Gettng my kicks from torture

‘Don’t kick a man when he’s down’. That old saying is rubbish. I love to kick a man whether he’s down, up or going sideways. There is nothing I love more than to let a miserable slave feel the leather of my boot against his pathetic bones. I gave a slave a good going over just the other day. Mistress Lash and I had a wonderful session with a male creature who wanted to be tortured by two cruel mistresses. Well he asked for it, and boy did he get it!

We could not wait to get our strong hands on this victim who wanted to be interrogated in a role play scenario that involved him giving us the whereabouts of some cash he had hidden.  We love role play – except when I’m being the heartless interrogatorix, it is no role play – that is the real me. As soon as the wretch arrived in our chamber, we ordered him to strip bollock naked. He was too slow in doing this so we both gave him a good sound kicking and I deftly slipped on an electro dog collar around his balls and cock. I gave him an evil grin as I switched on the power and watch him squirm and cry out as the cruel pulses rode through his nuts.

We demanded he told us where the money was and started to slap him round the face. And I mean slap; not those little taps you see in most femdom movies but strong firecracker thwacks that made him spin round then cower in a plea for mercy. We showed him none. One slap made him drop to the floor which encouraged Lash to lash out with her boots. A severe kicking meant he told us where some of the money was hidden. But not all.

So, we frogmarched him to the bed where we strapped him down. I sat astride him making sure he could see the stocking tops up my short tight skirt. I teased him by opening my legs to let him take a quick glimpse of my panties and moist pussy that was already on heat. Cruelty is such a turn on for me.

Strapped and prone, I produced my electro pin wheel and elastic bands to put a vice around his balls. He screamed in pain but this was only the beginning.  Then I did what I love to do. With the slave bound and in agony, I whispered gently in his ear: ‘I am going to torture you and enjoy it. You will tell me where the rest of the cash is hidden and if I show mercy, I may stop the torments. But then again, I may not.’ I sounded very gentle and caring. But my words cut through him like an ice diamond.

After 15 minutes of hard torture – we undid his straps. He had long told us where the money was hidden, but we didn’t want to stop. As he stood up, Lash gave him another one of her powerful slaps and I gave him one last kicking for good measure. As I said, kick a man when he’s down. Every time.