A different kind of visitor…part 2 in my slaves words

For the next 10 minutes No1 was spit roasted and whipped by Master and
Mistress as struggled to stop my balls from being crushed on the

Master eventually let out a groan as he ejaculated into No1 bowels.

“Thank god its over” I thought to myself as i heard Master dispose of
the used condom. I then felt a hand on my head as Master said “Clean
the spunk off my penis, you cock slut”. I ran my tongue over his
cockhead (even flaccid it was almost too big) and gently sucked the
semen from his cock as No1 continued to service Mistresses cock.

After Master was satisfied Mistress suggested they swap ends so our
ordeal continued as No1 now sucked Master as Mistress fucked No1 and my
nettles caused me great discomfort.

A short while later Mistress dismissed No1 who promised not to be so
lax in the future as he left Master shouted after him “Do as you are
told or I will deal with you”

I was then led over to Mistresses throne and laid before it face up,
then my face was invaded by Master who began to “Queen me” (or is that
King me). I forced my tongue as far up his backside as i could as he
lent back and crushed my tortured balls in his hand.

He then stood up and as i gasped for air Mistress said “I need to pee”
she removed the blindfold and i tried to see the Master but Mistress
very quickly placed a full face funnel mask on my face. All i saw was
his left foot before being plunged into darkness again. Which was
rapidly followed up with Mistresses golden nectar cascading into my
mouth and down my throat as Master kicked my balls and stepped on my
cock crushing the nettles even more. Once Mistress had finished peeing
she asked Master if he would like to avail himself of my services, he
declined saying he had not drank enough today.

Mistress removed my mask and placed my blindfold, i tried to steal a
glance at the Master but Mistress was too fast and all i saw was his
muscular buttocks. I was ordered to kiss his feet and thank him kindly
for his kindness. I did so and was then placed back in the cage.

After a few minutes of idle chat with Mistress he said “Bye slave” and
was gone before i could reply.

It had been incredible but the day was now over, after my chores were
done i went home.

Just before midnight i received a text from Mistress it read “Check
your mailbox”

What follows is the e-mail edited to protect the innocent:

From Master

Hi paris,

Just a quick note to say thank you it was a lot of fun and I hope you
enjoyed it two.

Was great to meet with you and your two slaves.

Have messaged you on fet life.

From Mistress

Hi was nice to met you I was thinking would be fun for me to send slave
to you and your partner she dose not have to know you met already and
I’ll make him give you a tribute of 100 pounds you could use him for
the Day as her cook. Servant, piss on him, make love on him etc.

Oh well my day my be over but it looks like there is more to come!


A different kind of visitor.

IN my slaves words…….

I attended Mistress Paris’ household for my daily chores, upon
entering her domain i sought Mistress out prostrated myself at her feet
grovelling i kissed them and begged for my instructions.

It has been my privilege to serve Goddess for some time now and her
beauty always makes me feel truly inferior and her devious mind always
thinking of different ways to make her subjects suffer and serve always
makes entering her realm an exciting and at the same time fearful
prospect, and today was to one of these days!

I rose up from my supplicant position at Mistresses feet and awaited my
fate, Mistress glanced me up and down then i saw her beautiful face
light up with joy and a smile spread across her voluptuous lips. “Go to
the dungeon strip and put on what is laid on my bondage bed then await
my orders.” Mistress said following that up with a resounding slap to
my face!

In the dungeon i found the purple ankle, wrist and neck collars
alongside a leather blindfold and a pair of Mistresses still damp

I pulled the green see through with white polka dot full cut knickers
up my legs and when the moist crotch cupped my tiny dick and balls
Mistresses juices gave me an instant throbbing hardon. His was the
closest i had ever been to my Goddesses intimate parts (except when
called to clean Mistress up after she has used her trophy cock slave
for sex).

Having then placed the collar, cuffs and blindfold on i stood in the
dungeon in total blackness for sometime awaiting my fate, if you have
never been in this position i can tell you that it is truly terrifying.
One has no idea of what is happening and your mind races and you worry
about what your short term future holds – will it be Mistress Paris,
Mistress Serena, Mistress Lash, Mistress Venom or Mistress Luci Fear or
a combination of them or God forbid all of them coming for me from the

I was startled out of my thoughts by the sound of a pair of high heels
clicking elegantly across he dungeon floor. I froze in fear as a hand
gently stroked my neck then the voice of my Goddess spoke to me in a
condescending tone “Aww look at very little teeny dickie trying to poke
out the front of my panties. Why is it so hard slave?” answering “Sorry
Mistress but the panties are damp with your divine secretions and it
excites me when you allow me to have your secretions on my tiny shaved
balls and dickie”.

Mistress burst out laughing and said “Ohh poor widdle dickie all hard
thinking of my juices smearing its pathetic tiny cockie, aww such a
shame that one of my panty slaves wanked off in them this morning.
That’s slave spunk you have on your silly little maggot, you do not get
my spendings!”. Mistress then grabbed my cock and massaged the now
disgusting slave spunk soaked panties around my dick and balls, i was
crest fallen.

Mistress then attached a lead to my neck collar and placed me in her
upright cage and locked me in, then she was gone leaving me to
contemplate my fate in some slaves dirty panties.

Some while later Mistress re-entered the dungeon and she was talking on
her mobile to someone, she was giving them directions to her lair, i
realised at this point that i would be serving alongside another sub
who was being directed in to the chambers.

