Torture Time

Torture Time

How I loved my session the other day. Miss Serena and I couldn’t wait
for this particular slave to turn up. He had been driving me mad since
our last session, begging to come back and see me. You may remember
the story of the sub I made say “Women Rule?”

He had “been begging me for an overnight stay asking me to put him
through some real torture so I obliged. As I dressed up in my catsuit
with Mistress Serena in her lovely leather skirt and top finished off
by long thigh boots, we discussed all the things we couldn’t wait to
do to him. I told Serena how he kept making bookings then cancelling
them, and how I can’t wait to punish him and scare the shit out of

As he walked through the dungeon door you could see the fear in his
face as I grabbed him and stared him straight in the eyes (you could
see how far he had pissed me off).

“You little fucker,” I said, “you are going to be sorry for the
constant phone calls and messing me around.”

“Sorry mistress”, he said.
“You will be with me and mistress Serena”, I said with a evil grin.

With that we stripped him and then took him to my punishment cross. We
secured him up with his back against the cross so we could get at his
little pathetic excuse for a cock.

We both taunted him about his little cock.

“Oh my god Mistress Paris”, said Serena, “He certainly is not a shower
is he?” she giggled then she grabbed his balls in her long slim
fingers and said, “perhaps you’re a grower.”

The slave winced with pain, and with a gulp asked in a very soft
voice, “Do I get a safe word Miss?”
“No you fucking don’t,” I said and with that I spat in his face and
slapped his face hard.

“Who do you think you are you low life?” I shouted. “You mess me about
and annoy me with calls and then think you are going to get a safe
word; over my dead body!” I said as I grabbed him hard around his neck
and spat in his face again.

Mistress Serena then walked up to him and stared into his face again
and said very softly to him:

“Oh so you messed Mistress Paris around?”

“Yes” he said looking at her. She slapped his face really hard and
said, “Don’t you look at me you piece of shit. How dare you look upon
my beauty?”

“Sorry mistress,” he said looking to the floor.

“So tell me loser, why did you mess Mistress Paris about and how many times?”

“Erm four times I think , I didn’t mean to, it was due to work”, he snivelled.

“Oh dear. I pity you then.” Serena said. With that I stepped in and
kicked hard on his little cock.

“Don’t give us your lame excuses you stupid idiot. I don’t care what
excuses you have you don’t mess me around. Understand?” I then kicked
him hard and he let out a loud scream.

“Do you understand?” I shouted.

“Yes mistress yes,” he said.

“And what have I taught you about women you low life?”
“Erm that women are superior”
“And what else?”
“And they rule miss”
“Who rules?”, I said as I put my face close to his.

“You rule miss,” he said.

“No”, I shouted that’s not what I taught you. “Who rules?”
“Women rule miss.”

“Yes that’s better,” I said, “and don’t you forget it,” I said as I
slid a blindfold over his eyes.
Then I whispered in his ears, “Torture time begins”.

I got my electrics out and started on his cock and balls and then is
nipples. Then I got my knife out and started running my electrified
blade up and down his chest. This is a very clever toy, it makes you
feel as though your being cut. He was moaning and begging for me to

Mistress Serena laughed, “ You big baby”, she said and slapped him hard.

We then took him off the cross and then made him get on all fours.
With that I tied two heavy weights with a bit of string and then I
fastened his arms and feet together. I made him crawl from one end of
the dungeon and pick up one of the heavy weights and bring it back to
where I was sitting on the throne. He could only make very small
movements under this burden. Serena and I couldn’t stop laughing at
him as the sweat poured off him. He brought the weight to me and
dropped it at my feet.

“Take it back!”, I shouted.

He did as he was told, picked it up with his teeth and carried it in
his mouth all the way back to were he got it.

“Now bring the other one!”

This one was much bigger and much heaver than the other.

“Please mistress,” he begged.

“Do it!” I shouted.

Mistress Serena went over to him and kicked him

“Do as you are told slave,” she ordered.

With that he picked it up and struggled to carry it in his teeth.

At one stage I thought his teeth may fall out. Eventually he did bring
it to me and yes ,you guessed, I made him take it back. He was so
sweaty after that that I took him outside and Miss Serena hosed him
down with freezing cold water.

“Oh no”, he cried. “Please stop, please stop!” he begged. But of
course we didn’t. We made sure he was soaked and shivering. Then I
took him inside and decided it was time to step up the pace so I tied
him to my torture bed and stretched his balls and nipples. He screamed
for mercy. But none was given.

I then laid him horizontal and put a wet towel over his head. Then I
knelt down and whispered in his ears, “I have written you a contract
and I want you to sign it for me.” I didn’t wait for his answer.

