A Dog’s Life – part one.

I have just given my slave a surprise which left his mouth wide open! Good job that it did because the big surprise I had in store was another slave’s cock and an unexpected order to ‘suck it and (don’t) see’. Let me explain. A slave of Madam Venom’s who goes by the name of ‘Piece of Shit’ was sent to me for punishment. Piece of shit , That’s what he is to me and the world and that is how he deserved to be treated. And treating a slave like a piece of shit  is my special pleasure.

The evening session at my dungeon was full of surprises for Slave Piece of Shit (hearinafter called PoS). His first little shock was being ordered to strip naked down to his skinny arse. This was early spring and my dungeon was not heated – in fact it was pretty chilly – all part of the tormenting experience. PoS shivered like a naked man trapped in the fridge. I ordered him to stop shaking and shivering. Naturally he was slow to obey and earned the first of many blows on his bony rump. I enjoyed giving him a mighty slap with my hand thus placing the first of a series of ever-deepening marks on his dog’s arse.

I say ‘dog’ because to me his superior mistress, PoS is nothing more than a dog. In fact his training began with a collar round his neck and and order to heel! He did as he was told and immediately fell on all fours following my high heels as they clicked around the dungeon floor.

Naturally, he was slow to obey commands and often either lagged behind, or went in front of my gorgeous heels. Such sloppy dog-breakfast behaviour merited some hefty wacks on his rear with my leather slapper. I giggled as the human cur let out a canine whine as my whip made contact with his reddening skin. I noticed that the naughty dog was insolently looking at my short velvet dress – black, silky, zipped tight against my curvy body; micro mini length to give full view of my shapely legs. I noticed him trying to look at my legs and even more insolently, attempting to gaze up the short dress to mistresses sacred temple. That was too much! I immediately slapped him around the face and pushed a tight-fitting mask over his eyes. From now on he could hear but see nothing. As I attached his lead to a post, I told him to listen carefully toreleasing zip. I was unzipping my dress to reveal, but not to him, a black sexy basque. But of course the blind dog didn’t know that and I teased him to the limit by saying: “i have unzipped my velvet dress and now stand naked before you. But of course, you won’t have the privilege to  see me, your goddess, in the all her glory.” He whimpered, a sigh of deep frustration; that made me smile with satisfaction. I love teasing slaves and I know he was frustrated because his little dick got a little longer. Long with longing. “So your cock has got interested I see”, I barked. He nodded pathetically. “Well there’s one way to take your mind off that little cock: now you can put all your energies into a proper dick.”

I could tell he wasn’t sure what I meant. But at the click of a finger, i ordered into the dungeon, another slave, waiting in the wings. I ordered him to undo his flies and take out his fat cock. He did so and it stood erect just inches away from PoS’s mouth. I ordered the shit to open his gob and take a man’s penis. He hesitated – this was not what he expected from the session. That momentary pause, gave me the opportunity to give him a good kicking with my black stilettos. I grabbed his hair and forced his mouth on to the waiting cock. There followed what seemed like 10 minutes of pure cock sucking. There were many times, of course, when his efforts left a lot to be desired. That made me angry, and in the dungeon, an angry Mistress Paris is a merciless beast. I gave him repeated blows on his backside with a flicky horse whip. But this was only the beginning. Little did PoS know that I could attach the whip my electricals thus transforming the leather lash into an agonising electro-torture tool. The first blow must have come as a huge shock – literally as he reeled from the double torment of a leather whip and electric shock. It certainly encouraged him to redouble his cocksucking work. “Use that tongue, suck harder, take that cock all the way in…” Each instruction was prefaced by a further blow from my electro-whip thus eliciting a howl of pain.

After a tiring session of unplanned cock sucking, PoS was ready for the next installment of humiliation and pain: to be hung by his ankles and whipped red raw.
But that’s for my next blog.