As Years Go By …….

“I have served Mistress now for many years over that time and things have changed a lot. I have changed both in my mental state as a slave but also physically.

I am very lucky to have found a Mistress that over the years has looked after me as well as controlled me.

Mistress has changed me physically I have lost weight for her a stonne so far, more will follow! My mind set is I want to please Mistress so I comply. Yes I have no choice but I do this because I want you.

My finances are controlled by Mistress over the years Mistress has gained more control and now I work for her and hand over my wages to her I am allowed so much. I am happy that I am improving the life style of of Mistress, I am always looked after but I know that I should never have more than my owner and Mistress. It is right that Mistress has a better car , house than me I have learnt to accept that over the years, to begin with it was hard but now it has become the normal. My wallet belongs to her!

As I said earlier I am lucky to be owned by Mistress, I will never leave, I can’t I am in her service for life. My aim is make her life better any way I can. My mind set is such that I want to serve her and improve the way I serve her. My life is controlled by her only Mistress knows which way my life will go.

All I will say if you get the chance to serve Mistress Paris take it with both hands, I was accepted by her and I am very happy.”

Hope you like it Miss, I meant every word I am very lucky and want to help you have a better life style giving you what you want.

Slave Gardener your piece of meat x


Happy Birthday Mistress Paris Part 2

We all sat in silent trepidation for about half an hour, we could
hear our tormentors arrive and be greeted by Mistress Paris and
Mistress Serena, we could hear them laugh and chat, not once did i hear
them discuss us!

Then silence…the door threw open and our superiors entered the dining
room all the Mistresses ignored us as they admired Mistress Serena’s
handiwork. We were looking up at the dominant females as Mistress
explained how she had prepared the room.

Mistress Serena then clapped her hands and ordered us to stand the
Goddesses all laughed and made cutesie sounds and mocked our state of
dress. Mistress Serena then explained that each of us would be assigned
a Mistress for the evening and that we were to do that Mistresses
bidding or suffer the consequences.

When not in use we were to kneel beside our owner and await orders (we
were also told that we must also obey all the other Mistresses too).

Mistress Serena then allocated a sub to each Mistress:

Michelle was given the honour of attending to the stunning Mistress
Lash, who was wearing a black see through top, black lace bra, skin
tight black trousers and black knee length boots with 4″ heels.

POS was in sevice to his owner Mistress Venom, who’s voluptuous body
was clad in a black PVC dress which accentuated her femininity.

Slave J was donated to Mistress Scarlett for the evening. Mistress
Scarlett was wearing appropriately a scarlet knee length dress, red six
in heels which both accentuated and complimented her curves, and her
alabaster skin, platinum blonde tresses and ruby red lips made her look
like an unattainable Goddess.

No1 was serving his fiancé Mistress Paris who as always looked stunning
(but i am biased) Mistress had her hair done in a very elegant 40’s
style, and her slender frame was clad in a figure hugging back lace and
satin mini dress, her blck 6″ heels added to her imperious persona
making all of us quiver at dominance.

I and slave A had the glorious task of serving Mistress Serena – why
did Mistress have two slaves? Well she had organised an evening of fun
activities and required two little helpers, and also because she

The next hour flew by in a flurry of service to the (what do you call a
gathering of Dommes? A whip hand sound about right) Mistresses as all
of the slaves were gainfully employed, scurrying to and from the
kitchen serving various delectable and exotic foods to the “Whip Hand”
of Dommes.

Just as everything had settled Mistress Serena demanded that the fun
began, and the first thing we slaves were to do was to do a dance off
to entertain our owners. So we all began dancing and gyrating in time
to the music, it very soon became apparent that Slave J and Michelle
were a clear cut above the rest of us and they were forced into a dance
off, Which Michelle won.

Michelles reward was to worship the feet of all the Mistresses at the
table, she spent the next half hour crawling under the table serving
their beautiful feet.

Slave A was considered the worst dancer and as such was ordered to beg
each Mistress to put him over their lap, now the Mistresses were not to
be outdone and each one spanked his panty clad arse more severely than
the last so by the end he had a very sore red bottom indeed! Sadly as
he had forgotten to thank each and every spank he was forced to repeat
his spankings all over again. The Mistresses may have been enjoying the
party but they still expected manners form the servile slaves.

Mistress Venom caught POS smirking at slave A’s predicament and when
his punishment was over decided to reward slave A. She lifted up the
front of his maids dress and pulled his panties down revealing his
massive cock, she smiled up at him and said “Would you like me to
pleasure this for you?” Slave A said “Oh yes please Mistress” his
disappointment was written all over his face as POS was then ordered to
suck on the giant cock.

To laughter and derision the two sissies began a sex show where both
were encouraged and advised by the gathering as how to put on an erotic
sex show for the Mistresses. POS had after about 10 minutes of orally
pleasing brought slave A to the brink. Sweating profusely he whined
“please can we stop Mistress i am close to cumming?” Mistress Venom
said “No, i want you to come in the piece of shits mouth”

Slave A was begging to be allowed to stop, but wasn’t helped by
Mistress Serena who walked over to him and said “Ohh you don’t want to
come because you will loose the urge to be our servant, is that the
case boy?” He nodded vigorously as he tried to stop from unloading his
come into the warm mouth that enveloped it. Mistress Serena looked into
his eyes and said “That’s not a problem your clothes are hidden so you
unless you want to go home naked your reluctant service will continue.”
“P p p p please n n no” he whimpered Mistress Serena placed the index
finger of her left hand on the bottom of his cock touching it very
lightly and that was it slave A gave out a guttural moan as he unloaded
the contents of his balls into the mouth of POS. The Mistresses all
cheered and clapped at this just to add to the humiliation.

“Get back to work you two” said Mistress Serena, but Mistress Scarlett
had decided that slave A needed a test of his devotion since his
release, so she attached a collar and lead to his neck ordered him down
on all fours and led him around the house, she then led him into the
front garden where she walked him around before leading him back into
the house.

Once back in the dining room she ordered him to suck off POS which he
eagerly did.

I was gainfully employed also as there was a chair set up in a corner
of the room for the Mistresses to have massages. So i was either
massaging the shoulders or the feet of the Mistresses (it helps with
digestion apparently).

