Blackmail – a dirty word?

I think I have discovered a new domination joy – blackmail.  I guess it’s a new way to feel powerful and lord it over my miserable slaves. So what’s the story?  A new sub came to me last week and asked for a blackmail scenario / role play. i was a bit hesitant at first as this is new for me. But as i started to get my evil mind into gear, the whole blackmail thing became much more exciting. Anyway, I got started this week.  The slave was ordered to strip naked and present his arse to me. I then got a big felt tip and wrote on both cheeks: ‘Property of Mistress Paris’.  After this i ordered him to turn round and face the camera. Round his neck I placed a placard – ‘Owned by Mistress Paris’. Then I took a photo of his rear end and made sure the slave couldn’t get hold of the original.

The photo is my blackmail card. I threatened to send it to his wife (yes he has one) unless he does exactly as I say and sends me regular tributes. So far he has pleased me by delivering lots of rather nice gifts including a brand new paddle and a vicious rubber whip. I will, of course, be using on his arse cheeks at the next session. Nice to think he has provided the means of his own torment

The beauty of blackmail is that i can order this slave to do anything I want. So my mind has been in overdrive. Next time he visits me for a session I am going to give him a litre bottle of my own piss. He is to take it home and put it in the fridge he explains that to his wife is his business. Then he is to call me at a set time each day and drink a mouthful of my nectar. Imagine having to find a glass and fill it with another woman’s piss right under your wife’s nose. And then clean out the glass. How he does it is his challenge. Fail to do it and I send that photo.

I expect the slave to become addicted to my nectar and beg me for more next time he comes.

Oh of course he has to provide me with photographic proof that he has done his daily duty.

As a domme i am used to giving out orders but there is something specially wicked about ordering a slave with the threat of blackmail hanging over him. It suits my power trip and I plan to use blackmail to turn my slave into a total submissive. My life as a blackmailer has only just begun.