Barbe) Cue for Objectification

It was hot. Barbecue hot and so my mind turned to an outdoor grilling.
Mistress Serena agreed and so we ordered our house slave to prepare
for a feast in the garden. Wearing nothing but a frilly little pinny,
the slave got to work on cleaning up the barbie which had been in
storage all winter, making home-made burgers and salads. Though a
pathetic male, he is a decent cook.
Mistress Serena and I swanned into the garden – sunglasses, hat,
skimpy tops and plenty of suncream (carefully applied by another of
our domestic serfs).
We enjoyed the sight of our near-naked chef, grilling his meats
knowing full well that his own meat would be heftily grilled with my
cattle prod if he did a poor job. He already had to suffer the
humiliation of two mistresses having a hearty laugh at the site of
little apron barely covering his big bare arse. It was tempting to
give that behind a good kicking but this would only impede our
caterer’s efforts over the hot coals.
As the other slave served up cooling drinks – mainly something
sparkling – to his thirsty mistresses, our chef was ready to serve.
He did a good job, the meat was well cooked and the salads delicious.
After our meal, we both felt that it was time to rest. We ordered our
BBQ slave to massage our hot feet. He gently poured cold wines on our
feet and rubbed the liquids into our toes, soles and heels. He did a
reasonable job though not without a few errors which led to some face
slaps and a well aimed kick in his balls.
Once our feet felt soft and cool, it was time to put them up. And so
we ordered our slave to take off his apron, take an all-fours position
and become our handy footstool.
Mistress Serena was first to put her worshipful feet on his back and I
followed. We kept them there while we finished another bottle of
bubbly and it was time for the slave to get up off his bare arse and
get the washing up done.
For his mistresses, their lunch and rest were over and it was time to
get to work in the dungeon. For cool bare feet, read thigh boots and
killer heels. But that’s another story!


PUBLIC HUMILIATION By Mistress Paris’s slut

I am a slave to the amazing Mistress Paris. She is my owner, My
goddess and She who must always be obeyed. And obeyed without
question. I am her slut to use and abuse as she sees fit. There is no
questioning, no safe words, no discussion and no mercy. That’s exactly
what I love about my Mistress. But she is a listening goddess and she
heard my humble request: to be publicly humiliated. Now read on – if
you have the stomach for it!

I wanted to be deeply humiliated and used by other men; I would
Mistress Paris’ arse-fuck bitch. So she gave me the instruction to
come to her dungeon with a fat butt plug already in place. That was a
way, she told me, to get my bum hole ready for its first stiff cocks.

Alongside the butt plug, I was ordered to wear a girlie outfit:
painted nails, pink knickers, fishnet tights, dayglow-pink micro-mini
skirt, matching bra and slutty wet-look top. Mistress insisted that I
had a full pair of titties and so I had to pad out the bra.

I dressed up in this full girlie gear and went out my house. Luckily
no one I knew saw me but I had to drive through busy streets to get to
my local sex shop. Oh the number of times I had to stop at traffic
lights when passers-by stared in and gawped when they saw this
over-prettified man/girl. My face was getting redder and my throat dry
from my embarrassment.

There’s no on-site parking at the sex shop and it is a few minutes
walk from where I left the car. Everyone seemed to be staring at me –
I am not surprised as I was the very essence of the outreageous slut –
one in ‘her’ early 40s.

The girl working in the sex shop is of course very broad minded but
little expected what I said next. Actually, I had no choice of words
to use as my utterances were scripted by my worshipful mistress. And
so I had to say to this young sales assistant: “


As you can imagine, every one of those words was for me an almost
painfully humiliating experience. I was more embarrassed than at any
time in my life. But the shop girl tried to put me at ease and said,
“No problem. Let me show you our range of butt plugs – small, medium
and large. And who knows, you may enjoy using it.” I told her that I
am a very straight guy and the aim was humiliate me. I told her that
being a slave to Mistress meant that it was not about my enjoyment or
pleasure – but hers.

The girl nodded and told me that she understood but I couldn’t help
thinking she would be sharing my story with her mates in the pub that
night. On my way out back to the car, still looking like the fucking
slut on the Christmas tree, I had to pass three men who were hanging
around near the car. They laughed out loud as I wiggled passed them.
My humiliation was complete. I was ordered to send a selfie and
updated texts to Mistress so that she could enjoy my discomfort.

I didn’t know that Mistress was in a nearby car enjoying the sight
of me in my tiny skirt, bra and tights. They were watching all of my
humiliated steps. I say ‘they’ because Mistress was sharing her car
with Mistress Serena and Mistress Freya.

When I found out that the three lovely mistresses had spent the last
hour or so watching me make such a fool of myself, I felt happy. Yes
happy that in my humble way, I was helping to make the superior sex
enjoy themselves.

Thank you Mistress Paris I love you And I know you look forward to
being with me dressed in this way in public. How you will supervise my
training with a man, or men. How I will be fucked, deep throated and
all for the enjoyment of my beautiful Mistress.

Your slut forever x

Virgin on the Ridiculous

I had a wonderful long booking with a sub who not been to a proper
100% domme before. Yes, he had wasted his money on going to some sex
workers who offer what they laughingly call ‘tie and tease’. Now he
wanted something more substantial than a slap and tickle. Yes, it gets
my hot blood boiling when I think of those women who say they offer
domination but in reality are no more than escorts.

The virgin slave told me that he wanted to experiment with nipple
torture and liked being restrained. He wanted to feel vulnerable! He
had never tasted the swish of a cane, nor had he tried sensory
deprivation. Well of course, he had finally come home – to the right
place. My

Well after leading him to the dungeon and ordering him to strip naked,
I tied him to the cross and began having fun with his cock and balls.
There was ample use of electro devices and the occasion slap. He
simpered but seemed to take this light punishment well, so I was ready
to take him up a few gears.