Mistress Paris offered Mistress Venom my services as a cook and cuckold
for her and her husband, she readily agreed, and i was made to recount
my experiences as the clean up boy for Mistress Paris and No1, i cannot
explain how humiliating it is to explain to a room full of beautiful
dominant women and their subs, how you have licked another mans come
from the body of your Mistress.

Mistress Serena declared that it was now time for any gifts brought to
be presented to the birthday girl, she had many gifts given to her
including corsets, and toys for use in the dungeon.

Mistress then held a charity raffle which raised a nice amount of money
for a child with a debilitating illness.

After this we were all heralded into the living room where the Wheel of
Misfortune had been set up. Once all the Mistresses were comfortable
each slave was instructed to spin the wheel and suffer a fate thereon.

Slave A went first and as the wheel stopped a loud cheer went up from
the Mistresses, SPANK, so poor slave A who already had red cheeks was
placed over the spanking bench and again each Mistress took it in turns
to touch up the redness of his bum checks. At least this time he
remembered to thank them for their efforts.

Mistress Paris then ordered me to rim his bum hole as i got to my task,
Mistress Scarlett then ordered POS to rim me, which he did in no time
at all six slaves formed a human centipede of rimmers.

Sadly for slave J he found the task of rimming POS bum a bit much, it
was something he had never done before and he was retching. It was then
discovered that POS had failed a standard task of cleanliness. Slave J
was then taken outside and placed in the cage on the patio to drink
water and chew some gum to rid him of the taste of POS.

This was made all the more difficult for him as Mistress Serena and
Mistress Scarlett were using him as their ashtray and spitoon. A theme
that continued throughout the night.

Now don’t think for a minute that the slaves were having it easy, oh no
we were still fetching drinks, nibbles and generally fetching and
carrying for our owners.

Michelle was next to spin the wheel and got the ? so a ? card was drawn
and the instruction on that was to hump a Mistresses leg for two

Mistress Paris stood in the middle of the room whilst Michelle did her
best impression of a lap dancer and enthusiastically began to grind her
self against Mistresses leg much to the amusement of the others. Once
the 2 minutes were up her reward was to now hump Mistress Serena’s leg
for the same amount of time.

POS spun the wheel next and to whoops of delight from the Mistresses he
landed the choice of CROP, well i was wincing with every blow a
Mistress and every scream from POS, sadly he forgot to thank his
punishers and it began all over again, he eventually succumbed and used
his safe word but not before his backside had been turned to a mosaic
of purple and red welts. Why did we not remind him to say thank you?
Well we were forbidden to speak to each other.

Now it was my turn to spin the wheel, the ladies all cheered as the
wheel stopped at FORCED BI. Oh deep joy! Our Mistress of ceremonies
then ordered me to suck Michelle for five minutes which she would time.
I set about my task with gusto as i did not want to disappoint my owner
(s) nor Michelle as i remember her remarks to the kidnap victim of his
failings as a cocksucker.

It is a surreal experience kneeling in the middle of a living room
sucking on the cock of a transvestite, surrounded by other subs and

Mistress Serena asked Michelle how i was doing her reply made my blood
run cold “Its all right Miss…I suppose” Mistress Serena kicked in the
balls and spat “Get on with it make that cock hard” i got on with my
task with extra gusto. The Mistresses had all lost interest and were
chatting amongst themselves as i knelt before my lover and sucked for
all i was worth. Then i felt a comforting hand on my head which then
grabbed my hair and pulled my lips of Michelle’s cock with a pop. It
was Mistress Serena she smiled sweetly at me and said “You can stop now
boy, your five minutes was up about ten minutes ago, now massage
Scarlett’s feet”.

Then as i was massaging Mistress Scarlet’s feet Mistress Paris kicked
me and said “Go to the dungeon and get the funnel mask, put it on and
lie in the back garden”

I scurried to my task and laid near the patio with the mask covering my
face, slave J was in the cage again and was being tormented by
Mistress’ Serena and Scarlett. They soon turned their attentions to me
and both spat into the funnel covering my face.

I was lucky it was a balmy night as i laid there for about 20 minutes
before Mistress Paris came out and relieved he bladder into the funnel,
she then said “Take your time drinking that i want you to savour every
drop” she walked off leaving me to savour her gift.

I laid on the grass long after my use before i was called back in to
the fold.

POS and slave A had to go as it was past their bed times.

Mistress Serena then said to me “G take Michelle out to the firing
range and secure her” Michelle looked bemused as i led her outside to a
secluded part of the garden where a set of metal upright stocks had
been set up earlier in the day. Having secured his ankles and wrists to
the stocks, i then asked the Mistresses to step out side.

They all cheered when they saw the two large buckets of water filled
balloons, Michelle looked apprehensive as they all picked up a balloon
each and launched them at her, Soon she was gasping and shivering from
the cold water that had exploded over her body.

Next slave J was placed in the stocks and given the same treatment by
the Mistresses, No1 and i were relieved that they had ran out of
balloons by the time the Mistresses returned to the warmth of the house
leaving slave J to shiver outside.

About five minutes later Mistress Serena said “G where is J?” when i
told Miss that he was still outside she laughed and went out to see
him. She sensually walked around him and said “I want your hands
running over my body now” slave A was apoplectic with lust and
frustration as his Goddess slowly circled him stroking his body and
sensually biting his ear lobes as she was saying “Why wont you touch
me?” whilst he tried his best to free himself from the metal stocks. He
was almost in tears as she sashayed sexily away from him “Oh well you
had your chance i will just find a real man”.

It was now midnight No1 was stood in the kitchen with his face covered
in cream cakes which had been smeared there by Mistress Lash and
Mistress Paris i was worshipping the feet of Mistress Scarlet, when i
was ordered to prepare the cake.

Serena had ordered an amazing cake to be made which was a depicting of
Mistress Paris’ torso in a red corset, and it truly was a work of art.
Mistress Paris absolutely loved it.

We all sang her happy birthday and she blew out the candles on the

Mistress Serena again asked me where slave J was, i again tld her he
was outside inb the stocks, Mistress giggled and said “I am always
forgetting where i put my things”.

I was sent to release him and bring him inside. It was now well past
midnight and the party was coming to an end.

