A new slave

Lady Lash and I had excellent fun with a new slave a few nights ago. You should have seen us dressed up in our dominatrix gear; me with my long PVC thigh boots, Lady Lash with her black mini skirt, long long stockinged legs and killer heels. We began by ordering the novice to strip naked. Then we both had a very good laugh at the size of his pathetic cock. I told  him that my clit was  bigger than that worthless worm. We ordered him to lick our boots and shoes, and to worship the glorious Goddess arse. He did as he was told (good job he did) and licked and sniffed like the worthless hound he is. Then we tied him to the bed ..arms only and gave him 30 minutes of our best most loving tortures. Lady Lash sat on his leg to make sure he didn’t squirm and I set about him with my cattle prod, electric toy and cock pump. The cock pump had to work very hard to make that sad excuse for a penis do anything.

Then one of my favourite pastimes: inserting my nice little metal rod down his cock shaft. He struggled of course but the good boy did not need to utter the safe word. Mind you, I might have ignored it anyway.

I haven’t got time for all the painful details but  suffice to say that we made him suffer. Lady Lash is a demon with a cock whip and as a no-nonsense domme, ordered the slave to drink a glass of her golden nectar.

The session finished up by allowing (most generously) the slave to wank himself and cum into a bowl.  Mind you, he was less happy to lick it up under orders and threat from Lady Lash’s cat o’nine tails and my prod. The evening ended with the slave’s head being forced down my toilet ….Lady Lash and me making sure his head stayed down in the bowl. We made him lick the bowl clean and then pulled the chain giving him a nice cold shower of toilet water.

A good time was definitely had by all. If you ask nicely,  i might put up some photos of the session


Dreaming CBT

Had a strange dream – that i was torturing a slave with CBT (one of my favourite pastimes) but in a very odd setting. Don’t you like that about dreams? Anyway I had this wretch tied to a gynae chair with his legs spread and clamped in irons. The chair was reclined so that his cock and balls were totally at my mercy. I had decided to give the slave a hard time with a very simple implement..a nice innocent wooden spoon. My plan was to hit the guy at least 50 times on each nut. I started gently and gradually increased the power of the strike with each blow. By hit 24, the slave was sreaming like a banshee – I love to hear that..it is music to my sadist’s ears – I was coming down for my 25th strike when there was a lightening flash (remember this was a dream) and the wimp turned into a high pitched eunuch …..no nuts to hit. I brought down my spoon to find it had turned into pair of stuffed tights and then into a large studded cosh. I was hammering away at where the balls were supposed to be and then, another flash and the slave had turned into a dalek. A dalek has neither cock and balls. Frustrated and angry that I couldn’t fulfill my desires and tried to smash open the dalek with my cosh (now a huge chisel). I tore open the outer casing of the monster and guess what was inside the dalek? A huge cock and a pair of gigantic testicles. Then I woke up damn it.

Well, back to reality and  I am still handkering after hurting some unworthy balls….any takers?

Duo sorts out new slave

Had a wonderful session with a miserable dog slave and my good friend Lady Lash. My severe mistress friend and I were dressed for the occasion: crisp white blouses, micro mini black skirts and fishnet stockings. We looked like a pair of super-sexed secretaries! What we were of course were super charged dommes and we were ready for action. The new slave got both a  tongue lashing and a leather one – with a nice selection of crops. First we humiliated the little cur. This was a great role play: I was his pissed off wife and Lady Lash, a cruel friend.  The scenario was that my worthless ‘husband’ had disappointed me in so many way but especially with the size of his pathetic cock. Lady Lash and I laughed our heads off at that puny little excuse for a tool. We quickly had the gibbering slave boy on his hands and knees. Lady Lash has a foul mouth on her (bless) and ordered the wimp to lick our shoes till you could see our faces in the leather. Of course, the gimp couldn’t do that as well as he ought and we gave him a taste of the crop. I must say that Lady Lash is true to her name – she lashed out with great force and thrashed his worthless backside for all she was worth (which is a lot). I followed with a good old fashioned spanking across my stockinged legs. Some dommes like to use a paddle: I prefer my hands. I have strong hands but after 20 hard slaps they get to sting. But here’s the thing: I love that sting! The more my hands sting, the more pleasure it gives me. Our worthless excuse of a man also got to know that this was all about our pleasure and not his. We did give him one important reward. As the dog bitch that he is, we allowed him to sniff our arses. I got hold of his hair and shoved his worthless nose right up into Lady Lash’s divine crack. She had saved some special perfume for him! Then it was my turn to be serviced and I ordered him to stick that useless tongue far up into his mistress’s arse.

Yes, a very good session. Thank you Lady Lash for being such a  good partner in pain.