A few minutes later Mistress was engaging in conversation with a man
they were discussing their respective lives and making small talk (not
for you to know about readers) as i stood in the darkness listening,

Then Mistress said a strange thing “Where are my manners, sorry I will
get you something to sit on”. It was shocking i had never heard my
owner apologise to a slave or even offer them any comfort in fact the
only time i am allowed to sit is if i am being used as a table,
footstool or to give a foot massage. Who was this slave and why was he
getting this special treatment?

I heard Mistress approach the cage and unlock it, i felt the leash
being pulled and a curt order to “Follow” was barked at me as i was
pulled none to gently from the cage.

Mistress dragged me further down her dungeon and the had me stop. As i
stood there i could hear the man breathing as his hands touched my body
and he pinched and twisted my skin. What was happening? i was so

“Get on all fours slave, the Master needs a seat”. Mistress said. As i
was getting down on my mind was racing “A Master, a Master a fucking
MASTER oh no”. I had no idea what rabbit hole i had fell into.

Master then sat on my back and he and Mistress returned to their
conversation in this they discussed me and my limitations some of which
disappointed the Master but Mistress was quick to point out that for my
limitations there were ways around them!!!

After a chat about Mistresses household (not for your eyes readers) and
Masters household (yup you guessed it). However i will tell you this i
gathered from their conversations that they had been chatting on a
fetish website and had both realised that they had a mutual liking for
using slaves as playthings, the Master was especially interested in the
sexual use and humiliation of slaves and heavy, very heavy CP. As they
discussed things it became clear that the Master could possibly be a
regular user of myself and others for his and my Mistresses pleasure.

The conversation ended and the two dominants sat in silence then
Mistress said “Lets start shall we”. The Master rose from my back and
said “On your knees slave”.

Once on my knees Mistress made me describe some of the humiliations
heaped upon me over my time with the divine Goddess that is Mistress
Paris French (too many to list here. Master chuckled as i explained how
Mistress attached a shock collar to my balls and took me shopping
zapping my balls in some very well known retail outlets and even a
restaurant! Master was impressed and i got some satisfaction knowing
that he appreciated how skilled Mstress Paris was.

I think he then locked my hands behind my back as Mistress said to me
“Stay we will be back soon” i was then left alone as they walked out of
the dungeon. A few minutes later they returned and were both giggling,
i felt a hand tugging at the front of my panties and the waist band at
the front was pulled open and something soft brushed against my stomach
and then onto my cock and balls, as the waistband of my knickers
slapped back i realised that a large bunch of stinging nettles had been
placed down there.

I began to wince in pain as Mistress and Master both laughed, in my
darkness i could not say who was assisting the nettles by crushing my
cock against them (i suspect it was the Master)

Mistress then said to me “Your new Master has an enormous cock! Open
your mouth as wide as you can so he can see what he is working with” I
opened my mouth as wide as possible. Master said “Well why don’t I see
if it will fit into his mouth” as i heard him undoing his trousers. He
then grabbed the back of my neck and pulled me down and forward. I felt
the tip of his cock sliding across my face there was a considerable
amount of precum that was now over my cheeks, nose and lips. The cock
was pushed into my mouth.

Sorry did i say cock, i meant to say Masters tree trunk masquerading as
a cock it was huge, i literally was stuffed with man meat my jaw was
fully open and i was truly struggling to cope with the huge invasion
into my mouth. I was scared he would cum and would drown me.

My kind Mistress the encouraged me to worship Masters cock by forcing
me to deep throat him. I gagged as she pushed me down his giant rod.
Master laughed at my gagging and choking as i tried to breathe and
service this monster invader of my face. He said mockingly (i think)
“Oh come on it’s not that big” As he helped Mistress to help me get as
much of that monster down my throat.

Mistress then said “I’m thirsty, do you want a drink” Master asked for
water. I think Mistress must have texted No1 slave (her fiance) as a
few minutes later i heard him enter and be introduced to the Master.

This Master that i have not yet laid eyes on was drinking his water
whilst plunging his cock down my throat then pulling it out to cock
slap my face then stuffing it back down my throat and demanding as i
caught my breath to worship his huge balls with the curt order “Don’t
forget my balls slave”, then began discussing No1 slave with Mistress
who informed Master that No1 had been very naughty lately and was being
quite disobedient.

Master and Mistress then devised a plan to teach No1 a lesson he wont
forget (neither will i).

I was dragged to the bondage bed and laid on it with my head hanging
over the end, yes you’ve guessed that fucking huge cock was then
stuffed back into my mouth with his pendulous balls banging off my face
and i could smell his musky odour from between his legs. “You are a
cock slut boy, a dirty cock slut”.

The dungeon door opened and i heard Mistress say “Look at that cock,
do you think you could take it” I then heard No1 say “No Mistress”
“Wrong fucking answer strip!”

Mistress growled

A minute or so later i heard No1 being whipped for saying no to
Mistress and Master.

Mistress then said to him “Get your tongue up Masters arsehole” I
choked and gagged as No1 must have desperately tried to please Mistress
by getting his face into Masters backside which forced that monster
cock into my throat again.

Master said “He is very poor at arse worship lets see how he is with a
cock” he pulled out of my aching mouth and said “Lets have a
competition to see who is better at worshipping me” My face was then
enveloped by Masters arse cheeks and his arsehole was shoved onto my
mouth, i automatically began to rim Masters backside whilst i could now
hear No1 gagging on that massive root.

Master said “I hate to say it but this one is a much more accomplished
cock whore that your intended here”

Mistress slashed him across the back with a whip Master asked if he
could punish No1. Mistress agreed and ordered me to turn round and lie
on front. Now my bodyweight was crushing those nettles into my cock and
balls. Mistress ordered No1 to lay over my arse sideways so that his
head and legs hung off either side.

