Prodding with venom

There is something especially fun about a cattle prod. Mind you, I am talking about dishing it out rather than taking the electricity.  But many of my slaves seem to love it. I must say that my new assistant, the trainee dom, Miss Venom has a particular liking for the shocker. We had a slave the other day who wanted  to be put in pain and humiliated: he had come to the right place.  We ordered him to strip and tied a nice pretty ribbon round his balls and cock. He looked like an early pressie from Santa. Then Miss Venom and I set about making him squirm. We laughed at his pathetic cock – almost invisible – and said that he was no real man. He was a piece of shit; nothing better than a dumb animal. I think it was the reference to animals that prompted Miss V to take my cattle prod. She poked and prodded the slave’s dick and gave him the short sharp reminder about the power of electricity and the power of the dominatrix. Each buzzing prod brought forth a loud the ears of this pair of sadists. However much he protested,  Miss Venom went to work on his useless body with our magic  wand of pain. She prodded his balls, his arse, his nipples – nothing and nowhere was safe. She looked pretty awesome with that mean bit of kit and I can’t wait for her and I to take on the next willing victim. It will be an electrifying experience!


Tie and Teasing

If I’m honest..and I always am…I am not a big big fan of tie and tease the way you see it in the movies or porn sites.  If I am asked to tie and tease a slave (male or female) I like to do it the Paris way. And that means giving ME pleasure. I think it’s the word ‘tease’ which sounds too much like a bit of fun, a lark, a jolly jaunt. That’s not why I’m into domming. For me I want to see a slave suffer for me. That is the ultimate respect. So yes, I like the tie bit. I prefer to tie a slave to a chair with arms. Tight ropes around his or her ankles and thigh. Then I get working on the slave’s arms..binding them to the chair arm.  I usually like to add some rope work around his or her chest and if it’s a woman, there’s the added pleasure of binding up her tits so that her nipples stand nice and proud for me. It’s all about making the slave feel totally vulnerable. Which they are. Once corseted in my ropework, I get to work on the ‘tease’ part. But this is no fun..well, not for the slave. I can do what I like to their cock and balls (if a man), pussy if not, put my strong clamps on their nipples. Mine hurt like hell so be warned. And then I like to get to work damaging their face: a good hard slapping really gets me excited. Then there’s the spit. I love to spit in their mouth, cover their face with my saliva. Make them eat it. Make them enjoy it. I like to wear leather gloves and smear my precious juices all over their face. I also like to sit over them and whisper what I plan to do while they are trussed up like turkeys. It is a wonderful power trip. Anyone out there want to play? To play the Mistress Paris way that is!

Outstripping my slave’s demands

A domme does not like being told what to do. I never did and I’ve been a lifestyle dominatrix all my adult life. So I was in two minds when a slave sent me a list of things he wanted to do in my presence. These included boot and stocking worship, armpit licking, pussy cleaning and rimming. All standard stuff.  He went on to give me a shopping list of  punishments. This included his mistress giving him five hard strokes with a heavy rattan cane with extra strokes for not attending well enough to his worship of my body.  He urged me not to allow a safeword and instead carry out punishments ruthlessly, ignoring his pleas to stop however bruised his bottom might be.  He requested a severe cock and ball torture session including heavy restraint, ass plugging with hot creams and of course, a cruel clamping of the nipples. He wanted me to use a cattle prod to torment his worthless balls and cock should his attention and tongue work fall below standards.
Well though in some way I’m grateful for these suggestions, this mistress does not work to a pre-ordained script, especially one written by a subservient male. I am always interested in discovering new ways to torture slaves but to be totally honest, I always do things my own way. In this case the slave got everything he asked for and a lot more. For a start I had a new assistant dominatrix, Miss V who acted as a very severe judge of the slave’s worthless attempts to suitably worship my body – every nook, cranny and secret crevice. To worship my strong body is an honour that is only given to those who suffer for their mistress. And when I say suffer, I mean it the way I want to dispense it.  Miss V urged me on to be more cruel with the whip, the cattle prod, the hot candle wax and the liberal use of my sacred spit. I was happy to oblige. I was also very interested to see the reaction of the subhuman to having strong burning creams shoved up his arse and similar compounds inserted into his cock tube. Suffice to say that these diversions made his work of worship even harder to carry out and hence – more punishments. I also enjoyed teasing the slut – for half the session I changed into a very short miniskirt which often rode up my thighs as I took yet more swings of the cane to his arse. Miss V would report any misdemeanours such as him glancing at my thighs and pussy mound (which to be honest was getting rather damp as the session proceeded). My spy was very sharp eyed and she noticed many occasions when he illegally raised his gaze to watch my skirt ride up my long legs.
So in the end, it is of mild interest to me what you the slave want to be done. But in the end (and at your end) this mistress does it her own way. And that can be a very cruel way indeed.