Slave Sandwich

I do love a good sandwich especially if it has a thick meaty filling.
The one I enjoyed the other day had a all the ingredients except the
outer layers were a naked slave on the bottom, Mistress on top and a
slave being rogered in the middle.

Although my dungeon is temporarily out of action during a major
refurb, I still have lots of cruel fun in other parts of my lair. And
so it was that a slave turned up for a session of general humiliation
and fear. I ordered him to strip bare-arsed naked and bend over a
chair. He was blindfolded and ready for domination.

I ordered him not to move until I was ready to deal wth him and he did
as he was told. Bent over, naked and vulnerable, I left the pathetic
sub waiting for my next move; arse aloft and not knowing what was
going to hit him – literally. I decided to be extra cruel and made him
stay there – in total darkness – for at least 15 minutes. It must have
been especially nerve-wracking not to know what was going to come,
that at any moment i could come back into the room and give his arse a
good thrashing, torture his cock and balls or assault him with my huge
dildo. The next move was mine and I was enjoying the sadistic tease.

After waiting patiently for me, I quiety tiptoed back into the room
and brought my mouth close to his ear. Though blindfold, he must have
sense my presence as he didn’t jump when I whispered the words: ‘Good
boy, you have not moved and have obeyed Mistreess’ commands. Now I
must decided if you are to be rewarded or punished. What shall it be

He whimpered a reply; “Punished mistress.” I was happy to oblige and
slowly worked my strong hands around his prone cock and balls,
squeezing them hard and using my sharp nails on his taut skin. He
moaned more in fear and expectation than pain.

My next move was for him unexpected. I straddled his back and lay on
top of him. He groaned under my weight but I whispered in my gentle
but harsh way, “Don’t make a sound. You have been a good slave and I
think you deserve a reward. Can you guess what it might be? I don’t
think you can?” He couldn’t.

My next move was for him totally unexpected. I brought into the room
my house slave – my well-hung, bollock naked toy who was ordered (in
no uncertain terms) to lay face down on top of my blindfolded victim.
I then did the same to my house boy except this time, I wore my
favourite strap-on.

There we were – the perfect sandwich. My visiting slave on the bottom,
my house-slave in the middle and me on top. It was (for me) a very
funny situation and i couldn’t help laughing as I slammed my dildo in
the arsehole of the man in the middle. As I shoved and grinded my way
into his willing orifice, the ‘bottom bunk’ slave could only groan
under the weight of two bodies: the pussy wimp on top of him and their
superior mistress, where else but on top.

Of course.


Serving Mistress Paris…

.Pig sluts  testimonial

i have been owned by Mistress Paris now for several years nows, slowly her control of has grown over me. Now Mistress controls how i spend my time when not working and also has become keeper of my finances.
Serving Mistress has as the years have gone has become much harder for me, she has slowly groomed to accept the routine i now follow to become the norm. Each month i pay direct from my wages a sum agreed by Mistress, at present £300, top up for her phones are ordered regularly from her as well are amazon vouchers. why do i pay ?l i have no choice Mistress has pictures, films and emails from me slowly over the years Mistress has become my owner for life!

To serve her has become a way of life to me, over the years i have grown to to worship Mistress, i know that to give her what is rightfully hers is a right thing to do. I understand that i will never be as good as Mistress i will always be her slave and below her that is my life now.
Mistress rules with compassion she always knows how to slowly increase my limits always getting to do more and more i would have many years ago have said no to. i live in fear of her what she could to ruin my life, what i have entered into is 24/7 for life. I think some days of trying to leave and move on then reality hits home and i realise there is simply no way out, it is real not fantasy!!!

it is hard and sometimes i want to say no but i know there is now no way out Mistress has become my life 24/7. each day i wait to read her emails to see her instructions and to see how i can please her.
Mistress Paris is a lifestyle Mistress her slaves have to know that if you want to be part of her stable you have to commit and show her how you can be of use to her and how Mistress can use you.

I know i am now her little pig slut there to provide , work for her and that is all. I will never be her equal i am a slave that is my life. But i still worship and love my Mistress and would do anything to serve her and provide for her.

I will continue to serve Mistress for as long as Mistress requires me so finally all have to say is Mistress thank you X

pig slut.