I could feel his steel chastity device rubbing against the side of my
leg and also his weight pressed down of those fucking nettles.

Master began a very vigorous spanking of No1 which again helped the
nettles do their job on my panty covered cock as he writhed in agony
over my backside. Mistress ordered No1 to thank Master so for the next
few minutes as Master spanked him he continually thanked him for his
ministrations. I suffered in relative silence except when the nettles
found a new place to sting.

Master nonchalantly asked Mistress “How does a spit roast sound to
you?” “Great idea, Ill get the lube and a condom for you…and a big
strapon for me”. I felt No1 tense up and to fair i cannot blame him
that giant cock pounding up an arsehole filled me with dread.

The next thing i heard was Mistress giggle as No1 gasped as that huge
member invaded his bowels. “Is he too tight?” Mistress asked “No,
don’t worry it will fit soon enough”

No1 groaned loudly as Master pushed that monster cock deep into him, he
then started a regular pace fucking No1s arse as he laid over my
backside, this caused me to rock from side to side whilst the nettles
kept me occupied, ignored and tortured at the same time.

Torment part 2

My unfortunate slave was covered in nettle stings. That was the price
he paid for being my human plough. Far from feeling sorry for him, I
decided to continue his tortures back at my dungeon. We bundled him
back in the car boot and returned. My excitement grew as we approached
the dark dungeon. His words were echoing in my ears –“Do with me what
you please”. My pleasure is pain so there is a lot of scope. I came up
with a new torment by demanding that he guess the code on the lock to
his handcuffs.

“I will only let you go when you guess the number. If you guess wrong
you stay here – perhaps forever.” The idiot didn’t get the right
answer for two days and nights. That’s 48 hours of abuse. I loved it.

After a night in the cage, I woke up the prisoner with his
‘breakfast’. There was a very simple dish on the prison menu: not
bread and water, but bread and piss. Mine. After he wolfed down my
very special signature dish, it was time for his wash. I frogmarched
him to the garden and gave him a thorough shower with my power hose –
paying particular attention to his cock and balls. My how he cried.

Then it was back to the dungeon to begin my ‘work’ on him. I fancied a
bit of serious knife play. So I took my best kitchen knife and slowly
teased his whole naked body with the sharp blade. It felt like I was
going to cut him to ribbons. He quaked in fear. That’s how I like it.

“What is the number for the lock?”, I whispered. He gave some random
guess like ‘666’. I laughed, “The mark of the devil? That’s me a
she-devil but it’s not your number,


I emphasised his failure to guess the number by subjecting him to
electro nipple torture. His body almost doubled up in pain but still
the numbers he gave me were far off beam.

“I want to know that security number!” I bellowed as I woman-handled
his body on to the St Andrew’s Cross where I manacled him upside down.
That exposed his cock and balls to my nice little cock whip. I hit him
on his most sensitive bits for at least 20 minutes. Each stroke
prefaced with my demand, “What is the number?” He gave me everything
but the right answer and so the whipping continued.

After I got tired of this, I shoved him back in the cage and left him
in complete darkness while I went off to enjoy breakfast. All this
torture makes me hungry. Then I relaxed with a coffee and a morning
watching TV.

After a few hours, I returned to the dungeon and demanded again that
he give me the number.

“Erm….2644?” I could see in the dim light that his eyes pleaded for me
to accept that code. But it was wrong. And that meant more torture. I
licked my lips in anticipation. It was time for serious humiliation. I
ordered my live-in slave into the dungeon and told him to strip naked.

((not sure how you did this)) I took him out of the cage and
suspended him by pulley up into the ceiling looking face down. The
naked slave was told to lie on the torture bed face down with his
hairy arse sticking into the air. Then I slowly lowered my blindfolded
nettle boy towards the waiting arsehole on the bed.

My prisoner soon realised what was happening and struggled to move his
face away as it approached the other man’s butt. That was a punishable
offence and I whipped him three times across the buttocks ordering
him to keep still.

“Mistress, please. I don’t want a face full of a man’s arse”, he
pleaded, but to no avail. I just laughed. I decided to increase his
torment and went to my equipment box to find some gorilla tape. I
firmly bound his face tightly into the naked slave’s arse. Then I
stepped back to admire my handiwork. They both looked utterly
ridiculous. That’s how I like it.

My prisoner still begged though a muffled voice, to be released. But
his protests were in vain. I could see he had a massive hard on.

“Now tell me the secret code! I believe that research shows that a
good dose of pain makes you telepathic. Shall we see if this is
right?” I was enjoying this. “So let’s see if EXTREME pain can get the
right answer from you.

The prisoner’s response was immediate: “Please no more. I can’t take any more.”

“Just tell me the code that’s all. Then you can go.” I sounded so
reasonable. He struggled to break free when he heard my cigarette
lighter strike next to his ear. He knew I was lighting a candle. What
he didn’t know is that I was lighting two.

“Now, now stay calm and concentrate, and I will help you” I said. My
other slave grunted as I stood on his back digging my heels in to the

“Quiet” I took hold of my upside-down torture toy’s penis which was
still erect and throbbing and said:

“The code tell me the code!!”

He shouted out “9 8 4”.

“Not even close”, I giggled as I poured the melted wax down his pee hole

“Aiiieeeeee” he wailed as the black and red wax from the candles ran
down his cock

“Nope that’s not the code either”, I giggled as I then liberally
coated his arsehole with hot wax.

