Nipple torture – a gripping tale!

Nipple torture – a gripping tale! 

If details of severe nipple torture make you squirm, then maybe this blog is not for you. Unless that is you enjoy a good squirm. 

Now you have been warned, let me tell you what happened the other day in my wicked Oubliette dungeon. It was a session to remember. My slave gasped as he caught sight of his superior mistress dressed in black leather and a hefty pair of boots with the name of his balls on their toes. There was no time to take in a second breath of astonishment as I ordered him to strip and get on his knees. He did as he was bid, of course. Without warning I gave his cock and balls a firm kick, the first of many. Mistress gets a kick out of kicking especially if the target is a pair of worthless testicles. I then took one of my sacred collars down from where they normally hang on the uprights of my leather torture chair. As I fixed the collar firmly to his neck, I whispered sweet somethings into his ear: “Now you are collared you realise that you are my property to play with as I see fit?” He nodded and I heard him swallow hard – a sign of fear. Psychological dominance is such a turn on for me, and without undue modesty, I am bloody good at it. This sense of fear was heightened when I blindfolded the slave and gave him a couple of unexpected kicks in the nuts. Thus collared and blinded, I ordered him on to his feet and told him to put out his arms. I reached out for a length of bondage rope and started to weave a pretty pattern of knots around his body. To me, rope bondage is an art form, and I am getting better at it all the time – he looked good trussed up like a Thanksgiving Turkey – arms outstretched, legs encased in a complex pattern of interweaving ropes. I then attached his outstretched arms to the metal rings dangling from the steel crossbars which adorn the Oubliette. He was prone and didn’t know what to expect. I called this my ‘Trussed game’. What came next in fact was a pair of biting steel nipple clamp linked with a piece of strong string so that Mistress can pull them like reigns on a horse. I heard an outtake of breath as the clamps bit into his thick man-nipples. He moaned but I warned him to keep quiet otherwise his punishment would be beyond his wildest imaginings I then grabbed the string and led him by the nipples into our adjoining chamber. This is where sits our torture bed. I took the clamps off him and tied him firmly to the bed with leather straps. Thus immobilised he was ready for more serious torture. “Are your nipples sore slave?” He nodded. I pretended to be concerned: “I will make them better you’ll see”, and rubbed some soothing gel on to his teats. Little did he know that the gel simply makes any subsequent torture even more painful. He was about to learn this useful lesson. Still blindfolded all he could sense now (apart from the biting straps that kept his naked body still and prone) was a cranking sound. It was the sound of nipple clamps on the end of metal chains being slowly lowered towards his waiting man-boobs. As I turned the handle to lower the clamps, I could sense his foretaste of impending agony but he was loving it. As I attached the clamps to his waiting nipples I whispered more messages into his ear. “Take this pain and there may be a reward from Mistress.” He nodded. As I cranked up the chain, the clamps pulled his nipples skyward. He let out a yelp of pain – music to my ears. Each turn of the handle increased the agony (or was it ecstasy?) Eventually I unhooked him and told him to lie on the floor. I then wrapped him in the vacuum bed which gives access only to his cock and mouth. It was time to give them all of my attention I sat on his face thus blocking off the supply of air and at the same time, gave his dick a hard wanking. I warned him though not to cum unless I ordered him to do that. I further told him that Mistress needs a piss.  I duly urinated into his mouth courtesy of a plastic funnel. He was warned to swallow the lot. As he did so, I gave him permission to cum and so he shot his load but into the funnel just used for my piss. Placing it over his mouth, I ordered him to swallow his own spunk, washed down with a trickle or two of pee I had left for this very purpose. I took him out of the vacuum bed and ordered him to get dressed and

leave L’Oubliette.