Mistress Venoms husband came to collect her and she introduced me to
him as their future cook and clean up boy, it was bad enough that he
saw me dressed as i was but it was truly humiliating to see his
derisory reaction to my future use.

As the Mistresses left Mistress Serena and Scarlett decided they wanted
to go to a gay club in Milton Keynes so slave A was ordered to dress
and drive them there. When they got to the club at 2 am, he was ordered
to wait for them to take them home. So at 6am he brought them back home
and his service ended.

I got home and went to bed i was exhausted and also ecstatic as i had
had one of the greatest days of service and submission, i fell into a
deep sleep. I was awakened at 9am by my text going off on my phone.

“Breakfast now” Mistress Serena had woke up….

Happy Birthday Mistress Paris

Wow! Saturday 6th September 2014 was a day that i will not forget in
a hurry, it was an amazing privilege and honour to have been a small
part (sic) of the events that took place that day.

The beautiful Mistress Serena had been for some time organising a
surprise birthday party for her mother Mistress Paris, she had roped in
the services of Mistress Paris’ fiancé No1 slave. Mistress Serena had
sent out invitations to Mistress Lash, Mistress Venom (her older
sister) and her friend Mistress Scarlet. They had all accepted the
invitations and were no doubt expecting an night of service,
humiliation and pain.

Many loyal subjects of both Mistress Paris and Mistress Serena were
invited too, many accepted but as sure as eggs are eggs a fair few
dropped out leaving myself, No1, slave J (Mistress Serena’s own slave),
slave A, Miss Michelle (a beautiful TV) and lastly “piece of shit” (POS)
a sub that belongs to Mistress Venom but is passed around the other
Mistresses to go through hell.

No1 slave had taken Mistress Paris to a hotel on the coast the night
before so that she would have no idea what was going to happen.

My day of servitude began at 9am sharp when Mistress Serena allowed me
to enter her home to begin decorating and preparing the house for the
party. She greeted me with the word “Tea”. After i had given her a cup
of tea i began my labours for the day closely supervised by Mistress
Serena, she had been preparing purple wall coverings for the last few
weeks and it was my job to hang these on the walls of the dining room
and hall. This was to give the evenings events modern retro gothic look
and boy was it impressive. The deep purple cloth gave a sumptuous sexy
and intimidating look to the hall and dining room.

Mistress had already set the dining table which looked truly astounding
with black and purple table cloths, two gothic candelabras with black
and purple candles in them, and the chairs had been draped in black
silk with purple sashes, the whole thing was visually stunning.

When Miss Michelle arrived she brought with her a large black St
Andrews cross which was set up in the hall, a large metal cage which
was placed on the patio and a large punishment bench which was placed
in the living room as was the “Wheel of misfortune” that had been
designed by Mistress Serena and built by No1 slave.

This had the following things painted on it “?” (this had cards of
humiliations to go with it), Forced Bi, Watersports, Cane, Spank and
Splosh, i don’t mind admitting it that board scared me.

The day had flown by all the food was prepared and the rooms were ready
for the fun to start. Mistress Paris arrived home at 5:30pm and was
genuinely surprised at the transformation of her home and was so
excited she went straight upstairs to prepare for the night.

All the other slaves had been told to arrive by 6 pm to be prepared and
briefed in their roles by Mistress Serena.

So at 6pm we were all stood in the living room with Mistress Serena who
was now dressed for the party and boy did she look amazing! Mistress
had styled her long black hair into a fifties style, she had on a net
fascinator which covered the left side of her face, her make up was
perfection and highlighted her beautiful hazel eyes, she was wearing a
knee length figure hugging dress which showed every curve of her
perfect body, fishnet stockings and black high heel shoes.

Mistress Serena looked at me and said ” Paris has given you to me for
the night” she then explained that each of us would be serving a
Mistress individually and that we would be expected to obey all
commands given to us. When not in use we were to kneel next our
Mistress until required.

“Strip” was her next command so we all stripped naked and sheepishly
stood in a row before Mistress Serena. She informed No1 slave that as
he was Mistress Paris’s slave he would be the maid of honour and was
sent to get his French Maids uniform from upstairs. Slave A was also
given a French maid uniform and POS was dressed in a black velvet mini
dress and black stockings, he also had “piece of shit” written down
his right leg. Mistress Serena then dressed the rest of us in what can
only be described as the most humiliating little costumes, we were
adorned with a little white lace head band, white lace collar with a
black bow, white lace cuffs and a tiny white satin frilled maids
apron. I burned with humiliation as Mistress Serena giggled at the way
we looked.

As all of the preparations were now done we were all sent to the dining
room where we were ordered to sit in silence until the festivities

The story of a slave forced into involuntary servitude and training at the STAMP Academy

I am driving on the M25 towards my destination – the roads are jam packed with motionless cars and i have time to consider why i am going to this meeting. i have plenty of time because i had been warned that there may be delays – and i didn’t want to be late under any circumstances.

i thought of the reason why i was here on this journey and that took me back to the day i met my Mistress and to the interview as a result of which i became Her contract tps (toilet paper slave)……

On arrival at Her house i was met by Her maid who showed me into a very well equipped dungeon. Shortly afterwards Mistress entered the room – She was without doubt the most beautiful dominatrix i had ever met and my heart throbbed with emotion. She was wearing leather thigh length boots, a leather bra and a short leather skirt. She carried a whip to accentuate Her natural superiority.

The interview was short.

‘Name’? i replied ‘David’.

‘David, Mistress – always refer to me as Mistress’

‘Yes, Mistress – sorry, Mistress’.

‘The job You are seeking is to be my toilet paper slave and as such you will be responsible for keeping My arsehole clean at all times and acting as My urinal as and when I require your services. Do You understand?

‘Yes, Mistress’.

‘i believe that all males are of the lowest possible order. The only place male slaves have in My life, and those of My circle of Mistress friends, are to keep My bottom and pussy absolutely clean and fresh. It is too degrading for a beautiful Mistress such as Myself to have to do such tasks – that is what you are here for. Do you understand, slave?

‘Yes, Mistress’.

‘Be warned, you will be punished for the smallest infringement of my rules. I love punishing my slaves and making them crawl and whimper with their degradation. To you this will be ‘agony’ – to me it is ‘ecstasy’. However, i do not always enjoy inflicting pain so much as i prefer to cause mental pain by degrading my slaves. But sometimes, if the mood takes me or there is no alternative, i will cause you pain and suffering, do you understand, slave’?

