I have been thinking about humiliation. A lot of my slaves ask for it.

And of course I love giving it. But what is IT exactly?  The dictionary defines ‘humiliate’ as “making someone feel ashamed and foolish by injuring their dignity.” Now I like that definition because when it comes to making someone feel foolish and injuring dignity, then I am your girl. Oh yes. Let’s take shame.  When my slave gets to be humiliated, I want him bollock  naked for a start. I want him naked in my kitchen,  my living room or out in the garden; I want him naked in front of my partner Mistress Lash or a group of female friends. I want him ready for close and jeering inspection. Many mistresses begin by offering harsh judgements on a man’s cock.  In most cases, it is a pathetic little thing worthy only of derision. We will point at it, handle and examine the tiny specimen and ask the slave to account for such a small rod. I may order the slave to rub the cock to full erection. That gives me another opportunity for pouring shame on the wretch.  Rarely, if ever, is a cock stiff or long enough for my taste and even if it is, it won’t stay the course I set. I demand a slave’s dick to be hard at all times – even when the owner is standing shivering in a cold garden or drenched head to toe in icy water.  If it’s snowing, I like nothing more than packing his dick with fresh snow and watching it subside in the freezing cold.  Making someone feel ashamed of himself is not just about pointing or jeering. I have a very harsh tongue and a fine collection of swear words – and I am apt to laugh uncontrollably at the sight of a tiny penis  trying against the odds to stiffen itself on command of its mistress.

Humiliation is not just about cock size. I can humiliate a slave by forcing him to dress in women’s clothes,  painting his face with the crude makeup of a cheap slut, ordering him to drink a chamber pot of piss contributed by Mistress Lash and I. We may, if the mood takes us, pour the contents over his head, make him stand to attention as the pee runs down his body. We may injure a slave’s dignity by tying a lead round his balls and leading him like a dray horse around the room. We may dent that dignity by demanding he barks like a dog and goes around on all fours with a bushy tail stuck up his arse.

Oh yes, when it comes to injuring dignity, I am your woman.




I am always amused and amazed at the number of fetishes there are out
there; leather, shoes, nylon, rubber……the list is endless. A new
one came my way the other day with a rather upmarket ring: silk
fetish. The new sub gets off on being dominated by strong women
wearing silk. Well Mistress Lash and I were more than willing to
oblige and having stripped off the worthless wretch, we dressed in our
silky best – tops, gloves and stockings and made him worship our silky
coverings. I ordered him on all fours and started to rub his balls
with my silky glasses case. Amazing what you can find. The silky sub
was getting very excited so we decided to douse the flames by spanking
his arse. We took it in turns to have him over our knees. Silk or not,
he got a good hiding that made his arse cheeks as red as my silky
scarf. Our hands getting a bit sore from the thrashings, we decided to
put a silk stocking over our mitts and continue giving him a silky
spanking. He loved it. We then used our silk stockings to tie him to
the bed ..hands and feet stretched out like an overworked silk worm.
Worm is right. Lash and i had a lot of fun rubbing his body with silky
garments and of course, sitting on his face with our tight silk
panties stretched taught over our fragrant pussies. There followed a
game of blind man’s muff…..we covered his eyes with a silk scarf and
made him guess what we were rubbing his cock with. If he got it he often was the cattle prod for him. We sat on his
face and made him lick our silky knickers again and finished off a
grand evening with a good old fashioned no silk arse fuck. He was all
silked and milked by the time we finished with him. Our first silk
adventure. There will be more

Fun with a virgin hole

Mistress Lash and I had a fair old time the other day. Our favourite thing: a virgin arse. The slave wanted some humilation and strap on work and that was just dandy for us. He had never had strap-on action so we were very happy to oblige. The pathetic slave came ten minutes late. So that meant punishment. We stripped him roughly and made him shine our rubber boots with his tongue; then we put him over our knees and gave him 20 hard slaps on his worthless arse in turns. Next we ordered him on his knees to suck our cocks. He never did it right of course and deserved a few more slaps. Then a new bit of sadism: we made him face the wall with a coin in between him and the wall. We told him if he dared drop it we would have to whip his cock, We made it quite difficult as we stood very close – he could smell our hot rubber. We teased him by touching his nipples and whispering sexy things in his ear. It didn’t take long for the coin to drop and so punishment was fully deserved. We took him to the bed and strapped him in chains. Then I found my nice little electro nipple clamp and a new place for its buzzing attention: his balls. Then Lash put the electro butt plug up his manhole. He loved it and was moaning like a bitch in heat. Lash and I took in sitting on his face to keep the noise down and to give him a little taste of breath control – not to say some whiffs of our gorgeous pussies. After this we released him and took him to the fuck bench. Miss Lash and I broke his virgin hole. He moaned out: ‘no, please stop!’. But of course we didn’t. We took turns pumping that hole till he was crying in lustful frustration. Then we made him blow up our rubber doll and with our cattle prods in hand we made him fuck it till he came. It was so funny to see him humping the rubber doll. Then we made him lick up all the cum in the doll’s mouth and ordered him to get dressed and leave. What fun.