After I felt I had made him suffer enough of my slave’s butt I took
him down and put him back in the cell. I told him to think very very
hard about what numbers could possibly be the right ones for his
safety. I stared hard at him and then pulled him close through the
bars of the cage and whispered:

“I know you’re an intelligent man, as intelligent as a male species
could possibly be, so think hard think very very hard. What could
mistres’s safe number be?” With that I walked away and left him to
think in darkness.

I returned 3 hours later thinking that the real torture would now begin.

I led the prisoner by a tight collar I had fitted to the torture bed
where he was buckled and strapped tight. I blindfolded him again and
demanded my other sub slave to bring me a large watering can. I put
the towel over his head and started to drop water slowly over his
face. This was classic Chinese water torture. It had its terrible
effects. The prisoner screamed and begged me to stop. I gave him some
respite but in the meantime clamped up his nipples and balls and
attached them to my stretching device. He cried in agony as I
stretched them to near breaking point.

He cried out loud giving me more wrong numbers but begging for release.

“Wrong, wrong!” I shouted. “Think man. The clue is in my safe word.
Think.” I continued the water torture but this time faster. He
splattered and coughed thinking that he was going to drown. He muffled
some numbers so I took off the towel as he gasped for air.

“1 8 5 4” he just managed to whimper.

“What was that?” He repeated the number.

“At last. The right number ….1 8 5 4. You have worked it out. Each
number equivalent to the letter in the alphabet of my safe word,
‘red’. Shame it took you two days of hell to work it out you dummy.
All you ever needed to know was the alphabet!”

With that I released him, ordered him to dress and get out of my
sight. His number was up.


Imagine my excitement when a slave begged me to lock him up overnight
and do whatever I wished to him. You can imagine how wet and excited
that made me. Or maybe you can’t?

I arranged to use the secluded fields I can now access for a spot of
outdoor torment.

The slave arrived at my dungeon and I wasted no time in ordering him
to strip naked. Bollock naked. Before he knew it he was handcuffed and
gagged. I shoved him into my small cage (fit only for animals like
him) and blew out the candles – the only source of light. I left him
there, gagged, bound, naked and crouched in total darkness. He had no
idea of the evil plans I had up my wicked sleeves.

After an hour or so, I arranged my driver (a well-trained sub) to come
over. I then returned to the dungeon, opened the cage, and dragged
out the worm within. He attempted to talk to his mistress but I had no
idea what he said as his mouth gag doesn’t allow the mouth to close.
It’s what I call my dentist gag.

“Shut the fuck up!” I bellowed. “I can’t understand a word you are
saying so don’t waste your breath – while you still have some!”

I reminded him that he was now totally in my power. His mobile phone
was locked away with his clothes. “You won’t ever get them back if you
disappoint me. Do you understand?”, I whispered. He nodded in

It was time to move. I took my blindfold and shoved it over his eyes.
Then I marched him out to the car and bundled him into the boot of the
car. My driver sub gave me a hand.

“If you want to get out of this alive, you had better do as I say and
be quiet until I order otherwise!”

We then drove the slave to my remote field. My sub and I roughly
dragged him out of the car and I removed his mask. “See where you are
boy? Miles from anywhere. You can scream blue murder but no one will
hear you. No one will come to help.”

I removed his gag and told him that I will now show him how futile it
would be to scream. I kicked him hard in his so-called manhood and he
let out such a cry that the crows on the field flew away in fear. I
slapped his face hard and he fell to the ground. That made me laugh
out loud – it was a comical sight watching him try to stand up – still

I grabbed him by the hair and bound him tightly with some rope. To
what? You may ask. To my horse! Yes he was now firmly bound to the
backside of a horse which delighted in pulling him through nettles and
thorns. He begged me to untie him but I just laughed again. I told him
that he had to do a few more rounds with my horse. After he was
thoroughly battered and filthy, I untied him and frogmarched him to
the barn. There I took a hose and gave him a freezing cold shower. The
pressure was great and he squirmed with the force of the icy jets of
water. He didn’t seem at all grateful and shouted for mercy again.
That made me mad. I slapped his face hard and told the loser that I
hadn’t even begun.

I grabbed him by the balls and got my sub to help me tie him to a
table in the barn. There he was naked and still blindfolded pinned to
my rustic old table.

“I am going to leave you here..all alone. Don’t try to escape. I am
going to let my fierce guard dog off its lead. He will come to get you
if try to get away.” I sounded fearsome, powerful and totally in
control. I was dripping with excitement.

My big black dog is a savage looking animal. He was chained up a few
inches away from the table where my naked slave was strapped. The
living piece of meat could hear my dog breathing, panting, growling,
ready to pounce. The slave begged me not to leave him to the mercy of
my hell hound.

I laughed out loud.

“Don’t worry. I will be back – eventually. Stay as still as you can
and don’t dare to wet yourself”, I whispered into his ear.

We drove off and I left the slave there for at least two hours.

On my return, I took the dog back to the middle of the field and tied
him up to his doggy bed, gave him a pat and big bone for being such a
good guard dog. After this I untied the slave from the table and
walked him to a tree in the field. There I tied him again and finally
took off his blindfold.

Blinking madly as the pain of daylight bore into his eyes, only now
could the sub see me in all my dominatrix glory.

I was dressed in my black thigh boots and long black coat. Underneath
I wore my sexy black and red basque. The slaves sore eyes suddenly lit
up. But his pleasure was to be short lived. I pulled out a gun and
pointed it to his head.