I started dripping water over the tea towel. He started to scream and
get panicky. He couldn’t get the towel off as I had him strapped down
tight. I then dripped it over his face faster. He really panicked. I
moved the towel a little away from his mouth to allow him to gasp for
a bit of air, then I continued.

“God Mistress Paris, you’re so evil,” Serena giggled.
He wiggled about, moaning and pleaded with me but I wasn’t ready to
let the little shit up yet.
I placed it over his mouth again and slowly poured the water over his
face till I could see him struggling for breath. His lips had turned
blue and I was so wet knowing I put the fear of god into him.
I pulled the towel off and said, “Do you want more slave?”

“ No”, he gasped, “Please no. I would sign anything, do any thing.
Women Rule. Women Rule me Serena couldn’t stop laughing.

After this we put the slave into some strong iron chains and left him
naked in the cage shivering with cold and fear. I closed the cage up
and blew out the candles. He was locked up for the night.


Errand for mistress paris ….

My beautiful owner Mistress Paris French ordered me to
go on an
errand. I was to take a table and some soft furnishings to
her good
friend Mistress Luci Fear who had just moved into a new

I loaded my car with the soft furnishings the table frame
and the
marble tabletop (this weighed about 25kilos (50lb in
imperial), I then
set off on my 30 mile journey.

Upon arrival
at Mistress Luci Fear’s new flat I parked in one of the
bays at the
front of her abode. There was a building going on all
around and
sitting outside the front door were several builders
enjoying a cup
of tea. I pressed the intercom buzzer to Mistresses flat
and waited
for her to let me in I stood there for about five minutes,
aware that i was being looked at by the workmen on their break.

Just then the intercom came to life and a very curt “What?” was
down the intercom I replied “Hello it is Scott with the table
furnishings” Mistress replied “I don’t know a Scott, I know a
Scott property of Mistress Paris, is that who is addressing

I was beetroot red I could hear some of the builders
sniggering and
“yes” I replied Mistress commanded “Identify yourself
properly slave”
burning with humiliation and with the open derisory
laughter of the
builders echoing around me I said “Begging your
pardon Mistress Lucy
Fear, it is slave Scott here the property of
Mistress Paris French,
please may I come in I have brought you a
table and some furnishings as
ordered by Mistress Paris”. The
security door clicked open.

Behind me I heard one of the workmen
say “What a fucking pussy, he
should sort his fucking life out!” they
all laughed and dispersed
whilst I unloaded the light furnishings and
carried them to the flat in
several journeys there was no sign of
Mistress Lucy Fear in the flat
but there were several closed doors.

I carried the table frame in to where it would go in the kitchen
to find another table there already.

“Do you have tools
that can dismantle that table so I can put my new
one there?” I
jumped out of my skin as Mistress Luci Fear had sneaked
>up behind me,
I turned round and dropped to my knees and then grovelled
kissing her
feet as I am expected to do. Mistress was wearing a vest
top which
hardly contained her breasts and a pair of tight fitting
bottoms, it was obvious she had just got out of bed however she

looked amazing her long dark hair, her beautiful brown eyes, her

luscious red lips and olive skin could not be diminished but having

just risen from a deep sleep.

I greeted her and told her I
did not have any tools for dismantling the
table apologising
profusely. Mistress screamed in anger and kicked me
in the face
demanding that some tools from somewhere to dismantle the
table, I
suggested asking the builders tow which Mistress barked “Go”.

was hoping to avoid any of the builders that had seen my intercom

humiliation so I went over to the site office and knocked on the
To horror the door was opened by one of the men (just my luck
thought), the man laughed and said “Well if it isn’t slave Scott,
do you want boy?” I realised that he was the one who had called
me a

I said “Sorry to bother you mate but do you have
any alun keys as I
need to dismantle a table?”

He smiled at me
and said “First, know your fucking place, you call me
SIR! Now ask
again and explain to me why you need my alun keys.”

I burned
with humiliation and was trembling with fear as I said “Sir
sorry to
bother you but could you please let me borrow some alun keys
so that
I can dismantle Mistress Luci Fear’s old table so that I can
the new one that I have brought from my owner Mistress Paris
please Sir please”

He towered over me at 6’5″ and had a very
muscular build, he looked
down at me bemused and a slight smile came
to his face as he said “No
slave Scott I will not give you any tools,
I will come do the work
myself, there is no way I would trust you
with anything manly!”

