Never piss me off


I had a slave in my dungeon the other day who really pissed me off.
That is something you should never do with this mistress. I am
normally a calm, gentle, almost saintly (oh yeh!) sadist who dishes
out the pain and humiliation to the mutual satisfaction of slave and
goddess. But when a miserable wretch makes me angry, then stand aside
Mother Theresa, here comes the fiery devil in leather. Actually it was
not leather I was wearing in the dungeon but a nice top, black
trousers and high-heel shoes. The slave, I will call him Dogdirt,
committed two offenses against the Paris Legal Code: he arrived late
and was far too slow in getting undressed ready for the session.
Actually there was a third misdemeanour – he had the audacity to smile
at me and look me in the eye without my permission. Yes, on top of all
that I had had a bit of a bad day and was feeling a bit grumpy so this
slave’s crimes came just at the right time.

Once naked, I roughly placed restraints on each wrist and ankle. I
then tied each one to a rope thus suspending him to opposite dungeon
walls. His arms and legs were spread wide making him especially
vulnerable. Finally I added a leather collar round his neck to remind
him who is always the boss.

I marched up to him and grabbed him by the neck and shouted right into
his ear. ‘You have really pissed me off and you know what happens when
you let me down. I make you pay. I make you suffer!’ He started to
utter pathetic apologies but I was having none of it. I grabbed a
leather ball gag and stuffed it into his protesting mouth. Next I took
a favourite flick whip and started to beat him around the nipples.

‘I do everything for you – allowing you to be my slave and yet this is
how you thank me? By seriously pissing me off?’ I whipped him many
more times and I could hear behind the gag muffled grunts that sounded
like ‘I’m sorry’ ‘I won’t do it again’. But I was not to be easily

I got close to his ear again and told him in a whisper, ‘Never ever
piss off your mistress, do you understand?’ He grunted and nodded.
After more strokes to his chest and legs, I decided to remove the gag.

‘I’m so sorry, I’m so sorry’. His pleadings got nowhere. When this
lady is angry she is not for turning.

‘I don’t believe you!’ I shouted and continued to aim my whip at his
nipples, cock and balls. He screamed in agony, pleading for mercy and
forgiveness. But it was not to come. Not until I was satisfied. Until
my anger was quenched. Until he was was covered in red stripes. That’s
what happens when you piss off this mistress. You have been warned.