“Do you want me to blow your brains out?’

“No mistress. Please no.”

“Why should I let you live? Tell me!”

“I don’t know mistress,” he sobbed.

“Tell me or I’ll pull the trigger”
“Miss please no. I am a good person and I don’t want to die.”

I put the gun to his head, looked him at straight in his eyes and
said: “It only has one bullet – let’s play Russian Roulette.” He
swallowed hard.


I pulled the trigger; he almost shat himself.
“Oh how lucky you are, let’s try again!”

He again jumped, he shook with fear. .
“Now you choose. I pull the trigger again or you crawl through that
bunch of nettles.”
He hesitated. “Make your mind up now”, I shouted.
“Nettles miss, nettles please nettles!” He bawled like a baby.
I untied him and he fell on his knees. I put a collar round his neck
and made my slave walk on his knees through the nettle bed.

Little did he know, his pain and suffering were far from ended.

End of Part One

Pain by the pool

Wish you were here? Dominating by the pool or torturing slaves on the
verandah, is my idea of a good vacation, I call it rest and relaxation
but it is far from relaxing for my holiday slave. We arrived at the
wonderful poolside villa in Cyprus; it was steaming hot – around 40
degrees! – but things were going to get even hotter for my slave’s
cock, balls and arse.

No sooner had we unpacked than I ordered the slave to don a pair of my
most see-through flimsly panties. Our stay began with what seemed like
an unexpected treat for the slave. I removed the chastity device from
his cock. The plastic sheath had caused a few raised eyebrows at
security in Gatwick perhaps explaining why the slave was frisked very
thoroughly by a uniformed guard who seemed to take an extra pleasure
in his job.

So with the chastity device off, slave believed, wrongly, that an
immediate erection was permitted. It was not so, I slapped his
hardened tool with a vicious backhand and forced him to wear a pair of
my already soiled panties. These were almost see-through, and very

I forced him to mince around in these frilly knickers much to the
amusement of the people in the next villa. That was the idea – to
begin the hols as I meant to go on – making sure the slave was
suitably humiliated at all times.

Once unpacked it was down to business, the business of torment. I
decided not to bring my usual luggage of whips, chains and manacles.
Instead I enjoyed the challenge of seeing what was in the hired villa
and using whatever I could find on the slave’s piteous body.

I didn’t have to look far. A rummage around the villa’s tiled kitchen
brought some interesting implements and devices that got my evil brain
ticking overtime. In one draw I found a nice flat plastic spatula –
ideal for a holiday beating. Then one of those metal cheese graters
with a rounded drum with very sharp blades on the outside. That gave
me an idea – a grate idea but it wasn’t cheese that I had in mind. To
complete my new torture toolkit, I came across a large metal serving
fork, an empty wine bottle and some locally-grown chilli peppers. My
mind may have been hotting up but slave’s arse was about to fry.
Another forage in the drawers revealed a tub of wooden cocktail sticks
and a couple of rather sharp looking kitchen knives. I was going to
have lots of fun on this trip.

I began gently. I know that’s not in my nature but I wanted to start
with a good laugh. And what better to amuse this dom than to see my
pathetic slave swimming and swanning in my tight little knickers. The
neighbours (German I think) found it very amusing but slave’s face had
gone as red as a whipped arse – his as it happens.

My goading and laughter at his predicament did what I expected would
happen – the slave no longer in his cock restraint, had a huge hard on
which bulged comically out of his girlie panties. This brought even
more laughter, thigh slapping and cries of ‘Wunderbar’ from our

After a few hours of sunbathing and humiliation, I decided I needed to
torture the miserable holiday slave. I laid out my new kitchen toys
and ordered him to choose his weapon. Slave gulped and looked anxious.
He was right to do so as these ‘innocent’ kitchen devices were about
to be put to new and devilish uses.

I began by ordering him to bend over one of the kitchen chairs. Arse
aloft – or soon was when I barked the order to ‘present arse’ – I
began to lay into his still white skin with my spatula. It made a
wonderful sound as it swished through the air and made contact with
its intended target. After a few thwacks, slave began to moan rather
too loudly. “Shut up, do you want our neighbours to complain!”, I
shouted. He shook his head but couldn’t help crying out in pain each
time the spatula came down on his rump. His arse was getting as red as
a sunburnt lobster (now there’s a thought for a future weapon).

When I got bored with his cries, I took down his panties and stuffed
them in his mouth. That stifled the cries which became more muffled

It was time to change instruments. I pulled on his hardening cock and
pulled it through the metal cheese grater. He was lucky that the
blades of the tool are on the outside! One of the nice things about
these little grater is that they have small holes in the drum and that
gave me my next sadistic idea.

I took the cocktail sticks and decided to use them for a real life
cock-tail. With his cock firmly in the device, I stuck the sharp
little sticks in through the holes and down into his cock jabbing them
in like piercing a canapé. Even the panties couldn’t muffle the
screams. But I decided the Germans next door were probably out or
didn’t care. So I went on to my next port of crawl.

I ordered slave to hold his bum cheeks wide apart and present his hole
to mistress. It was time for a bottle party. I took the empty wine
bottle and stuck a candle I also found in the drawer into the top.
Then I set light to the candle long enough for some wax to melt into
the neck of the smooth bottle.

