Three’s (not) a Crowd

My regular slave got more than he bargained for at a short session
today. He asked for cock, ball and nipple torture and of course I was
more than happy to oblige as one of my new year resolutions is to hurt
more guys. 2015 is going to be a year of maximum pain and so far it
has got off to a good start.
Slave was ordered to strip naked and take his eyes off his mistress.
That was a first torture for him as I was wearing a provocative cat
suit with a rubber corset and studded leggings covering my black
tights and thigh boots. Just to make sure he wasn’t tempted to gaze on
his mistress, I shut his eyes with a mask.
Once blindfolded, I had a major surprise for the pathetic man in the
shape of Mistress Freya She is a new addition to the Paris stable of
female cruellas. Mistress Freya can (almost) match me in pure sadism
so the naked slave was in a for hard time. But there was another
surprise for him. …of which more later.
We began our tortures by attaching some very nasty crocodile clip
clamps to his nipples. The evil black clamps have a nasty little wheel
you can tighten to make the experience even more memorable (or should
that be mammarable?)
Not content with this torture, I attached the clamps to a chain which
was then suspended from a ceiling bar thus creating a maximum stretch
and a yowl of agonized pain from the wretch.
Mistress Freya licking her lips with anticipation, then tied a thin
piece of twine around his cock and balls and wickedly attached the
whole thing to his toes. Thus he was stretched from nipple to ceiling;
cock and balls to the floor. Thus strapped like a tethered turkey,
Mistress Freya and I set about whipping his nipples and cock with a
nice swishy leather crop. Every movement in the slave caused maximum
pain – as the whip bit into his clamped nipples he stretched back but
this only put more pressure on to his tied-up balls. The same effect
was achieved by whacking his cock which made him jump in pain thus
putting extra pressure on his captured nipples.
Not content with a double dose of domination, I ordered my house slave
to join us. In he came, naked except for his rubber mask and he joined
Mistress Freya and I in beating our victim with a leather whip. As you
can imagine, this three-pronged attack drew much moaning and pleading
from our trussed-up slave but his discomfort was not over yet.
I detached his nipple clamps from the ceiling bars and ordered him to
go on all-fours. Mistress Freya then roughly grabbed the twine that
was holding his bollocks and pushed it back up his arse. This had the
effect of yanking his cock and balls up round his backside. We laughed
as he looked like a miserable dog with his cock and balls hanging
painfully behind him. This gave me a very good target to hit – at
first with the back of my hand, and then with a crop. Mistress Freya
clearly enjoyed giving the cur a hard time and he too was
appreciating a good thorough beating.
The rest of the session was a bit of a blur – Mistress Freya and I had
a good time giving the slave a few well-aimed kicks, some savage pulls
on his nipple clamps and lots of verbal abuse. Our house slave helped
us administer some well-aimed punishments. It was definitely a trio of
tormenters showing that when it comes to domination, three is NOT a