strap-on not caring if he was choking, in pain, dribbling (which he was) or crying out for us to stop (which he did).
We repeated this torture for about 40 minutes; Lady L and I swapping over. We enjoyed fucking him no matter what end was in sight! After nearly an hour, the slave was wasted and we were on a high albeit covered in womanly sweat. But it was not yet over for the slave. I could never resist a presented arse. So I got my whip and gave him so many hard beatings that I lost count. Enough to say that his arse was red raw, his face covered in his own sweat, spit and shamefaced inferiority.
So that is spit roasting, Paris style. If you think you are man enough – why not make a booking with me and Lady Lash. But we warned; we love it. And so will you….