Sadistic thoughts

It’s a funny old life being a domme. Some days I get up feeling that all is lovely, fluffy and pinky boo. There are other days, and yesterday was one, when I wake up wanting to hurt someone – a slave or miserable male wretch. As soon as I had showered, I got on the hot line to my good friend Lady Lash and aked her to meet my at the dungeon that night. Then I got on the mobile to my long-term slave Toy and ordered him round here for 7 30. All I needed now was a willing victim. He soon emerged – an email from a new sub who wanted to meet that very night. Perfect. As the  day went on, my thoughts grew increasingly dark as I imagined what I would do to the sub. It really got my juices going as you can imagine. I couldn’t wait for the evening to arrive. It did so with the arrival of Lady L who was looking as stunning as usual in her leather boots, black skirt and basque top. I told her that tonight someone was going to get it and she relished the idea as well.

About a half hour later, Toy arrived exactly as he was ordered to: bang on time and ready to get naked and don my favourite gimp mask. I had fun deciding what to wear  to reflect my now overwhelming desire to inflict punishment. I chose PVC – it’s always my material of choice when feeling especially cruel.

At the appointed time, the new slave arrived. Miss L opened the door and after a very cursory greeting gave him a hard slap round the face .for not immediately getting to his knees in the presence of a goddess. He soon did as he was ordered and without waiting, Lady L attached a dog leash to his puny neck and led him to the him a few encouraging kicks on the way.

Once in my evil lair he was ordered to strip off and present himself to me. I arrived wth due ceremony, looking I have to say, a million dollars in my outfit. I immediately ordered the naked slave to kneel before me and I gave him no less than 20 hard slaps across the face. If you think this satisfied my sadistic feelings, you’d be got me going even more. The red-faced  slave was ordered to stand to attention while Toy and Miss L placed my most vicious nipple clamps on his worthless body. He cried out in pain. I was in no mood to hear his snivelling sounds so Toy was ordered to gag his mouth – but not before Lady L gave him a great gobload of spit right down his throat. Once gagged, the slave was ordered to go on all fours and present his arse hole to me. I had brought in my favourite cane – very thin and swishy – and let loose at least 15 merciless strokes – each one cutting deep into his pathetic hide. The effort it took brought me out in a sweat – that made me furious – ‘Look what you’ve made me d!’ I shouted (right in his left ear). I felt he needed more punishment and so brought out my electro-pin wheel and started working on his cock and balls. Without much effort on my part, the wheel did its job well. He was clearly in delicious agony.

I’m not going to say too  much more now but will leave what happened next to my next blog


caged slave

Mistress Lash and I have had such fun with a true pain and humiliation slave who rather likes being shut up in a cage.We began by ordering him to strip and take a metal dog chain round his neck. i love treating men like a dog – that’s all most of them deserve. Anyway, we put the leash on him and then led him to the cage. He was a good dog – very obedient and was quick at walking to heel with Lady Lash. Good job as she would have given him a smart kicking with her stiletto boots.

The worthless animal that he is was made to kneel at the feet of this goddess mistresses. I ordered him to kiss my leather boot and Mistress Lash did the same. He didn’t do a good enough job so we gave him a good kicking which sent him whimpering into a corner. Then we ordered the animal to get undressed – completely bollock naked. We had a good laugh the size of his pathetic cock and Lady Lash couldn’t resist giving out some cock and ball torture. He whined like a cayote.

Then I ordered him back on to his feet and roughly fitted him with a nice black straighjacket. Over his head first and then some tight lacing round the back meant that the slave was totally tied and completely at our mercy. My mouth got all wet – slavering over the things I could now do to this trussed up turkey. Lady Lash that unmerciful bitch goddess, then grabbed his balls and led him into the cage.

When he got into his new ‘home’ he noticed something rather charming. We had decorated his animal cage with some nice greenery: bunches of stinging nettles. They would be used for some light relief (for us) which meant wacking him on the nuts with the nettles. But first he had to serve his time in the cage, trussed up and helpless. Seeing him there squatting in that  tiny cage, unable to move his arms, he looked a sorry sight. Was I sorry for him? Not at all – I got really excited by the things we could now do to this wretch. Lady L also had her own sadistic ideas and we had a good laugh plannng what we could do to him over the next feew hours.

In the next blog, I will tell you what happened next