Dog tired

Monday morning and I’m feeling rather worn out after a weekend of vigorous domming. Had a new slave who deserved to be treated no better than the worthless dog he is. Actually that is an insult to most dogs. Anyway, he soon learnt what it was to be MY dog, MY domestic  animal. He spent several hours in his hands and knees with a rough collar placed (not very gently!) around his puny neck. Once collared and chained, he was in no doubt who was the mistress of his new life as a cur. He was taught to heel my stockinged feet, to worship my boots and feel the crack of my short whip on his soon-to-be scarred dog’s arse. My style is always vigorous and energetic – I’m not one of those lazy dommes who likes to sit on her bum drinking coffee while the sub lies on his back. No. I love to put my slaves through their paces and this canine was no exception. By the time we’d finished I was covered in sweat and he wa a shaking, panting bitch. If he wondered what it was to serve a superior mistress, then a few hours in my company put him right. He is now fully house trained and ready for more obedience training. Oh – I am tired at the very thought of it!

Hard thoughts in a hardware store

I popped into a local hardware shop today -only for some cup hooks for some new photos I want to put on the wall. The sales guy was busy so it gave me time to wander around the shop and do a little imaginative thinking. Wow. If ever a shop was perfect for a dominatrix with a lot of imagination! That’s me of course. The stock sent my head spinning and heart racing. Take for instance, an innocent few metres of link chain. Most vanillas will see this as a good way to create a bit of fencing; but me – I see my slave bound from head to foot in yards of chain. I’d wrap it around him like a metal mummy and padlock the last links to a special hook (a nice strong cup hook) fixed to the wooden floor in my garden shed. I picture him naked beneath that chain ‘suit’ and his nipples sticking out between the links.  That’s where the next tool comes in handy – a nice pair of pincers. I could do some evil stuff on his useless nipples with that…imagine me squeezing the pincers till they cut off his blood supply. I have a strong grip and won’t let go..not even if he screams. I might rattle his chains with my fist ..or a nice steel ruler – just right for his arse later on… Yes to me..a 24/7 domme, a hardware shop is an Aladdin’s Cave of cruel delights. I have more ideas and might be interested to hear yours too. More to come….Rattle your chains!

Anticipating my next session

Excited about tomorrow – have a session with a new sissy slave who is coming for my brand of harsh training. What to do what to do? I don’t believe in starting gently – gentle is not in my nature. I think I will work on his balls..remind him that from now on, his balls are all mine. My playthings. And I like to play rough!

So I will order him to strip naked and lie on my special bed. It is fitted with strong springs attached to each corner of the bed. I will tie him on to the bed,  face up with his legs and arms akimbo. Then to work on his balls. I usually like to get the slave to undo his shoe laces – and give them to me. There is something extra tasty about using a slave’s own belongings to tie him up with. So using the laces, I tie his testicles in a figure of eight knot….I think it’s called an Arab Strap. The aim is to make each of the balls stand out proud for my ‘care and attention’.  Then I sit on his face. I will wear my rubber panties……they have a nice aroma when I’m excited and warm- which i will be by then (in fact even writing this makes the temperature go up ‘down south’). Then I plonk my rubber encased arse over his useless mouth and order him to lick. He must use his tongue with great care….only licking the panties not my pussy or any intimate part of my rear end. Failure to lick with accuracy will be punished. How? Well once my revered arse is on his face, then I start on his tied up bollocks. Poor things.  I like to use my electric cattle prod on them because it gets so much response from the slave’s agonised body. I might also use a special cock whip on those balls and cock..woe betide if he has an erection without my permission.  If that tongue of his gets anywhere near my private worship zone (ie pussy) then it’s more of the whip, cattle prod or both! I do know this: by the time I’ve finished with those aching balls, my rubber pants are dripping so there’ s a lot for the slave to drink in.

Yes, I can’t wait to get at sissy slave…….

Day at the seaside

I’ve just spent a bracing day at the seaside – a typical Bank Holiday Monday…windy, cold and grey. But that’s how i like my bucket and spade days. It was too cold today to don my leather bikini and snorkle mask (I look rather scary in that outfit). I was watching some kids bury their dad in the sand (he must have been freezing) but like lots of things, it gave me an idea. How about this slaves? 

I get a large tub of sand (builders will do) and order the slave to lie in it….then pour in cold water until he is covered with the wet gooey stuff. Then generously offering the slave a snorkle (or straw) I cover the wretch’s whole face with sand so that he is buried alive. He is ordered to stay still ..any movement in the sand will be punishable by more cold water or perhaps a thrashing later. 

This gives a whole new meaning to beach games and I’ve got more of them up my sleeve….Aren’t I wicked?