Thus waxed it was time to use the French wine bottle in a way that
doesn’t involve drinking. At first gently, I teased the slave’s arse
with some of the still hot wax rubbing some of it into his worthless
balls. His squirms only goaded me to further action as I took the top
of the bottle and began sticking it up his waiting arsehole. “White or
Red?” I bellowed. “Do you prefer white or red? I said laughing loudly
as the Bergundy disappeared back into his dark cellar. He moaned with
pain (and some pleasure I suspect) as I shoved the bottle as far as it
would go – almost all the way from Cyprus to France.

Needing a break, I left the bottle in place – I think it’s called
laying down the wine ordered the slave to stay put and went to the
pool for a cooling swim.

And this was only the first day.

Becareful for what you wish for …..part 2

Part Two

Upon our return we were more appropriately dressed for an evening of
fun, I was dressed in a black corset and black knee length boots,
Mistress Serena was dressed in a red PVC corset dress which laced up
the back, black seamed stockings and six inch stiletto shoes which had
sharp spikes on the toes. Mistress Lucy Fear was dressed in a black PVC
dress and wicked high heel boots. We were all showing plenty of

I asked my slaves, “Has he been a good boy and kept is eyes shut?” they
told me he had. “Pity” I said. He was still sweating and also shivering
in fear and had his eyes closed tight shut.

Lucy Fear approached him with a burning candle in her hands, she walked
up to the little man and said in a very sweet and reassuring tone, “Oh
baby, no need to be scared, we won’t hurt you… yet, I promised you a blow
job and now you can have one. Come on sweetie open your eyes and choose
which lucky person gets to give you a blow job”.

As he was being comforted by Mistress Lucy Fear, I lowered him to the
ground and got
him on his knees , cuffing his ankles together.

Lucy Fear continued her menacing purring: “Come on baby choose who are
you going to choose for your blow j”

He opened his eyes and began looking at the Goddesses standing before him.
As he knelt with ankles locked together and arms stretched towards the
ceiling, we could all see him measuring up which one of us he would
choose. But before he came to a decision Mistress Serena sashayed over
to him; she gently stroked his face and ran her fingers through his
hair. Suddenly without warning she grabbed his hair and spun him round
on his knees till he was facing TS Michelle and Slave Scott and she
hissed into his ear: “Go on choose your blow job partner, if you cant
you can have both!”

The little man baulked and said,. “Please I am not gay or bi, I don’t
want a man sucking me off” “Serena said in mock surprise, “Oh I’m so so
sorry you misunderstand – when we asked you if you wanted a blowjob we
actually were offering up YOUR oral skills!”

Mistress Lucy fear then threatened the little man with the burning
candle. She threatened to burn off all of his nasty pubes if he failed
to choose, she then said if he failed to choose after that we would
burn off his chest hair and then the very hair on his head. In a panic
he screamed
out: “The tranny, the tranny.” Mistress Serena angrily slapped his
face, “That is Miss Michelle to you slut, now ask nicely!”

I joined in: “Before he does that, let’s encourage him” I had brought
with me a sheet
of paper with excerpts of his filthy texts and e-mails and ordered him
to read out part his text to Miss Michelle. He said, “I can’t Mistress, I
just can’t” as he sobbed quietly.

I took out my dungeon knife and drew the point across his face and spat
out, “Little man how dare you disrespect women, now I want to hear you
shout out as loud as you can, ‘Women Rule’ and then ask your girlfriend
nicely if you can suck her cock and use the phrase I showed you.”

I then handed the knife to Mistress Lucy Fear who ran it down his chest
telling him how she is going to sacrifice him to the Egyptian
Goddess ISIS and cut his heart out. Mistress Serena whispered in his ear:
“You are a fucking low life scumbag and I hate men like you that think
women are just sex objects, now treat your new girl with some respect.”

“Women rule,” he wailed and then said “Michelle sorry, sorry Miss
Michelle may I have the honour of sucking your cock with my piss
drinking cum guzzling slut mouth?” Michelle said, “Well since you put it
like that why not?”

We all erupted with laughter, well everyone but the defeated little man
that is.

Michelle approached him slowly pulling up her skirt to reveal tan hold ups and
white lace panties through which her enormous cock was bulging as she
began pulling her panties down. Seeing this, I said to her, “Stop let
your boyfriend
do that.” The little man asked to have his hands released so that he
could remove Mistress Michelle’s panties. “No, only mouth – no teeth”
I ordered.

He looked utterly ridiculous struggling to use his lips to pull
Michelle’s panties down far enough to let her cock out. When he finally
managed it he gasped as it sprung to attention and poked him in the
eye. Oh how we laughed.

Mistress Serena took hold of Michelle’s cock and said to the little man,
“How much bigger is this cock compared to yours?” Face red with
humiliation and looking so so dejected, he mumbled, “About double the
size Mistress Serena.” She replied, “Now now, let’s not be modest – it is
over twice the size of your teeny weenie winkle, so why don’t you tell
Mistress Paris about it.”

He sobbed and said, “Oh why did I want this?….Mistress Paris did you
know that Miss Michelle’s penis is more than twice the size of.. of of my
my.. tttt …teeny weenie winkle”

“Is it really,” I mocked. “Lucy Fear did you know that? “What’s that
Mistress?” she innocently replied; “Tell her as well” I ordered. He
reluctantly repeated the demeaning words to Mistress Lucy Fear.
She then told him to tell Michelle and look into her eyes whilst doing

I will give him credit, he did it but he was a broken man after that. He
took Michelle’s cock in his mouth and sucked. It was made all the harder
for him by the fact we were all reading the filthy texts and e-
mails to him in which he had demeaned womanhood.

