Ruined cum. Pain – the top and bottom of it.


As a fully-fledged pain slut, Wifey can take a lot and of course, I can give it. The other day I had real fun filming a session of what I call, end-to-end torment; top to toe torture. After all, why just focus on a slave’s balls or arse or nipples when you can have it all?


I couldn’t wait to get my cruel hands on his prostrate body – but it wasn’t only my hands that gave Wifey such a hard time; my dungeon has so many instruments of pain I hardly knew where to start.


The session began with Wifey prostrate on my torture bed. His arms and hands were strapped down and I tightened up the leather belts around his chest. Tight, but not too tight as a I don’t want him to stop breathing – not just yet anyway.


I checked that Wifey’s chastity cage was well and truly locked into his cock. Yes, it was all in place and that dick was going nowhere. His balls were nicely swollen and of a lovely shade of purple as a result of the tight metal bars holding them firmly in place. Of course, I couldn’t help but to tease the taught skin of his ball sac with my long fingers and nicely sharp nails.


And so dressed in my short leather skirt, leather top and boots I began Wife’s pain session in earnest. First I attached my infamous nipple clamps – lovely steel pegs attached to the overhead bar on the bed and suspended by strong chains. There was a yelp from Wifey as the clamps were attached to his vulnerable nipples but this was only the start. The yelps became gasps of pain as I hoisted the clamps by turning the ratchet on the bar. As the clamps were lifted, his nipples of course stretched to bursting point and all you could hear was a cry of pained anguish.


With his top half in pain, it was now time to turn to his lower bits. I ordered him to spread his legs apart – and encouraged him to obey with a few well aimed taps on the testicles. What came next was a surprise – for him a nasty one. I lubed up my electro-dildo and shoved it up his arse.


My electrics are not for pussies – well for male ones, they are. I turned up the dial to 11 and his arse tube filled with agonising pulses of pure pain. His groans filled the dungeon air – music to my ears.


With his bum getting the full electro works, I turned my attention back to his nipples. Hoisting them up high again but this time giving him a little soothing therapy – a rubbed my ample tits into his face and whispered sweet nothings that made me sound sorry for what I was doing to him. Wifey knows that I don’t mean it of course. All adds to the bitchy teasing that I enjoy. On, off, on off – each time the clamps were removed, more severe pain.


I gave his sore balls a nice licking with my tongue but remembered to keep pulling on the chains to make his nipples stand to attention. Think of me as a sergeant major of pain.


It was time to add something to the torture experience. I sat astride Wifey’s face and ordered him to lick my panties. I sat hard on his nose and mouth so forcing him to gasp for breath. Being a merciful domme I lent forward to release his cock from the chastity cage. Off came the metal bars and on went my fingers. I started to give the poor dick a bit of special wank.


After all this TLC (tender loving cock torture) I decided to up the ante. Time for a bit of nettle play. I grow my own nettles in such a way that their sting becomes much more potent than usual. It’s nature giving something back. With my gloved hand, I rubbed the nasty nettles into his hardening cock. A nettle sting comes in waves – not unlike an electric shock. Wifey groaned loudly as nature’s stings got to work coursing agonising torments through his lower body. Enjoying myself even more now, I wrapped the luscious nettle leaves around his cock and wanked it hard. Agonised cries filled the space around my torture bed – as his orgasm grew he didn’t know whether to plead for me to stop or beg for me to continue. That’s exactly as I like it.


But I hadn’t finished with him yet. I gave his cock and nice rub with something from a tube. What was it? Soothing cream? Not a bit of it! It was heat rub meant to sooth a sore back. Imagine the mixture of sensations: prickly pain from the nettles, deep fiery heat from the gel and the desperate need to cum. Wifey’s legs, and his whole body was shaking with mixed emotions – my two favourite emotions. Yes. Agony AND ecstasy.

Watch the clip here



Foot and Ice work if you can get it! (and you can)

No-one likes a good joke more than me. I don’t know why but when I’m
torturing a slave, I can’t help but laugh, especially if he’s forced
to suck on a lolly made out of Mistress’ sacred golden nectar. You’ve
heard the expression ‘laugh till you cry’? Well, my version is ‘I
laugh till you cry’. And maybe beyond! A good example of a session
that reduced a slave to humiliating hilarity took place in my dungeon
the other day.

A slave said he wanted to foot worship. I was happy to oblige but only
if I could have lots of fun with his naked body first.

He had no
choice but to agree. And so the session began: I greeted him with
scorn in our famous torture chamber. I ordered him to get naked – fast
– and chained his arms and legs so that he formed a very nice ‘X’
shape. I ensured that his legs stayed nice and wide by clamping on a
spreader bar – one of Mistress’ countless dungeon toys. Spread-eagled
now he was all mine. Mine to enjoy!

I began by pointing and mocking his tiny cock which needed a
magnifying glass to see. Such was my disdain for it that I gave it
some hefty slaps with the back of my strong hands. ‘Did that hurt?
Yes? It’s just your starter for ten’, I laughed in his face which was
in wincing pain. I then took from my collection, a large cock pump.
Slave no doubt believed that I was about to apply it to his penis to
help it grow. In fact I held it a few inches away from his limp dick
but instead of its usual use, I stuck it firmly up his arse without
warning. That led to yet more cries of pain and anguish, but that only
made me laugh more. Then without warning I slapped the cringing
cock-cuckold hard across the face. I repeated this several times until
I heard him begging me to stop.

Red-faced with an impression of my hand, I released him from bondage.
But not for long. I ordered him to put his head  in my wall stocks and
rummaged in my collections for another one of Mistress’ toys of
torment. There it was – my stainless steel spider gag. What a gag! I
applied this to his mouth and opened the screw so that his gob was
really gaping.

‘It’s time for you to have some food and drink. See what a kind
mistress I am?’ He nodded in agreement at this but could only grunt as
his mouth was wired wide. Then, pretending to be a soft Mistress, I
wanked his cock. This came as a complete surprise to the slave who
responded in the predicted way. He soon came but I collected his mess
on a large kitchen spoon. You can guess what came next? Yes I forced
his cum down his pathetic throat.

‘Does that taste good? Your own spunk?’ He looked at me pleadingly but
I was not finished yet.

‘Are you thirsty? Do you fancy a nice ice lolly?’ He looked puzzled at
this offer. But I had something really surprising in store. Well in my
freezer to be exact. It was a tray of ic cubes made of Mistress’
golden pee. I shoved the icy piss into his open mouth, and told him to
keep it on his tongue until all the golden liquid had melted. Nearly
gagging on my melting piss, I couldn’t help but laugh until I cried.

Thus properly humiliated, I took him out of the stocks and as an extra
treat bent him over my bench to give his arse (still holding that cock
pump) a thorough caning. Let’s call his six-teen of the best!

Slave had done well to take all my humiliations and so just before he
left the dungeon I allowed him to gently suck on each of Mistress’
toes. Foot worship with a ‘bit extra’ you could say.

Why not join the fun (mine) and book a session with your laughing Mistress?