Yes, Mistress’.

Right – you will be employed for a trial period. Strip’!

I immediately stripped naked, piling my clothes in a tidy bundle.

‘Adopt the slave position’

Fortunately i knew this and immediately dropped to the floor on my knees, placed wide apart, with my head on the floor and my bottom lifted as high as possible with my arsehole spread open, exposed for inspection. Once there Mistress placed a slave collar around my neck, attached to which was a short lead – ‘that is your label of servitude, slave’.

Mistress went on ‘slave, you have disappointed me in that you had to be reminded to call me ‘Mistress’ and you failed to fall on the floor as soon as i entered the room. For these serious failures you will be severely punished.

I remember being punished for the first time by my new Mistress. These punishments became a feature of my life over the next few months. But i knew where i was – the lowest of the low – in the eyes of My Mistress and Her friends.

As i drove i smiled to myself as i thought how similar most of my slave duties were to the punishments that were inflicted on me. Mistress was very clever in getting the best out of Her slaves – including me.

My first punishment, for failing to call Her ‘Mistress’ and for not falling to the floor when She entered Her dungeon, was to be actually introduced to my new place of work. Mistress dragged me by my slave lead to a bondage bench in the dungeon and ordered me to lie down on it on my back with my arms and legs spread eagled. Once i was in position She placed leather wristlets and anklets on my wrists and ankles and secured them to the bench and then tightened all four bonds so that i could not move.

Silently She then removed Her leather skirt and Her knickers. Without a word She mounted the bench and placed Her beautiful bottom immediately over my face.

‘Knowing you were coming today i have not washed My arsehole for three days. You are going to clean it, slave – understand’?

‘Y-y-e-e-s-s Mistress, i replied panicking, shaking with fear.

She then lowered Her bottom so that it was just over my nose.

‘Smell it, slave – smell the arsehole you will be very familiar with over the forthcoming months.

I breathed in deeply through my nose as instructed and nearly passed out as a result. The smell was not pleasant and i realised why this, one of my main duties, was termed a punishment by my new Mistress.

‘Smell it, slave’ Mistress repeated and i did just that.

She then lowered Her bottom onto my face and ordered ‘now lick it slave – clean My dirty smelly arsehole with your miserable tongue’.

Mistress kept me in this position for about 20 minutes although it seemed much longer at the time. At times She would spread Her bottom cheeks with Her hands so that my tongue would penetrate further inside Her rosebud. At others She would move so that my tongue could clean other parts of Her arse crack. i licked away as Her drops of sweat dribbled into my mouth as did other very smelly faecal matter which She had left for me to clean away with my tongue.

After 20 minutes Mistress got up and turned around and placed Her pussy close to my mouth.

‘I want to piss now slave – open your mouth’. i did as ordered, and very accurately She began to piss in my mouth. It came in short burst allowing Her slave time to swallow until She was finished. She then got up and placed Her hand on Her bottom crack and then placed it by my nose. ‘Can You smell anything slave’?

‘No. Mistress’ i replied truthfully for i believe i had done a good cleaning job. This was the first of many such daily assignments.

Mistress then touched my penis and laughed. She then retrieved a piece of equipment and attached it to my penis. That is a penis restrainer slave – it will help keep you under control and as and when I want to reward you – if I ever do – it will act as an enhancer to the momentary feeling of ecstasy you will have earned by being My tps.

There were other punishments that She inflicted on me over time but as i sat in my car i remembered that first encounter with my Mistress with gratitude.

However not all punishments were the same as my duties as Her tps. Later on in that first week i once again displeased my Mistress, this time by failing to properly clean Her smelly arsehole with my miserable tongue. This infuriated Her, understandably looking back. We were in Her dungeon and She immediately released me from the bondage bench where i had been carrying out my tps duties and grabbed my slave lead and roughly pulled me to Her whipping bench nearby.

‘Bend over, slave’.

This i did immediately even though i was shaking with genuine fear. She then roughly secured my wrists and ankles to the bench so that i was stretched out with my bottom pushed upwards as far as it would go, fully exposed and i was unable to move an inch. She then went to the wall on which were hanging several vicious looking whips and floggers. She chose a leather flogger and returned to me.

‘You are employed to smell and clean My smelly arsehole, slave. you have failed miserably to do that – do you think that I should do this Myself? i am Your Mistress and as such it is totally beneath My dignity to have to do your arse cleaning job for you. Do you understand?’

‘Yes, Mistress – i am sorry Mistress – it will never happen again’.

‘No it certainly won’t for I am going to give you a whipping you will never forget. you will receive 20 lashes and after each one you will count the number and thank Me. Understood?’

‘Yes-s-s M-m-m-mistress – i-i-i-i am so sorry M-m-m-m-mistress’. i was trembling now with fear.

Mistress came round and stood by my head. She was still naked from Her waist to Her boots.

‘i am going to enjoy this, slave, for You see today is my birthday and whipping You is going to be My treat for the day. Remember if you fail Me again I shall invite some of My Mistress friends around and you will be whipped by us all. We will just love that – not only that but whilst I or one of the others whips you, you will be forced to clean another Mistress’s arsehole with your miserable tongue or you will suck Her strap on like a cock. Do you understand, slave’?

‘Y-y-e-e-s-s- M-m-mistress-s’ i stuttered totally and genuinely petrified by the vivid scenarios outlined by my Mistress.

Then silently with only the sound of Her boots click clacking on the dungeon stone floor She moved around the bench behind me.

‘Slave, i do not like seeing My slaves with blood all over their arses after being whipped as it spoils the view i have of their pathetic backsides. i use a flogger which inflicts equal pain but no marks – so do not think i am letting you off lightly. I am not – understand’?

‘Yes-s-s M-m-m-mistress – i-i-i-i am so sorry M-m-m-mistress’ i repeated sweat pouring off my body so that it glistened in the subdued light of the dungeon.

My arse was pushed out fully exposed. i waited silently and then SWISH – the first stroke hit my left cheek – the sound could no doubt be heard throughout the building. ‘OOOOwww’ i screamed pathetically. But i forgot to thank Mistress.

