Double Trouble – part two

The slave’s torment had only just begun. We put a collar and chain
around his worthless neck and slapped his cock even harder giving him
a torrent of verbal threats if he failed to obey to our commands. I
threatened him with one of my new prized acquisitions: my so-called,
‘Knicker Stick’. This is an incredibly thick bamboo cane – the kind
they use for punishments in the Far East. As I poked and teased him
with the knobbly cane, Mistress Serena crouched low giving his balls
plenty of harsh attention. She attached some weights to these balls
and gave them a good swing with her stiletto heels.

I put away my Knicker Stick but replaced it by an electric prod which
got to work on his clamped nipples. I whispered in his ear, “No
pleasure comes without pain, not in my dungeon.” He visibly winced.

We decided then to take him off the cross and led him like a dog by
the chain to our torture table. Mistress Serena strapped him down with
legs akimbo as in the classic ‘gynae’ position. She donned rubber
gloves in a slow and threatening manner, and started to play around up
his arsehole. “It’s always the shy ones that have the biggest
arseholes. He’s embarrassed because he knows what a dirty little slut
he really is,” she sneered in that soft but hard-as-steel tone of

As she continued to harass him verbally and physically, I put on my
favourite strap-on. The size of it made the slave wince again but I
told him, “It really turns me on to see your legs spread, vulnerable
to what I am about to do to you.”

He groaned as my arse fuck began “What’s the matter? Too big? That’s too bad”.

As I pumped his rear, Mistress Serena sat her queenly bottom over his
face making sure he knew that the very air he breathed was within the
control of his two superior mistresses.

“Make him lick the cock that has been up his arse,” said Mistress
Serena. I duly obliged and he was made to clean every bit. It was now
Mistress Serena’s turn to don the strap-on. but not before I could
turn those moans to groans. I did this by connecting his nipples to a
set of chain clamps which I connected to a hook above the torture bed.
This stretched his nipples to the edge of endurance and he groaned
loudly and pleaded for mercy with my safe word. I laughed.

“You are making too much noise little man and it’s high time to shut
you up isn’t it Mistress Serena?” She gave a conspiratorial nod and
took off my black tights. These were damp not from sweat but something
else. I had wanted to go for a leak but decided to spill some of my
piss into my panties and tights. They were now soaking. I took them
off and squeezed out my personal liquid into his waiting mouth. Then I
sat astride him and shoved the piss-filled panties and tights into his

“Clean them with your tongue”, ordered Mistress Serena. “Think of the
privilege of having Mistress Paris’ piss-filled tights and knickers in
your worthless mouth!”

When we felt he had done the job, we unstrapped him and turned him
over to lie face down. I continued our torrent of abuse, “Wearing my
soiled panties in your mouth! Mistress fucking your arse! You are
nothing but a dirty little pervert aren’t you?” He nodded. He had no
choice but to agree. “He’s just a filthy piss taker!” We decided to
replace the panties with the strap-on Mistress Serena had been using
to great effect. “Suck on that now pervert!” we ordered. “We want to
hear piggy sucking on that cock.” He did as he was told. He had little

We turned him back onto his back and began giving his dick some rough
handling. I am an expert on wanking a slave to the edge of explosion –
but not quite. That’s what we call ‘edge play’ and it must be so
frustrating. Wank – stop – wank –stop. We continued to torment him
leading him to the Promised Land of Orgasm and then stopping just
short of the ‘milk and honey’.

I covered his erect penis with my dirty panties. “Wank on those you
filthy little whore!” We called him every abusive name under the sun
and made him repeat our insults. “I am a piss slave pervert.”

Hearing enough, Mistress Serena placed her rounded arse over his face
making it very hard for him to breath. I continued to wank him
roughly. “You are going to cum you dirty filthy man-whore.” Mistress
replaced her bottom with the still damp piss-filled panties. “Suck on
those as you cum!” ordered Mistress Serena. “Every drop!” As she
ordered him to do so, she continued tormenting his tortured nipples.
On our order, and not before, he came in a gush of spunk and let out a
deep satisfied groan of pleasure.

We then ordered him to get dressed and get out of our sight. But our
fun was not over yet. We ordered our house slave who had been waiting
in the wings, to clean up the dungeon. Make sure every droplet of
Mistress’ piss was cleaned up from the floor. We find his tongue makes
a very efficient mop. And so with our naked human sponge licking our
dungeon floor clean, Mistress Serena and I retired to our private
quarters for some rest and yet more wicked plans.


Double Trouble – part one.

When I do a double domme session expect triple the pleasure – if
that’s what pain and humiliation brings. That was certainly the case
for a slave who asked for the services of myself and my protégé
Mistress Serena. As ever, we are professional enough to spend a long
time thinking up scenarios that will test our slaves to the limit and
beyond. In this case we decided that the mixture would include golden
nectar, edge play and a pair of sopping wet tights that were not
soaked with water!

The first part of our prep was how to dress. We wanted to tease the
hell out of this slave and ensure that his cock stood to permanent
attention. All the better to slap it of course! So I put on a sexy
short dress, black tights (more on those later) and my sexiest pair of
high heel shoes patterned with wickedly evil studs. Mistress Serene
clothed her tall young body with a micro-short dress, seamed black
stockings and killer heels. We looked the business and today, our
business was seduction or should I say, sado-duction!

The slave arrived on time and when he saw us, his eyes almost popped
out like a cuckoo from a clock. We noticed straight away the sudden
bulge that appeared in his pants. I say ‘pants’ because he was
immediately ordered to strip to his pants which we mocked cruelly.

Pulling his pants down, we mocked his pathetic cock. Mistress Serena
is one of the world’s natural cock mockers. Beware. Our session proper
began with a few hefty slaps on his bare arse. I then ordered the
wretch to worship Mistress Serena’s gorgeous shoes. He licked and
sucked with relish. We then tied him to the St Andrew’s Cross and
placed a tight-fitting hood over his head.

Now at our total mercy, we began working on his cock and balls (a
favourite target area of Mistress Serena) and administered the odd
kick to the same sensitive area. Mistress Serena got to work on his
nipples – twisting and pulling while I focused my hands on his cock
enjoying giving him a few painful back handers.

His nipples nicely sore, we then placed some small but rather vicious
clamps on his nipples. Mistress Serena enjoyed giving them a nasty
flick which made the slave wince with discomfort. But his discomfort
had only just begun.

I then got to work on his cock and balls with a rope whip while my
fellow dominatrix crouched down to give his little work a thorough
yank. We teased him mercilessly with an electric whip and brought out
a giant dildo for him to suck (or gag) on. Mistress Serena, towering
over the slave held her hands imperiously on her hips as continued
prodding and whipping our victim. Meanwhile Mistress Serena tied an
elastic band around his dick and nuts and smiled coldly as she pulled
the rubber back like an evil archer. Letting go of the band brought
about a real cry of pain (or was it joy?) from our slave in bondage.

There would be more cries, more attempts at uttering the safe word not
to mention a mouthful of something very personal to me – but that’s
for part two!