My visit

It had been some time since I have had a chance to visit my Pig Slut
slave in his home, or should I say my new home. I contacted Pig Slut
and told him of my plans: His Master and another dominatrix (the
formidable Mistress Erica) were to be at his house on Saturday
evening. He was told to provide food and drink for us all.

I thought it only fair to give my little Pig Slut a treat, so I had
decided to wear my short black dress and black stockings with my
5-inch heels!! After all as a slave he will never get the chance to
enjoy me, only to look and serve me.

As Pig Slut opened the door to me, I saw his little eyes light up as
he looked at me. I ordered him off to the kitchen to prepare the
drinks for us all. I took the time to walk around the house making
myself comfortable in my new surroundings. I thought this will all be
mine! I will have this house.

As I sat in front of a lovely log fire prepared by Pig Slut, I could
see form his little eyes that he was excited and was keen to serve me.
I ordered him to sit on the floor, relaxed and sipped my wine and
chatted with Mistress Erica and Master. I then turned my attention to
Pig Slut and told him I was not pleased. My allowance from him had
been late and this was not acceptable. I told him that in the new year
things needed to improve and also the allowance will be increased,
after all he did not want to let his Mistress down did he?

He looked down at the ground and said ‘sorry’. What a pathetic man he
looked and I had complete control over him; I was going to take full
advantage of that fact over the next coming years.

The food arrived but Pig Slut had let me down again! He ordered
takeaway food instead of making it himself. I had plans on how he was
going to eat his but I had to change this because of the menu – maybe
next time.

After a very nice meal I retired to relax as Pig Slut cleared away and
washed up. I ordered another glass of wine and ordered my Pig Slut to
strip and sit on the floor. My feet were massaged by a very excited
little Pig Slut who was very eager to please his Mistress, bless him.
Mistress Erica and I told how him how pathetic he was and the plans I
had for him in the new year. Pig Slut laughed; that was a mistake. I
was going to taken seriously.

I ordered him to lay flat face up and towered over my property. I
placed my shoe over his face telling him to clean the sole and suck on
the heel like a cock. This really made me laugh. Then I placed the
heel on his forehead and began to press hard into his skull. His
laughter soon changed to a stupid little whimper and cried out as I
pressed harder, telling him to beg for forgiveness and that he will
try harder in the new year.

I pressed harder into his head to leave a mark on his forehead, his
little cock and balls were my next target. Pig Slut tried to defend
his little cock but I shouted at him to lower his hands telling he
would never be so disrespectful again. I pressed even harder into his
cock and balls with my 5-inch heel; his little cries only make me
laugh and press ever harder into him.

How I love the control I have over Pig Slut. I told him, “You will
hand over all you have over the next few years you pathetic little
man.” I have groomed him and he is now scared and devoted to me, his
cruel goddess.

It was time for me to have some more fun and watch my little Pig Slut
do things I like to watch. The thing I like to watch the most is to
have my Pig Slut gorge his little mouth and throat around his Master’s
cock. I watched as my Pig Slut took his Master’s cock deep into his
mouth and pleasure his Master. Mistress Erica watched and laughed as
the little slut started to gag on the large cock that was being
forced in and out of his mouth.

“Make him gag,” I shouted and laughed as I heard Pig Slut cough and
gag. How I love this suck and gag action.

Soon it was time for Master to unload into Pig Sluts mouth and I
ordered him not to swallow. Soon slut’s mouth was full of his Master’s
cum and it was photo time for Mistress – more blackmail material. It
is just too easy to ruin Pig Slut!

Pig Slut opened his mouth to reveal a beautiful mouthful of cum. It
gave me great pleasure to order Pig Slut to swallow his Master’s cum
and thank him. It was a great end to very good evening in my new home.
There will be more and Pig Slut will continue to work hard for me.

I ordered Pig Slut to crawl and fetch his wallet. He offered his
wallet to me I told him I did not want his little wallet and told him
to hand it to Mistress Erica and ask her to take all that she wanted.
Mistress Erica took the wallet and emptied all the contents onto the
table and counted £83.

“Do you think that’s enough Pig Slut,” barked Mistress Erica. I smiled
as my Pig Slut whispered ‘no’ and said ‘sorry’. Mistress Erica asked
Pig Slut who should have this money; Pig Slut looked across at me.
“Answer your mistress,” I ordered.

Pig Slut said that Mistress she should have the money. I was very
happy to see that my Pig Slut had learned he had no control over any
of his money now. As he handed Mistress Erica the cash, I told him
that in future he would always have at least £100 in his wallet to
hand to anybody I ordered him to. “Yes Miss,” he whispered. I laughed
at such a pathetic man that I could control.

I was pleased with the evening. Pig Slut had worked hard and spent his
money on his mistresses and master. That is how it should be. How I
enjoy having a pathetic little Pig Slut like this one under my
control. As I left on the drive home I was already giving some thought
of how Pig Slut will please me even better in 2016. I have some very
cruel and sadistic ideas but you will have to come back to my blog to
find out what your favourite dominatrix has in mind.