‘So you have decided not to do as i told you and count the strokes and thank Me after each one’.

‘So-rr-r-y-y M-m-m-istress. One – thank You Mistress’.

‘you will now receive an additional 10 strokes, slave so that You learn your lesson and obey Me instantly in future’.

‘Ye-e-s-s, th- th-ank You M-m-m-istress’.

The sound of the second loud lash reverberated around the cold dungeon and my arse felt the acute pain.

‘2 – th-th-th-ank You, M-m-m-istress’.

The next lash landed on my right cheek – again the sound reverberated around the dungeon. Again i yelped with both fear and pain.

‘3 – th-th-th-ank ,You, M-m-m-istress’.

And so the punishment continued for what seemed a lifetime – i never forgot to count the strokes and never forgot to thank Mistress for the severe punishment She was inflicting upon Her miserable slave.

After 20 lashes had been administered Mistress came round to where my head was placed. She turned round, bent over and placed Her very sweaty smelly arse next to my nose – then slowly She spread Her arse cheeks wide to maximise the degrading position i was in.

‘Smell the sweat both on and inside My arsehole you miserable slave. Are You going to be more careful about ensuring My arse is absolutely clean in future after you have licked it with your miserable tongue?

‘Yes, Mistress’ i replied with my nose firmly planted in Her arse crack – on Her rosebud.

‘Good, then after you have received the next 10 lashes i will release you from here and you will immediately return to the bondage bench and continue with You cleaning duties. Understood’?

‘Yes, Mistress’ i again replied.

Mistress then returned to Her position behind me to resume the administration of my punishment.

Swish – crack ’21 – thank You, Mistress’. Swish – crack ’22 – thank You, Mistress’ Swish – crack ’23 – thank You, Mistress’ Swish – crack ’24 – thank You, Mistress’ Swish – crack ’25 – thank You, Mistress’ Swish – crack ’26 – thank You, Mistress’ Swish – crack ’27 – thank You, Mistress’ Swish – crack ’28 – thank You, Mistress’ Swish – crack ’29 – thank You, Mistress’ Swish – crack ’30 – thank You, Mistress’

It was over – without a word Mistress released me from my bonds and i staggered to the bondage bench on which i lay spread eagled as instructed. Mistress then once again secured me tightly so that i could not move and without a word mounted the bench and presented Her naked arse just above my nose. Obediently i smelt it with deep breaths. Her arse was covered with sweat from Her exertions at the whipping bench. The smell was intolerable but i never moved my nose an inch. Then She lowered Her beautiful arse on to my eagerly awaiting tongue and i licked and licked it both deeply inside Her rosebud as well as all around Her beautiful arsehole to make sure it was a fresh as a daisy. i licked away the smell but the whole area was already extremely wet with Her sweat which i licked up like a dog lapping up water. i would be a better tps in future i promised myself. My Mistress’s dirty, smelly, wet orifices tasted wonderful and i forgot the terrible punishment i had just endured, my head deeply buried in Her beautiful arsehole – cleaning – cleaning – cleaning for that is all i am good for.

On our first social engagement some days after this first meeting, my Mistress had two female Mistress friends around for drinks and entertainment. They drank and ate in the salon for an hour or so and then my Mistress summoned me by ringing Her bell. On entering the salon i immediately adopted the slave position and was introduced to Her friends as Her tps and Her urinal. She announced that for the remainder of the evening Her friends could avail themselves of my services as They wished. There followed a lot of laughter as both Her friends circled me prodding me here and there with Their whips which They carried everywhere They went as a mark of Their authority and supremacy as if i was nothing but a piece of shit – which to them of course i was. Then Mistress led me by my collar and chain to an item of furniture that looked like a chaise longue. This was no ordinary piece of furniture. On a closer look it had a cavity for a slave to lie down in with his body stretched out and his face in line with a round hole which people– Mistresses – could sit on. Once i was in place She secured my wrists and ankles very tightly to the chair so that i could not move. There was no escape.

Mistress announced that this was a new piece of furniture She had just bought and announced that it was Her ‘comfort seat’. She explained that Her guests could sit and enjoy themselves in the salon with Their drinks whilst being attended to in whatever way They desired by Her tps.

The hole in the chaise longue fitted me perfectly and after a short discussion one of the guest Mistresses swiftly removed Her leather skirt and knickers and mounted the chair. She looked down on me as the pitiful slave i was and quickly lowered Her beautiful slim naked bottom over my nose – just as my own Mistress does.

‘Lick my beautiful tight little arsehole clean slave and make sure You smell it first’. i, of course, did exactly what i was told to do and i first smelt the arsehole presented to me and trying not to choke from the stench i continued to smell it before the Mistress guest lowered Her arse further and ordered me to ‘lick my smelly arsehole clean now slave’ and roared with laughter.

Next it was the turn of my Mistress’s other guest who announced that She would love to try out my Mistress’s slave as Her own bottom was ready to be cleaned. The two guests changed places and my torment started all over again. All three Mistresses had certainly made a point of not washing for several days before the soiree!

As this second guest lowered Her naked arse towards me i looked up and there above me was the most beautiful arse a slave could ever see. This Mistress simply pointed a finger at Her naked arsehole above me. This was Her signal to move my nose towards Her rosebud and place it less than an inch below it. i could see Mistress move in anticipation of what was to happen next. She pulled Her cheeks apart and in doing so She revealed all of Her beautiful rosebud. i began to breathe deeply in through my nose. Drops of sweat fell onto my nose, mouth and face. i have become an expert in the degree of cleanliness of Mistresses’ arseholes presented to me for cleaning and this had not been cleaned for many days and nights. i could detect not only faecal matter but also it was clear She had had sex since last washing. All had to be cleaned with my tongue until there was no sign of any smell or of anything that may cause the smell. Then She ordered me ‘smell My dirty arsehole slave and tell me what you smell. i replied, terrified, that i smelt Her sweaty unwashed arse. ‘Anything else? i was asked. i smelt again and realised that dripping down from Her pussy on to Her arsehole was what appeared to be the remains of a recent sexual encounter. ‘i can smell and see cum, Mistress’. ‘Yes, so now slave clean it all off with your miserable tongue both inside and outside My pussy and My arsehole’. She then lowered Her beautiful slim arse so that my tongue could penetrate Her arsehole and so i could clean both inside and outside. Then I was made to do the same to Her pussy. ‘Tell me when you have finished, slave’. Ten minutes later i indicated that all was now clean. Mistress, however, decided that five more minutes of cleaning were required before enough had been done to remove all smells, cum and dirt from Her arsehole and Her pussy and She then raised Herself from my mouth. i resisted the urge to give this beautiful rosebud one last kiss. There would no doubt be other occasions