After about 10 minutes of sucking, Michelle was close to climax and
the little man
was told not to spill any. His eyes popped and he struggled to swallow
a month of pent up cum from Michelle. The little man, a very
little man, was stiffly erect and dripping onto my dungeon floor.

I said, “Good boy, now thank your lover!” He was so broken he replied,
“Miss Michelle thank you for allowing me to pleasure you with my piss
drinking cum guzzling mouth.” Michelle smiled pityingly and said, “He needs

He groaned as we freed his arms before tying them to his sides and
laying him flat on the floor, then took a funnel mask (a mask that
completely covers the face and has a tube that goes from the oversized
funnel into the mouth) and placed it over his face so he was completely
blind. I then said, “Piss drinking cum guzzling mouth, well you have had
the cum guzzling now the piss drinking!”

It became apparent that all three of us needed to go. I said to him, “No
spillage – if you spill anything you will get your balls shocked.” I then
pulled my panties to one side and began to pee into the funnel. His
cock was erect and dribbling freely onto his pubes; he managed to
consume all of my sweet wine,

Serena was next and it took him longer to drink down her gift. This
left Mistress Lucy Fear, his belly was swelling up from two servings –
what would it be like after three? Well
Mistress Lucy Fear had a lot to give and he took about 5 minutes to get
it all down; his belly looked like an over ripe watermelon!!

Serena then removed the mask and put on the isolation hood. Just
before his ears were blocked she said, “You were looking for a fuck
tonight – well I have taken pity on you and a fuck is what you will have.
Everyone leave so that I can undress and fuck his brains out.”

We took his car keys and went for a drive to the pub where he had left his car.
Michelle got out and put a note on the screen of his car.
Unfortunately the pub landlord
came out and asked him if this was his car. As I have said Michelle is
very convincing as a woman but decided to be less than convincing on
this occasion.
She told the landlord that the note was for his boyfriend whom he had
just found out was married and that he was splitting up with him. The
note read, “You are no longer sucking my cock you two-timing cheat – it’s

When we got back Mistress Serena was dressed in her normal clothes and
sitting in the living room. The little man was standing facing the
corner, his hands on his head, fully dressed but the most obvious
thing was the big damp patch on the backside of his suit. I guess
Mistress Serena had indeed fucked his brains out.

I ordered him out of the corner and told him to kneel before me. He
walked towards me like a cowboy who had been in the saddle for a week.
I told him that we loved driving his car and that we think we only set
off one speed camera! He turned green and explained that he was about
to appear in court for speeding and that with more points lost, he
would lose his licence. We laughed at that.

I also informed him that we had hidden a couple of pairs of sexy but
heavily soiled panties in his car and that he had better find them
before anyone else does! His face was a picture of embarrassment.

Next Lucy Fear put a gun in his mouth and told him she was going to blow
his brains out if he did not suck the gun like a good cockslut whore –
he did so with gusto.

With that it was time to take him back to his car but he
asked if he could use the loo. Mistress Serena said, “No, you asked
before and I said, “No, you know from before that we don’t allow piss
in our toilet when there’s a cocksucking mouth to take it all.” With
that she ordered him to piss in a large glass and swallow it down. He
did this but not before gagging a few times – much to our delight.

On our way back I put a plastic bag on the front seat of my car and
let him sit there. I drove him to near his car meaning that he had to
walk past all the
smokers at the pub who could see the big stain on his bum from the lube
used by Mistress Serena – well I hope it was lube!

A few hours later i got a text from the little man thanking me for the
fantastic scenario and that it had excelled his expectations. He also
begged me for the location of the women’s underwear hidden in the car.
I told him that Mistress was just messing with his head – this time.

He asked about the speed camera. I said with an evil smile, “See what
the postman brings”.

There are things I do to the mind that I can’t do to the body but
his session of torment would last for weeks as he waited each day

for the post.

Be careful what you wish for …..part one

It all began with text messages to the sub , I Mistress Paris had
asked to
arrange a realistic and convincing kidnapping so I Mistress

Paris began planning the scene, now for you boys (and girls) who wish

to join my stable of ever expanding devotees you should be warned

I like many things and realistic is one of those things that me

in all the right places, so I began researching my subject to find

if he had a chink in his armour which would make it much more fun to

drag this man (ha) away.

As luck would have it he accidentally sent me a link to a dating

website, I was furious the dirty little and I mean little bastard was

two timing ME! HIS MISTRESS! Oh yeah and his wife, well that was it

chink in his armour had been found and Mistress Paris knew how to

exploit it…Ohhh the tingles began.

One of my friends is Mistress Lucy Fear, well I discussed with her

i would like her to do and a plan was hatched!

Using an assumed name Mistress Lucy Fear joined the dating website

waited for the worm (and I mean worm) to take the bait! Due to just

beautiful Lucy Fear is she got many pervs wanting to meet her and it

took several days until my victim contacted her.

There then began some e-mail exchanges in which he begged to bed

Mistress Lucy Fear and being the expert seductress she kept him on

hook and then gave him her contact number so they could chat and

This is where we got our next piece of the jigsaw to the little man’s


Now he would say that Mistress Lucy Fear or her dating name of

sub slut was misleading him to believe that she was a cock hungry

who wanted fucking six ways from Saturday but he would be lying…

wouldn’t he my pets?

