Mistress weekend…

Hello my loyal subjects it is your divine Mistress here. I hope you are
all sitting uncomfortably and in sufferance for me…….

I am going to tell
you about a delightful weekend I spent with my slave boyfriend and one
of my loyal stable of subs. We spent it at lover boys house helping him
with some major renovations, however all that work did not stop me
having my fun…

The Journey
Now anyone who lives anywhere near London
knows about that horrid little road known as the M25 and how long and
arduous that even a short journey can take. Well it is just over an
hour to the house but this particular Friday I was sat on that road for
about two and a half hours. Boring, boring and double boring.

Fortunately I had company with me my two dogs they were harnessed on
the back seat allowing them some movement but keeping them safe from
any nasty accidents. I also had my slave to talk to, well shout at
really! You see he was lying face up in the boot tied in a most
uncomfortable lotus position, he was naked and had one of my shock
collars on his boy bits. He had a large butt plug in his arse and was
in some considerable pain from the vicious bite of the weighted nipple
clamps on his titties. His blindfold kept him extra disoriented and a
pair of my sexy panties that had been worm for a week by a particularly
sweaty sissy slave of mine stopped his inane chatter. The other thing
that stopped him from getting too comfortable was all the tools and
dust sheets piled on top of him.

Oh I forgot to say the dog harnesses
were also attached to his balls as he had selfishly used up all the
anchorage points in the boot. Oh how he yelped when the dogs tried to
get on the front seat or when they ran around the back of the car

His noise would sometimes ruin the enjoyment of the radio so
I would have to keep him in line with frequent shocks to remind him of
his slave status and that status in my world is silent,subservient and
suffering or SSS for short!

I hated that journey but at least the dogs
kept me company and unlike that ungrateful slave they did not annoy me.

Now this journey was not all bad slaves suffering made my tight bald
pussy moist and looking at some of the flirty fit men in their cars
kept me on the edge. It was even hotter for me knowing that any of
those men flirting had no idea that I was transporting a slave in such
an enjoyable predicament (well for me anyway).

However what made me
soak my lacy black and pink knicks was the fact that I could enslave
any of those lovely men and make them my loyal slaves willing to do all
that I command, mmmmm.

When I got to my salve boyfriends house I was
so horny that I needed some serious relief! Luckily I had told my
lover to chain himself to his bed and be upstanding for me.. As he was
in a steel chastity this meant he had to put on a strapon.

I have a
tight pussy and I enjoy nothing more than riding a nicely sized strapon
(I do not want my little gucci stretched beyond my needs). I stripped
off and easily slid down my boyfriends fake cock. Ooh the pleasure I
took from riding him and as I came my juices squirted onto his chaste
cock. He was so desperate to come after two weeks of edging and denial
that he almost came In his cage whilst begging for release, which of
course was denied.
After I had used him I ordered him to empty the car,
as he was getting dressed I said “What the fuck are you doing? Who said
you could get dressed, don’t you dare think for yourself when I am
around” lover boy was about to reply but a stern look soon had him
running to the car to collect my darling doggies.

He looked ridiculous
naked except for his steel chastity and a strapon secured to his midrif
as he two and fro’d between the car on his drive and the house. I
couldn’t wait to see how he would get the slave in. Time for some
Part two comeing shortly