my slaves day

It started as a small job for Mistress Paris doing her garden easy you would think!! This then led to Mistress getting me some work in other gardens for which i was most grateful, so much so that when she asked me to pose naked doing the garden I thought why not.

Then the text came I need you to do some more work for me I said I was busy and could not come over, then came the picture of me naked with a message saying it could be easily sent to others!! i had no choice I went to work for Mistress again.

Mistress’s control slowly grew over me I was starting to work for her in her garden, then she suggested one day she could dress me as her slut maid, before I knew it I was being photographed as a slutty maid and being used by Mistress to pleasure her guests for her.

All the time this was was being carefully recorded by Mistress building up a portfolio of all my exploits all of which i would not people close to me to find out about. Then came the request from Mistress “I need to take control of you life slut” she said. How much control do you want I am already serving you when I can. She told me I want total control of you, your life is mine!

Mistress then went on to tell me what she wanted from me, I was to hand over all my personal details, my passport all my bank details and cards. I would no longer have access to any of money I was going to have pocket money given to me. I was there now only to work for Mistress a money earner for her. From now on that was to be my life to serve Mistress Paris.

Mistress now has complete control of me she knows when I am working and how much I earn, when not working I have to report to her and work for her, I get a small slave’s wage when I do work for her. I continue to do her garden and keep it looking well, but in addition I have now began to be used as a sex slave, Mistress has started to shape my body to make me more appealing to her friends, her control of me now extends to what I eat and how I look.

One day I reported for work, I was told to wait in her dungeon naked it was still very early morning. Mistress arrived and placed a blind fold on me. She put me into a bed cage with my hand secured to the sides. I did not have to wait long before I knew what the day ahead had install for me. I heard someone lay onto the bed above I was ordered to raise my head to the hole that was above me, the hard cock hit my face and very quickly found my mouth I sucked and sucked until my mouth was filled with fresh cum. I was kept locked in darkness for the whole day I lost count how many times I was ordered to suck cock.

This was just one of the ways I was now working for Mistress Paris, she is now thinking of getting me a part time job in order I can earn her more money. I am now a cash cow for Mistress Paris there is no way out for me she has full control over me now I live to serve.

So to all those wannabe slaves out there beware of that gardening job it could be for life!!!