He picked up a tool box and handed it to
me he said “Follow” as he
pushed past me I struggled to keep up with
this brute whilst carrying
the heavy toolbox

We got to the
flat and when he saw Mistress he wolf whistled and said
“Your a babe!
Not what i imagined at all. How can I help you?” I
thought good he is
for it now speaking to Mistress like that but was
flabbergasted when
she thanked him for his compliments and said to me
“Get on your knees
and remove his boots. What’s your name?” “Dave” he
replied “Ask Dave
nicely if you can take his boots off slave!” Mistress

Numb from the humiliation of being on my knees before a complete

stranger I looked down dejectedly and said “Sir would you allow me
privella….” SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! Mistress was hitting me and
“Do it properly or there will be hell to pay you snivelling

Sobbing from the humiliation of being punished before
this brute of a
man who was laughing along with Mistress at my
humbling, I clasped my
hands together and looking into his eyes and
said “P P P Please, Ma Mas
Master Dave…Master David please can i
have the honour of removing
your boots?”

He snorted at me and
said “Whatever” and moved his right foot towards
me as I began
removing his boot he said “Freak” to which both he and
Mistress had
another laugh at my expense.

After I had removed his boots and
place them by the door Mistress said
to him “Would you be dismantle
an old table for me” he agreed and they
went into the kitchen. I did
not move from my kneeling position next to
Dave’s boots. I could here
them making small talk as he dismantled the
table. I was just glad
not to be present as he carried out his task.

“Get in here
slave” Mistress shouted I hurried into the kitchen to be
greeted by
Mistress and Dave walking towards the living room, Mistress
over her shoulder and said “Two coffees both white with two”.

set about my task and then carried the drinks to them, they were both

seated on a sofa I handed each of them their drinks and then knelt
to Mistress, who looked at me and grinned “Dave why don’t you
put your
feet up and relax” she said to him he replied “You don’t
have a
footstool” Mistress said “Slave get in front of us and give
somewhere to rest or feet” I scurried into position”.

burned with humiliation as Mistress rested her feet on my back and

Dave rested his feet on my neck. I was ignored as they had a pleasant

chat, every so often Dave would rub his feet across my face for their


After their break was over Dave left to go back to
work but not before
I had put his boots back on for him.

Mistress then ordered me to get the marble tabletop and bring it to
flat. I lifted the heavy top out and put it on a trolley which
saved me
carrying the dead weight. I only had to carry to top up a
small flight
of stairs and the trolley took the brunt of the heavy
lifting for me.

I wheeled the table top into Mistress Luci Fears
flat and into the

Mistress was laughing as she said
“The trolley was brilliant it made
light work of the tabletop didn’t
it?” “Yes Mistress” I said sensing
something was afoot. “Take the
trolley back to your car”. She ordered.
I did so and upon my return
Mistress said “Now take the fucking marble
back to your car and carry
it all the way here”

Defeated, deflated and demoralised I lifted
the heavy top and carried
it all the way back to the car, because of
the weight of the table and
the awkwardness of its shape I struggled
to get it back to the car.
Once back at the car I then carried the
top back to the house, my
muscles screamed in pain, my lungs were
about ready to burst.

As I set the slab of marble down Mistress
slapped me across the face
and said “You lazy bastard, I told you
that you were to take the slab
back to your car and then bring it
back to me, you disobeyed me”

I begged “please, please, forgive
me but that is what I did Mistress”
SLAP my ears rang and I could see
stars as Mistress slapped me calling
me a lazy bastard. She then
explained that she had watched me take the >slab back to the car and
observed that i did not place it in the car,
before removing it and
bringing it to her.

“Take it back and do it again” she hissed I
was truly at my lowest ebb
as I struggled back to my car with the
slab of marble. Having placed it
back in the car I lokked up to see
Mistress looking out of her flat at

She nodded and I
struggled even more what with my exhaustion, the sweat
in my eyes and
the sweat making my grip too slippery to carry that
infernal lump
back to Mistresses flat.

I got the slab into the kitchen and
Mistress watched amused, her >nipples erect under her vest – glad
someone was enjoying themselves I
thought – I must have looked too
long at Mistresses beautiful breasts
as Mistress said “I see you
lusting after me, you cant have me, now to
calm your libido take that
fucking slab back to your car and do it
again, maybe that will stop
your wandering eye”.

Oh god no! I thought will this hell ever
end! By the time I struggled
back into the flat I was about ready to
collapse, Mistress said
nothing as I placed the marble on top of the
base and polished the top
up for her.

She then said “Oh you
poor dear you look all hot and bothered”, it was
then that I saw the
chair in the living room “Why don’t you remove all
your clothes and
sit on that chair to cool off”.

As I took off my clothes I
couldn’t help but look at the nasty stinging
nettles taped to the
seat and backrest of the chair!! I went over to
the seat and sat down
wincing as the nettles stung my back, backside,
back of my thighs and
the base of my ball sack.

Mistress then tied my wrists to the
armrests and my ankles to the legs
of the chair, “Don’t go anywhere I
will make you a nice drink” she then
left me and went into the
kitchen and on her return she carried a
shopping bag and a large
glass of her pee.

