Claire, the Dirty Mare

love training horses. You may know that I have a lovely nag stabled nearby and enjoy nothing more than donning my tight jodhpurs and riding boots ready to mount a well-trained filly or colt. Well the other day I also had the pleasure of training a human male donkey I dubbed, ‘Claire, the Dirty Mare’.

The male bitch wanted a session of dressing up and Mistress Paris-style humiliation (for which I am justly famous). I told ‘her’ to bring some sissy clothing along and as soon as she arrived, I barked an order to strip down and put on the feminine clobber. I must say I was impressed. She had brought a nice pair of high heels, white silk stockings, pink Alice-style dress and a full blonde wig. Underneath, she sported a pair of tight-fitting blue panties barely covering ‘her’ by now stiffened and extended cock. As you know, an erection without permission is strictly forbidden in Mistress Paris’ lair, so a few hefty thwacks on his dick soon had it as limp as an overboiled cabbage.

Thus dressed for the part, I ordered the sissy – now called ‘Clare the Dirty Mare’ to do some vigorous housework in my kitchen. Any slacking would be answered by a smack on the arse or a threat of severe punishment later.

Once I was satisfied that my dirty mare had done a half decent job, I ordered him into the dungeon where a surprise awaited. That came in the form of my regular slave who was already bollock naked and ready for his orders. Claire was also ordered to strip off and both bare-arsed slaves were shoved into my dungeon cage. They pathetic pair were told to stand face to face. As they did so, my companion in torture, Mistress Freya, helped tie a double-ended mouth gag to each slave. It was hilarious to see them standing face to face, the dildo gag shoved hard into their slobbering gobs.

Mistress Freya finished the process by handcuffing each slave with his mits behind his back. And there they were – naked slaves shoved up face to face,

nipple to nlpple, knee to knee and of course, cock to cock. As soon as Claire the Dirty Mare felt the cock and balls of my slave, he tried to edge away. That meant his arse cheeks pressed up against the cold steel of the dungeon cage. A perfect target for this evil mistress. Claire the Mare’s last big surprise was just about to come, as was he.

As his arse pushed up against the cage bars, I was ready with my electric cattle prod. A few buzzing prods soon got his whole body to lurch forward and thus contact the other slave’s tool. It was hilarious and a merry dance to see the two slaves in back-and-forth embraces. Claire, the dirtiest of mares, got so excited by all that enforced thrusting, that she gushed out a tidal wave of cum all over my regular’s legs and feet.

Of course ,he was not getting away with that. Mistress Freya roughly unlocked his cuffs and I ordered him on his knees to lick up every last tiny drop of his own spunk which seemed to be everywhere. He devoured his own thick juices and that is why I dubbed him, Claire, the Dirty Mare.