New Year with a Bang



What better way to start a New Year than with a good cock and ball torture session! I received a phone call from a from a sub wanting a good hard cbt session;  he wanted a Dominatrix that would be hard on him, a Dominatrix who wouldn’t stop the torture no matter how much the subject was screaming! Well, if only he could of seen the smile that grew across my face as he spoke those words! It’s probably just as well he didn’t or he may have never turned up.

I decided to invite Mistress Lucy-Fear to the session as I know there is nothing more she likes than a good cock and ball torture session. I couldn’t wait for him to arrive as Mistress Lucy-Fear and I had planned that as soon as he walked in we would grab him, strip him and chain him to my St Andrews cross. As I snapped shut the shackles that secured his arms to the cross, I whispered in his ear “I hope you can take a lot of pain”, then I stood back to inspect my victim and gave him my wicked smile.

I then secured his legs to the cross and slowly stood up and slapped his erected cock so hard that he let out a pathetic yelp! Mistress Lucy-Fear giggled  “my god Miss Paris, we haven’t even begun and he’s already squealing like a little pig”. She lent forward into his face and grabbed his cock in her hand and squeezed tight, her beautiful red nails pressing in to his soft skin, “wee wee wee little pig” she said  “SAY IT!” “Wee wee wee” she said again, as she really tightened her grip, “WEE WEE WEE” he said in a high pitched voice; Mistress Lucy-Fear and I cracked up!


“Well well” I said to Mistress Lucy-Fear “this little man isn’t so cock sure of himself now is he? He told me he wanted two hard Dommes and wanted us to really give it to him, show him no mercy no matter how much he begs to stop“.  With that I punched him a full blow to his cock; you should of heard him scream! “shut up” I said softly as I held my hand over his mouth “or ill shut you up for good little pig”. Then unexpectedly I kneed him hard in the balls. He didn’t get a chance to let out his breath before Mistress Lucy-Fear  lunged in with another hard knee to his balls, and my god she really did  make great contact, his scream pierced my ear drum!

“I thought Mistress Paris told you to shut up” shouted Mistress Lucy-Fear as she slapped him round the face. “Answer me”  she said slapping his face hard again! “yes sorry miss” came the faint reply from a now week voice. “Don’t apologise to me apologise to Mistress Paris”. “Sorry Mistress Paris, sorry sorry”  he said.


I walked over to him and put my blind fold over his eyes, and whispered in his ear “this should make it a little easier for you”. I then rigged up my violet wand and started to use my conductive glove on him, oh the joy I got watching him screaming and begging me to stop, almost crying, god my panties got so wet! Strange how I get so turned on seeing a man in pain.

I turned my attentions to my electric cane, running it slowly up and down his cock watching his leg start shaking and listening to his moans.  This was all to much for Mistress Lucy-Fear, she begged me to hand her my cane and allow her to us it on him!  I passed it over to her and gave her my  naughty smile as I increased the power; Mistress Lucy-Fear’s eye lit up and she gave out a evil laugh! Crack it went as she hit his cock with it, “ahhhhhhh my god he screamed, no please no no no no no pleases stop please please stop! We were both laughing so much it hurt! “Where is this threshold of pain you claim to have” I asked  “you a pathetic little worm, you are really beginning to bore us” I said (didn’t want to say but he actually had a good pain threshold, just not good enough for the two of us).

I removed his blindfold and tied a rope round his arms and put him into one of my rope webbs, laying him on his back I attached him to my suspension bar by his ankles so he couldn’t close is legs . “Wow I like that”  Miss Lucy-Fear said “he looks like a fly in trap” she went up to him, stared in his eyes and kneed him hard in his balls immediately followed with punches to his balls over and over again.

I told him I do kick boxing to keep fit and that Mistress Lucy-Fear practices marshal arts, You could see him swallow in fear  as we preceded to use his balls as target practise, kicking and kneeing him; my god the noise he made, begging and crying  for us to stop!

Eventually we decided to give him a few minutes rest and took him down from the suspension bar. We put him on the torture bed and strapped him up very very tight,  Teasing him for a little while we told him how damp our panties were listening to him in pain. I was getting so wet.

“Get him gagged up Miss Lucy-fear” I said, fed up with him moaning like a little baby!  Off Miss Lucy-fear went to the other side of the dungeon to find a suitable gag, she returned with a big ball gag and said “this should shut him up”   Leaning over him she shoved it in his mouth tied it up tightly behind his head  and whispered in his ear “be prepared to have a very sore cock for days”! She punched him and slapped him  over over again. When she finally stopped  I stepped forward and climbed over the bed, shoved my boot in his balls and then kicked his balls over and over again until I had had enough.

His balls were bruised black and blue; I couldn’t believe this man had kept his cock hard all through the session!  I did think this warranted him a reward so Miss Lucy-fear give him a really hard rough hand job, I wasn’t sure if he was morning in pain or in pleasure!