I winced in pain as Mistress sat on my lap
grinding her firm buttocks
into my lap forcing the nettles into more
stinging. She held the glass
to my lips and whispered “Don’t spill
any” As she tipped the glass and
its pungent contents into my mouth,
I swallowed and swallowed as
Mistress tipped the glass further and I
was struggling for air as I
swallowed down the last few acrid
mouthfuls of her urine. I gasped my
thanks as my lungs clamoured for

“As a reward for drinking down all my golden wine, I have a
present for you” She then showed me the bag she carried in was
full of
nettles just like the ones i was sitting on. “I think that
you should
have a nice even glow we cant have your bum and back
getting all the

For the next twenty minutes
Mistress tortured my cock and balls, chest,
nipples and armpits with
the nettles. She then walked out of the room
returning with a scarf
and a pair of grey boxer shorts, She showed me
the boxers and pulled
them over my face saying “These are my
boyfriends” i could indeed
smell the muskiness of a man in them (it
helped that Mistress had
helpfully placed the crotch and front panel
>over my nose and mouth)
she secured them in place with the scarf.

She then said “It is
so hot I am going to take off all my clothes” I
heard the rustle of
Mistress disrobing, I felt her behind me, my body
ached but my
arousal at the feeling of her soft skin against the back
of my neck
was obvious. Mistress laughed and said “I see your pathetic
little maggot likes all the attention, well time for some more”

I felt a cool liquid being poured over cock and balls and then
rubbing it in then i realised she had poured mint mouthwash
over my
nettle stung bits, I whimpered as the mintyness started to
react with
the nettle stings aggravating them further. “Oh God, oh
God” shouted as
the heat worsened.

Mistress then poured more
liquid over my cock and balls and again i
felt some relief before the
chilli oil started to burn even more. I was
writhing in agony as
Mistress untied me from the chair and the led me
round her home
pulling me by my cock and balls.

Finally she led me into a room
with tiles on the floor (I assumed it
was the bathroom I was right).
Mistress ordered me to kneel down, she
then began to manipulate my
penis until it was fully erect. Mistress
then pulled me forward until
I felt my tiny knob touch some cold
porcelain I realised that I was
kneeling in front of the toilet bowl.

Mistress pulled me towards
the bowl and rested my cock on the rim of
the toilet. She took her
hand away…then there was a loud bang and a
sharp pain through my
cock, Mistress was in fits of laughter as i
realised that she had
just dropped the the toilet seat onto my tortured

Mistress the ordered me to her toilet so I began thrusting my little

cock in and out of the gap between the toilet rim and the toilet
My body burned from the stinging nettles and my senses could
only smell
the anonymous man whose boxers were expertly placed over
my nose and
As I dumbly humped away at my porcelain and
plastic lover Mistress was
giggling away at my misfortune, however
she ordered me not to come
until she said so, I fucked the toilet and
Mistress expertly edged me
for about 20 minutes, every time I begged
to come I was told “NO”. I
was now so desperate to cum that I begged
Mistress to let me come and
told her that I could hold out much

I then felt a squeezing pain as my cock was again
crushed between the
toilet rim and the seat. I realised Mistress had
just sat on the seat
in front of me she removed the scarf and the
horrid pants and I was
gazing directly at Mistresses breasts, I
looked down and saw that she
was indeed naked and her shaven pussy
was just a few inches from my
trapped cock.
Now here’s the
deal my little tiny maggot cocked loo fucker, I want
you to fuck my
toilet and when you cum if any of your filthy slime hits
me you will
be going home with a frozen banana stuffed up your arse, in
soaked clothes wearing a pair of my dirty knickers stuffed full of


“Come on you dirty fucker cum for your Mistress, go on
look at my
beautiful body, a body you cant touch” I fucked harder and
harder I let
out a loud groan as I began to pump my seed into my
porcelain lover,
spurt after spurt after spurt.

“Oh dear dear
dear, look what you have done Mistress had stood up and on her right
thigh was some of my useless ejaculate, she slapped my
face and made
me lick it off of her thigh.

I am now driving back to show
Mistress Paris French, my nettle filled
panties, my arse is full of a
frozen and rapidly melting banana and
Mistress Luci Fear did indeed
pee on my clothes. All my windows are up
and the aircon is off so
that I must fester.

I arrived at Mistress Paris’ home and she
was in the dungeon with the
>beautiful Mistress Serena they were being
entertained by three subs who
were laying on the floor being trampled
by both Mistresses.

I showed them my nettle filled panties and
then explained what had
happened, Mistress Paris said to me “Go home
shower you stink, and then
come back here all clean, these three men
all need a blow job before
they all go back in chastity for three
months, and your mouth is Oh well at least
I am useful…..