The text messages he was sending to Lucy Fear were utter filth, so

rude in fact that Mistress could not print them here, but they made

me badly want to inflict some serious CBT on the little (and I mean

little) pervert to teach him some manners on how to treat real Women

let alone a mistress. He would be the one getting his arse ripped

and taught what a piss drinking whore mouth was for (the little mans

words not mine my pets)

The little man (and i mean little) was running his mouth with all

dirty little acts he figured he was going to inflict on his “date”.

went along with vile texts with Lucy Fear responding in kind but the

filth got worse and the little mans fate was sealed

So the plan was developed that Mistress Lucy Fear would arrange a

in a country pub nearby and that after a drink or two she would lead

him into the countryside where we would pounce!

Now the more observant of you would have noticed I said “we” I had

also recruited the beautiful seductress and superior Mistress Serena.

You all know how Mistress Paris loves to inflict pain and to get

the minds of my subjects and mess with it. Well Mistress Serena is

same well as they say- the apple does not fall far from the tree- now

with a combination of the three of us I do pity the little man, if I

had any pity that is.

We also had in tow a devoted slave of mine as driver and Lucy Fear’s

slave Michelle who is not only a convincing TS but is a switch which

would come in handy later.

As planned Lucy Fear was dropped of near the pub so she got there

before him and sat facing the door in corner waiting for him to show.

She looked beautiful in her long black figure hugging dress and

heels. No doubt when he laid his eyes on her beautiful body his

mind would go into overdrive.

The pub door opened and the little man entered he was dressed smartly

in a nice suit, he looked towards Lucy Fear with lust in his eyes, he

sauntered over to her and said “lets skip the drink and lets teach

how to please a real man” (Mistress Lucy Fear told me she could just

about make out a little hard on trying to poke out the front of his

trousers well that or a bookies pencil was in his pocket). Lucy Fear

had not even said hello and the little man had insulted her in such a

way! He then did say “Lets have a drink first so I can decide where

start on you. There then was a 20 minute tirade from the little man

things he was going to do “his bitch”.

Unknown to him I was in the pub in disguise listening to every word,

left shortly before their drinks were finished, TS Slave Michelle was

outside the pub keeping an eager eye on her Mistress.

I joined Mistress Serena and our driver and we headed off to the

we had chosen to spring our trap. Now I know hat my pets are thinking

and you are right we were armed me with a gun Serena with a knife and

stun gun – What? He wanted real so he got real.

I received a text from Michelle that they had left the pub.

We took our places round the derelict shed and waited, we did not

to wait long before we heard Lucy Fear and the little man walking up

the lane. I could hear him telling Lucy Fear how fit she looked. I

smiled as I heard say in her seductive voice “Yes I am and what

boy you are to have met me. I cant wait to do those things you wrote

about” “Hell yeah babes once this stud has finished with you, you

walk like an Egyptian” he snorted, I could not wait to teach the

man a lesson!

They strolled into the shed with his greasy hands pawing at Mistress

Lucy Fears breasts, Lucy fear tried to maintain her dignity and said

“Stop that someone might see” he sneered and said “Lets put those

sucking lips to some use” he unzipped his fly and pulled out his cock

(I knew little man was the right description) and Lucy Fear squatted

down before him and took his cock in her left hand and with her right

fished his balls out of his trousers with her and began massaging his

cock and balls. She then started blowing sensually on the tip of his

little cock and he closed his eyes and said “Suck it or I will tie

over that beam gag you with your panties and take your fucking arse”.

At this the next stage began as Mistress Serena and I moved in on him

Mistress Lucy Fear stood up and twisted his cock and balls whilst

simultaneously crushing them as he screamed in pain she pulled him

forward and he fell to the ground.

He was screaming in pain and writhing on the ground with his eyes

closed Mistress Serena and I closed in pushed him onto his back with

boot as Mistress Serena squatted down by his head. “Well what have we

here?” I said he opened his eyes to the barrel of my gun pointed

directly at his face, “Oh no not tonight please” he said “Mistress

Serena said “No time like the present is there” as she pulled a

sack over his head we rolled him over and tied his hands behind his

back. We then dragged him out of the shed and into the boot of our

He tried to jump out of the boot so Mistress Serena zapped him with

stun gun and Lucy Fear stuck the gun to his sack covered head and

“Do not think of running no one will find your corpse out here” he

stopped struggling we closed the boot. We then drove off with our

back to my dungeon for some fun!

After an eventful drive over speed humps and heavy breaking the slave

was bundled out of the car and into my dungeon, he was surrounded by

myself, Mistress Serena and Mistress Lucy Fear my slave and TS Slave

Michelle we stripped him naked but kept the sack over his head we

put wrist cuffs on him and then hoisted his hands above his head, we

stood back to look at him. We stared at him silently watching the

little man, it was hard not to laugh as he writhed trying to get out

his bonds, he was hyperventilating and sweat was pouring from his

than impressive body.

“Hello, is any one there, Help please” he whined. Mistress Serena

approached him and pulled the stinking sack from his face, he took a

few seconds to focus but when he saw into her amazing deep hazel eyes

he was lost. He tried to plead for mercy but before he could get

Serena slapped him hard across the face and said “Who the fuck said

could look at me” she then spat in eyes forcing them closed, “Keep

those eyes closed you do not look upon the beauty in this room you do

NOT deserve to be in the presence of such beautiful women, we are

to leave you with this slave and our TS slave so they can have fun


When Mistress Serena said this his jaw fell to the ground and his

like saucers “God no please no” he whinnied. SLAP, SLAP, “Close those

eyes or I will superglue them shut” said Mistress Serena. “Now

and scott keep an eye on him do not touch him if, if he opens his

you can both fuck him. Tea ladies?” said Serena as we headed off to

change for the next part of our evening of fun.