The next instruction came from my own Mistress. She came and sat on the chaise longue facing me. She pointed to Her pussy indicating that She wished to use Her slave’s mouth as Her urinal. i immediately placed my open and eager mouth over Her pussy making sure that there would be no leakages. If i was to lose any of my Mistress’s piss then it was my duty to lick it up from wherever it had leaked to. i felt Mistress move slightly so i knew that She was ready to piss in my mouth. Then it came slowly and in short bursts so that i could be forced to drink every drop without spilling it. The taste was bitter and pungent and the smell acrid. After the second burst some piss escaped out of my mouth and dribbled down my chin and on to my chest. After the third burst i had difficulty swallowing more of Her piss and as a result i began to cough but i managed to swallow all that She had given me. When She had finished degrading me by filling my mouth with Her piss and forcing me to swallow it all my tongue was used again as toilet paper to dry my Mistress’s pussy and to make sure it was clean. That said at the same time i smelt Her arsehole and knew that She, like Her guests before Her, had made sure that my cleaning duties would be challenging that evening as and when it was time for me to be forced to clean that beautiful arsehole that i was beginning to know so well and love so much.

Now my Mistress had another idea. Her two guests could enjoy my services in the dungeon with a ‘spit roast’ arrangement. Her guests thought it a great idea – but i had no idea what They were talking about. i was taken out from under the chaise longue and taken by my slave lead to the dungeon. There i was tightly secured to the whipping bench with my bottom bent over as if ready for a good whipping with my Mistress’s flogger and my arse cheeks forced apart.

The two Mistress guests were out of my view for a few minutes but then they came out in front of me – both wearing a leather strap on. i was still not sure what was going to happen but was beginning to get the idea. One Mistress spread some lubricant on my own arsehole with Her fingers and then She slowly but surely inserted Her strap on and began with a few strokes to fuck my arsehole. Then the other Mistress came to the front and ordered me to open my mouth – i obeyed. In went the strap on and Mistress began to fuck my mouth with rapid thrusts. Both Mistresses fucked me back and front with rapid strokes before my own Mistress suggested They stopped. Both strap ons were removed from their respective holes. My Mistress then suggested that They changed ends – not what i was hoping for. The dildo now presented to my mouth was the one which had been fucking my arsehole. My new ‘mouth fucking’ Mistress ordered me severely to ‘open your mouth slave and you can suck this smelly dildo that has been up your arse’. I did what i was told and in it went whist at the same time the other dildo entered my arsehole and the fucking began all over again. They changed ends again amid lots of laughter.

i remember as i sit here in the car how services and punishments were so similar in this life as my Mistress’s tps.
This was the first of many similar parties where i was responsible for carrying out my roles as tps and urinal. After a while most Mistress guests arrived at the house and immediately felt in the mood to have Their arsehole licked cleaned. When on Her own without guests, My Mistress would simply tell me to go to the chaise longue then She would come over to where i awaited Her, look down at me and simply point to Her bottom before placing Her smelly rosebud over my nose so that i could smell it and then lower it further so that i could lick it clean with my ever aching tongue. Such activities sometimes took half an hour to complete leaving my jaw aching but my Mistress happy.

I also remember during my training that if i tried hard Mistress would reward me as She felt to be appropriate. After I had been appropriately punished for any slack behaviour or minor transgressions by being whipped appropriately with Her flogger or used as a fucking machine by my Mistress in Her dungeon i would be tied to Her bondage bench or something similar and She would as usual adopt Her favourite position with Her naked arsehole immediately placed over my nose. By this time it would be clean thanks to my labours and She would tell me to smell it and confirm it was clean enough for Her not to have to wash. i would so confirm and She would then lower Her beautiful arsehole as She instructed me, Her slave, to give it a final clean with my tongue. Perhaps i would then feel Mistress touching my penis with the restrainer still in place to reward me, Her slave, for pleasing Her and She would then begin to stroke my penis. It would not take long before my tongue was deeply buried in Her arsehole and i was experiencing the agony and the ecstasy of my ejaculation.
As I ejaculated i would shout into the beautiful arsehole i was cleaning ‘Mistress, i will do anything for you Mistress, Mistress, Mistress – anything – anything –anything at all – aaaaaah’.
At the end of one party last week one of My Mistress’s guests announced that i had not pleased Her in that my tongue had not cleaned Her smelly arsehole properly and later that i had been reluctant to take a dildo strap on in my mouth after She had been fucking my arsehole. Mistress looked shocked as nobody had complained before. i was gob smacked! i then realised that the Mistress in question had not only ensured that Her arsehole had not been cleaned after She had had a shit but i had stupidly turned my face away when being ordered to clean it. There was a house rule that the practice of scat was forbidden as my Mistress did not like me having a bad breath afterwards. The fact that i had turned my face away was used as an excuse for the visiting Mistress to make a complaint.
Despite the reasons, this was not considered to be acceptable behaviour for a slave. Later the same evening my Mistress summoned me to tell me that She had decided that i needed further training so that i could be of further and better service to Herself and Her guests in future without fear of having a Mistress friend complaining about my treatment of Her. She then said to me “you have let me down, slave deadeye – the slave name She had given me. You need further training to make sure this never happens again.”