First he was robbed of sight – I harshly fitted a face mask and began
to torment his body even more. He never knew of course from where
would arrive the next touch, or would be a gentle caress, or a painful
tweak? I thought it was time for some serious pain and so took my
strong metal nipple clamps – they have really evil jagged teeth and
are wonderful to use with my electro set as they conduct the current
straight to his vulnerable bits.

“Don’t forget there is a safe word. I am not telling you what it is
because you have read, or should have my blogs. Also you have seen my
beautiful cars so unless you are pathetic fool, you will know it,” I
whispered into his ear. I added to his dismay that if he did use the
safe word, I would carry on anyway without a chance for any enjoyable
ending for him.

“Without agony there can be no ecstasy”. I grabbed him by the balls to
emphasise my point. He got it and nodded in silent submission. I was
enjoying this especially as what followed was a warm up with my nasty
conductive glove and cock whip. His screams just made me smile and
lust for more.

Then it was time to come off the cross and have a dog collar put
around his slavish neck.

“Get down on your knees like the disobedient puppy you are!” He did as
he was ordered and soon had the joy of having a taste of my electric
whip. Little did he anticipate what was coming next. I got some sturdy
rope and began to criss-cross his naked body in Japanese bondage. I
tied the ends of the rope to the metal supports that keep my hoist in
place. The clever thing about this rope is that it has bits of metal
going through it and so conducts electricity very well. I put my
electro controls up on high and got really excited when I could
literally see sparks fly. He let out a doggy yelp and his body
juddered under the current. It was like watching a fly in a electric
trap. What fun (for me of course).

The next phase of my virgin sub’s education was forced bi. It was also
something he had never tried. I commanded my house slave (wearing only
a pair of boxers) into the room and told him to stand in front of the
tied doggy slave.

“You now have my other slave in front of you. I am going to take off
your mask and I want you to remove his boxer shorts – with your teeth.
I am not going to untie your hands so you had better do a good job. I
also have my cattle prod here so you had better do what you are told.”
He nodded in abject submission. Do you want to feel the prod?”

He cried out in anguish, “No mistress, please don’t use that on me. I
will do whatever you wish.”

He was learning the Mistress Paris way.

There then followed something he had never even dreamt of before –
sucking another man’s cock. And I expected him to do it with relish,
which of course he did. As he was doing it I teased him mercilessly
with my cattle prod. As it got closer and closer to his cock, he
jumped and gagged but I ordered him to suck hard. Each time I brought
the prod near to his miserable cock and balls he flinched but to give
him his due, he kept on sucking like he’d never sucked before.

Then I had a truly mischievous thought. As I was about to zap his dick
with the cattle prod, I suddenly turned it on the house slave. You
should have seen him jump but of course lurching forward had the
effect of showing his hard cock further into the virgin slave’s
waiting mouth. I couldn’t help but laugh at this carrot and stick

Before the new boy could give my house slave ultimate pleasure, I told him to
stop. I untied his bondage ropes and led him by the collar to my
torture bed. There I played with his cock and did unspeakable things
with his little jap’s eye hole. Pain and pain, pain again and then,
and then pleasure.

He was a virgin slave no longer

Stable boy … his words

i am owned by Mistress Paris i work for her on a regular basis. Mistress Paris has now bought herself a beautiful horse and i was told i am now in required to be her pig slut stable boy.

i arrived in good time on a cold March morning, Mistress was waiting for me she was dressed in tight black riding breeches and her riding boots together with riding jacket. Mistress looked stunning but i knew i was here to work hard for her.

She had taken her horse from the stable to take to the field along with another horse.

“What are you waiting for pig slut there are two stables waiting to be mucked and cleaned get on with it now!” Mistress stood with her riding crop in her hand.

i quickly picked up the fork and started to muck out the first of the stables. i knew Mistress would not tolerate to be kept waiting after this job i had other work to be done at her house.

i had done the first stable and was about to start the second when Mistress stood in the stable door way.

“Have you not finished this small job yet?”

“sorry Mistress just starting the second stable now” i quickly replied.

” You are a useless pig slut and make sure your clothes do not stink of horses, strip now!”

“But Mistress i do have a change of clothes to put on” i looked at Mistress Paris she was messing around.

“I said strip now every thing you can muck this stable out naked, i mean every thing boots as well, now pig slut”

I took my clothes off the cold air hit me but my cock still grew hard.

“Now pig slut before you start roll in that my beautiful horses shit, go on roll cover your body in it, you are a pig slut act like one!”

I started to roll in the shit on the stable floor my body rolled onto the wet stable floor covered in horse piss and shit.

” Look at you you useless pig slut you will do every thing i say you have no choice speak like a pig you are”

i grunted and started to poke my face into the straw as Mistress ordered.

Mistress started to click her camera

“Some lovely picture”s of you pig slut, I might have to share these if you are not a good pig slut for Mistress, Now you haven’t had breakfast have you pig slut? Eat the the shit for your Mistress!”

i looked up and tried to plead to her. Mistress walked to wards me and kicked me hard in the side.

I said eat pig slut now!”

I was on all fours i leaned down and took the horse shit into my mouth, i heard the camera go click.

“Theres a good pig slut, now finish mucking out the stable, you can dress when you have finished”

I continued to muck the stable out naked standing in the shit and piss straw. While Mistress Paris watched laughing at me telling me to hurry up she was getting cold!

Once finished i was allowed to dress. Mistress had more work for me back at her house.

I am sure Mistress Paris has some very interesting pictures of me as her stable boy!!
pig slut..