Be Afraid, Be Very Afraid

‘Be scared, be very scared’. That’s almost a mantra in my dungeon but imagine, a slave came the other day and asked to  be scared shitless. I was happy to oblige because if there are any games I love, they are mind games. I just love messing with a slave’s imagination and thought processes. I like to call it, ‘living nightmares’. Except of course, my slaves ask for it and love it – for them a Mistress Paris nightmare is a dream come true.


So the slave came down into my dark Gothic dungeon. He didn’t have time to survey the rows of whips, butt plugs, electro toys, canes, chains and instruments of torture. Before he knew it, I had slipped on the blindfold – and when I  say ‘blindfold’ I mean blind. This mistress does not play about with dominance and submission – my blindfold lets no light in at all. You are thrust into the darkest world you can image.


I ordered him to strip and fold up his clothes neatly. Being a little too slow for my liking, he got the first of a number of stinging blows around the face. I told him to think of this as a warm up exercise but this was no case of slap happy. Of course he couldn’s see where the next slap was coming from but he sense the woosh of air as my hand connected smack on the side of his chops. 


“Do as I say to the letter today or this is the last you see of these miserable clothes. Do I make myself clear?” My warning got home because I noticed his knees knocked as he whispered, ‘Yes mistress, whatever you say is my command’.


With that, I roughly hooked him up to my wonderful St Andrew’s Cross – a fantastic spreadeagle machine that makes the slave unfortunate (or fortunate) enough to be hoist on there so vulnerable. He was naked, blindfold and mine. All mine for pain and pleasure: his pain, my pleasure.


Hooked on to my wicked cross, I started teasing him with my electro glove. It looks like an ordinary glove but it is wired to a devilish machine that sends electric shocks into anything it touches: especially slave skin. At first I caressed his butt naked body – he felt no more than a slight tingle, a pleasurable pulse of pain. I stroked his head, chest, nipples, arms, legs and finally focused on his smoothly shaven balls.


Then I turned up the juice – this time my sweet caresses came with a pay off – pulsating electricity through his puny body. He never knew where it would come next and the sense of fearful anticipation was almost palpable. He sweated and shook in nervous prelude to the next onslaught


When I got bored with my glove, I turned my old friend, the pin wheel. This innocent little device with its jagged steel wheel glides from bell end to shaft, from Jap’s Eye to anus. I applied the pinwheel to his aching skin for at least ten minutes of agony and ecstasy. Then I reached for the knife.


I love knife play – the blade against cold skin glistening with nervous sweat – is a real turn on for me. The blade feels as if it will cut into the skin but never does. I have come to be quite an expert at wielding the knife and scaring the crap out of my victims. He wanted to be scared and scared he was.


Though I was loving the pain giving, my slave didn’t sound grateful enough for all the attention paid by his cruel mistress. I whispered in his ear: “You’re not bisexual are you? No. Well all the more amusing, for me, if I bring a a big guy in here with a huge dick that needs a good sucking – by you. If you continue to displease me, the next thing you’ll feel after my cockwhip is a man’s drooling tool. He whimpered and promised not to let me down.


Not content with his torture, I next ordered him to lie on my restraint bed. I strapped him on, face up, and tied his big toes into one of the straps. Then I turned the crank that stretches anything tied up – I warned him that his toes would be stretched beyond breaking point if he didn’t comply with my wishes. As the agony of my toes rack bit home, he pleaded with me to stop and promised to be a better slave in future.


Unconvinced I unstrapped him and locked him in my man cage but ensured that his by now erect cock stuck out of the bars. This was important as I was going to give his penis a good dose of my electro-glove. He yelled in pain and begged for mercy. That annoyed me so I turned up the electricity and by holding the metal bars on the cage, electrified the whole structure. Now his feet, arms anything that touched the metal, were receiving doses of painful shocks.


After a screaming session that nearly split my ears, I let him out and ordered him again on the bed. “You’ve had a lot of pain and now it’s time for some pleasure. I am going to wank your cock.” He smiled in thanks but that was premature. What I hadn’t told him was that first I was going to hit his dick with a bunch of stinging nettles. That made his cock red raw and you can imagine how he felt when I grabbed his tormented penis and wanked him off in a rough and ready way. He didn’t know whether to scream in pain or joy.

One thing he did know: he had achieved his ambition in coming to me  – to be scared, very scared.



My dungeon

Let me take you on a tour of my dungeon. It was totally designed by me and reflects my interest in domination. I was keen to create a strong sense of atmosphere – calm mixed with a kind of Gothic menace. Candlelight, dark painted walls, black rubber matting, mysterious curtained areas all manage to create a sense of power. One of the first things coming out of the gloom is my magnificent throne sitting imperiously along the side wall. The throne also doubles as a very effective restraint chair where all manner of tortures can be handed out.

Just next to the throne is my Saint Andrew’s Cross. I am particularly proud of this as it was made especially for me by a very talented slave – you won’t find a better one anywhere in the region.

Along one wall you will see my black candles providing an eerie light, a Gothic mirror which gives a sense of almost monastic seclusion. Stacked against this wall are my wooden stocks ideal for trapping you in a vulnerable position.

Along the opposite wall is my extensive display of whips, canes, electro torture instruments, gimp masks and restraints. You will also see my wide collection of sinister military hats that transform your dominatrix into a cruel commandante.

Below these hats is my collection of dildos, butt plugs and other tantalising toys. In the centre of the room hang my solid chains which can find you up or wrap around your neck to give a sense of suffocation.

A curtain separates the main dungeon from the specialist torment areas beyond. Here on the brick wall is my awesome collection of medical play equipment, enema kit, ball gags, bullwhips, electro gloves, collars, strapons and more.

Opposite here is my scary man-cage. This sits in a dark little corner – a fully barred place where a slave can be incarcerated often completely in the dark; not for the fainthearted.

At the far end of the dungeon is my piece de resistance – a fully equipped torture bed which doubles as a mediaeval rack. A cage beneath the bed can hold two slaves and the facility for turning the whole thing into a gyno chair. This wonderful bed is full of levers, pulleys and and cranks which sound deliciously sinister as you turn the handles. It is a fitting centrepiece to my fabulously stocked dungeon but don’t take my word for it, come and see it and more importantly, experience it for yourself. You won’t be sorry – or perhaps you will!