My Mistress then wrote a telephone number on a piece of paper and said “this is the phone number of a Mistress friend of mine. you are to call Her tonight and arrange to go and see Her – She is expecting you. Her name is Mistress Paris and She runs an organisation called STAMP – Slave Training Academy of Mistress Paris.”
So here i am now just arriving at The STAMP address to receive further slave training from Mistress Paris and Her staff at the Academy. I am fearful as to what to expect and do so hope that i will please Her so that i can return to my Mistress a better and more experienced slave to satisfy my Mistress and Her friends.
I get out of the car and very gingerly approach the front door of the address i have been given. Shaking from fear i knock on the front door. After a minute the door opens and a voice from within orders loudly ‘come in slave deadeye, Mistress Paris is expecting You’. i enter the door which is then slammed shut behind me.
‘On the floor slave’ the voice orders loudly. i obey immediately.
‘Now strip, you will not be requiring your clothes during your training here’ another voice shouts.
i am petrified – a humble miserable male slave – the lowest of the low – at the mercy of members of the superior sex in the shape of Mistress Paris and the Academy staff at The STAMP. I quickly remove all my clothes and place them in a neat pile.
Without being ordered to do so, i automatically assumed the slave position reflecting my complete servility with my head pressed hard against the floor, my naked arse stretched outwards and upwards. Was i being servile enough for this new Mistress? What could i do to please Her?
One of the Mistresses came over to me. She was dressed in black leather thigh length boots, a black leather bra and short leather skirt. I did not dare look up and i therefore could not see Her face. She approached me from behind, i felt Her whip being placed on my exposed bottom, then Her hand touched me briefly and i heard Her snigger.
‘You should know, slaveboy, that Your Mistress sent You to me as a birthday present to do with as i like to make you a better tps. So it is indeed my birthday – today 6 September. What do You say to Your new Mistress, slaveboy’?
‘H-h-happy b-b-b-irthday, M-m-mistress’. i stammered.

‘Thank you slaveboy – i have great plans for Your time with us at the Academy’. She continued to inspect Her new slave pupil.
‘So you are the pathetic slaveboy who has upset my very dear friend. I have heard a lot about you, slaveboy. Here at my Academy, The STAMP Academy, we demand an extremely high quality service from all slaveboys who pass through our doors. Here you will learn how to substantially improve Your tps and urinal skills and each day you will show me – I am Mistress Paris – and all My fellow Mistresses here how you have learnt to become a better tps and urinal slave to Us all.’

Mistress Paris then held out the whip She was carrying. ‘Failure means a taste of this, slaveboy. There is nothing I like more than using it on a pathetic slaveboy who fails to understand his place in life. For you that place, here at My Academy, is for your miserable tongue to clean not only My arsehole and pussy each day and night as required but the arsehole and pussy of every Mistress instructor at the Academy as and when They require those services’.
She then placed a slave collar around my neck to which was attached a slave lead. With a sudden lurch forward i was forcibly dragged behind Mistress Paris.
As we moved forward She said ‘you follow me now on your hands and knees to My dungeon, slaveboy. There your training will begin. you should know that the washbasins have all been out of bounds for everybody here since We knew you were coming so it has not been possible for any of us to wash. Follow me Girls – let Us see what this miserable tps and urinal slave can do for Us’.

There followed a lot of giggling as my welcoming party proceeded to Mistress Paris’s dungeon – accompanied on his hands and knees by Their new slave at the end of his slave lead.
My slave training was about to begin and i was petrified at the thought of what was going to happen to me, a servile and miserable slave, a pathetic specimen of humanity, at the famous STAMP Academy at the mercy of Mistress Paris and Her fellow Mistresses.

Table Manners

Being part of the furniture is what my slaves can expect when they
come to serve their mistress. That’s why I ordered one of my long-term
supplicants to get down on his hands and knees and perform the duties
of a table. The lucky slave’s task was to serve two gorgeous dominant
females: Mistress Serena and myself.
First the slave was ordered to cook his superiors a good lunch. This
he did but not without some cajoling from an increasingly hungry and
impatient Mistress Serena. “What’s happened to my food – hurry up!”
she barked. The slave knows better than to upset the young but
imperious mistress. He hurriedly brought in the food and set it before
his goddesses. Next he was ordered to bring in a bottle of wine and
pour a glass for each of the two ravenous vixens.
Clinking glasses and wishing good cheers, Mistress Paris and Serena
then commanded the slave to perform the actions of a table. “Get down
on all fours so that we can put the tray and bottle of wine on our
human table!’. He knew from my tone that I expected instant obedience
– and I got it.

The slave, a large man, fell to his knees and assumed the correct
position; arms and bent legs straight, back flat as a pancake, head
bowed. Mistress Serena then placed the tray and bottle on his back.

“Keep dead still – if that bottle slides, there will be severe
consequences,” I said.

“Yes, we will shove a bunch of stinging nettles up your arse,” warned
Mistress Serena wagging a fork of food at the man-table.

Strangely enough, the slave’s flat back stayed perfectly still from
then on. Amazing the powers of suggestion!
What followed was a leisurely lunch during which our slave, stayed in
position, the tray and contents perfectly still. He knew that had he
wobbled even a millimetre, I, or Mistress Serena, would have tested
his stamina and balance by giving the wretch a good kicking or slap
around the face.
Happily, he was a good boy and stayed stock still for at least 20
minutes. This was a well-trained slave who certainly knew his table

I hate days like this!

Mistress Paris has a keyholding service for subs who like to endure
long term chastity.

They sign a contract with Mistress for set periods of time with
penalties for unauthorised removal.

Today Misstress has two chastity slaves kneeling either side of her
throne in the dungeon, they are both naked, one is man in his fifties
and the other is about twenty-five.

They are looking into each others eyes as they play with their cocks –
well each others cocks. Mistress Paris devised a contract for these two
men whereby if they want an orgasm every three months they have to help
each other out and the must come together and over Mistresses shoes or
feet. If they fail to come in unison then their next orgasm is not for
six months.

So both men have to look at each other and concentrate (in silence)
whilst trying to come at the same time. Very cruel as they cant really
look at Mistress they have to concentrate on each other and ignore
their Goddess. She is perfection.

Only when they get to the end can they speak and beg Mistress to let
them release their backed up balls.

When they do get permission to come they must aim each others cocks at
Mistresses feet or boots and come all over them.

Why do i hate these days? Well on these days Mistress uses my face as
her foot rest.


Mistress Serena orders me to run her a bath, i comply.

She orders me to open a bottle of champagne and bring it up to the

I pour two glasses of champagne and wait by the bath.

Mistress Serena tells me to take a glass of champagne to Mistress
Paris, I do so.

I return to the bathroom and check that the water is just right and
then inform Mistress Serena. Who says “You will be the table for my
champagne, strip naked and kneel next to the bath”

I cant believe my luck! I will get to share an intimate time with
Mistress and not only that, she will naked!!!!!

As i kneel by the bath Mistress enters she is wearing a thick cosy
dressing gown. She stands by my head, i am looking down at her perfect
feet. I would love to kiss each shiny painted toenail, but tables cant

Mistress tells me to look up, as i do i see Mistress is holding a
blindfold “Tables have no eyes” she says with a broad smile. Bollocks!
Now in the darkness i hear her remove her dressing gown and then she
places something over my head.

Oh god no , i could explode its her panties.

I hear Mistress get in the bath and then her champagne glass is placed
on my back.

I hear her wash herself and i get to chat with her as she relaxes in
the bath enjoying her champagne.

After about 30 mins I hear her stand up in the bath and put the
champagne glass down on the side of the bath.

“lie down face up” she says as she lays a towel across my body. She
then steps out of the bath onto my chest and then dries herself off
whilst the excess water cascades from her body on to me the human table
and bathmat.

Miss steps off of me and a few minutes later pulls her panties from my
head saying “I may need these”.

She then pulls the blindfold from my face, looking up i see she is back
in her dressing gown. “Clean this room up” she says as she walks away.


“Lets have some fun and go shopping” Mistress Paris says, Mistress
Serena agrees. Sadly for me their “fun” will be me.

Oh goody i think i will be dragged round shops walking two paces behind
my superiors, carrying bags, have humiliating tasks to do like ask to
try on a dress or have women’s underwear held up to me or be made to
stand outside a restaurant whilst the Goddesses have a long lunch, then
summon me to pay for it.

O how i wish it had been this.

I am lying naked in the boot of Mistresses sports car, it is very
cramped. I am gagged with a two pairs of dirty socks (a pair from each
Mistress) My ankles are cuffed together, my wrists are cuffed behind my
back. The nipple clamps bite into my chest and on my cock are two dog
electric shock units.

Both of these nasty little things are on one collar, one unit is
pressing into my balls and the other is pressing into the root of my
cock and belly. The reason for this setup is that both owners wanted to
use a remote shock unit on me, so they came up with the great idea that
they could have a shocker each (as they work on different

Mistress Paris then came up with the idea that they should have a
competition as to who could shock me the most, Mistress Serena agreed,
i sadly had no option. The top one was Mistress Serena’s and the bottom
one Mistress Paris.It was my job to keep count of how many times each
Mistress zapped me.

The game was to begin in Milton Keynes as Mistress Paris was driving,
that didn’t stop them both trying out the shockers before setting off.

Mistress Serena shocked me over 100 times on the 30 mile journey, she
was admonished several times by Mistress Paris, but she dismissed it
saying they dont count and that she was just practising.

If you want to feel vulnerable try being naked 30 miles from home, tied
up in the boot of a car with two remote controlled shock collars on
your bits. It was made even worse when we arrived in the city centre.
Mistress opened the boot fully as they both chatted about where to go
first had the dirty socks in my mouth not be there i would have begged
for them to close the boot as i was terrified of being seen.

Thankfully they closed the boot with a warning for me not to make a
sound and to test that order i got several shocks to the top and bottom
of my cock. I thought i would be safe for a while once they got into
their shopping, but i had forgotten one thing the remote shockers have
a working range of 1000m.

My Goddesses must have had the shockers in their pockets or just in
their hands as they walked around Milton Keynes i very quickly lost
count of all the shocks and just prayed that the batteries would die

Eventually they returned to the car i knew this because the intensity
of the shocks increased and i could hear their laughter from outside
the car. The boot opened fully again and i forced myself as far back as
possible in an effort to hide from passersby Mistress Serena then began
placing shopping in the boot. She placed the frozen goods they had
bought against my stomach and the remaining shopping around me.

“Who won?” asked Mistress Serena, i tried to beg for mercy through my
stuffed mouth for loosing count. Mistress smiled one of her cruel
smiles and said “Lets wait till we are back home. I do hope you have
kept count” She said with a knowing smile.

The car doors closed and then we were off, another journey stuffed in
the boot with the shopping and those shock collars Mistress Serena must
have had both remotes as the shocks were relentless all the way home.

When we got back the boot was opened and i was told to bring in the
shopping as my superiors went inside.

It is not easy to get out of a car boot stuffed with shopping when
being remotely “encouraged” by two Mistresses! It is even harder when
you ankles are locked together and your wrists are behind your back,
and getting the shopping out of the boot isn’t easy too.

It took 20 minutes to empty the boot and now i was slowly walking to my
fate trembling with fear for what would happen when both Madame’s found
out i had lost count!

Just lie i hear you say. Where would the fun be in that!!

Vignettes from my service………Sub scotts diary

I belong to the wonderful Mistress Paris French and her equally
wonderful daughter Mistress Serena, i serve them as required. I live a
few minutes from them and work from home, this allows me more time to
serve my superiors.

I receive a txt from Mistress Paris “Walkies” was all it said, this
means i have to walk the dogs. It was raining! I put on my waterproofs
and went to collect he dogs. When i arrived at Mistresses abode i was
greeted by Mistress Paris who disdainfully looked me up and down and
said “Off” pointing to my jacket.

Placing the dogs in their waterproof coats i then head off with the
dogs (they don’t mind the rain) After two hours walking the dogs i
return to Mistresses home. I am cold bedraggled and drenched.

I knock on the door Mistress Paris opens the door and her beautiful
features light up as she laughs at my soaked pathetic being, before
saying innocently “Is it raining?”

Mistress hands me a towel and orders me to dry the dogs off (even in
rain coats they get wet) after about 10 mins the dogs are dry enough to
go into the house. I ring the bell to get approval for my work,
Mistress Paris opens the door and lets the dogs into the house. She
looks at me and says “Dry yourself off and start cleaning the kitchen”

“Please Mistress may i have a towel?” I ask Mistress looks at me
puzzled and says “What’s that in your hand boy?” “sorry” i meekly say
and then begin to to dry myself off as best as i can with the towel i
had used on the dogs.

Later whilst cleaning the bathroom Mistress Serena enters and orders me
to begin running her a bath. “Why do you smell like a wet dog?” she
asks. When i explain to her why she laughs…