I should mention just now a little fact about my boyfriend, he is normally in chastity and not allowed to orgasm unless in my presence and with my permission, I have the only key to his metal chastity, you have no idea of the power trip I have. When he is at home I will constantly tease him and watch as he strains not to get hard as the spikes inside the tip dig into his glans. 


Webcamming with him when he is working away is a pure joy, especially if I am showing him my beautiful lithe body whilst some slave worships what he believes is his!  If I feel really mischievous I will have him make love to me whilst he wears his chastity and my favourite strapon…mmm…. his poor little face, but I digress.


We were giggling away listening to my pet in the dungeon gasping for air after his long drink, his bright red face, his heaving chest was having a marvellous effect on me (along with my boyfriend’s wandering hands).


He could hear us laughing at him over the monitor and I could see the defeat in his face: “Was that nice ?” I said. He mumbled something in reply then – zap zap zap – he screamed as his balls fried with electro and the combination of shocks and nettles had him screaming “Please Godess please can I have more of your wonderful wine, but please no more shocks.”


“What would you do for me to stop?” I ask trying not to laugh at his confused face – he hates this game: he is not allowed to say the word “Anything” as no one can give you everything or anything, so  slavey has to think hard about something that I would like that shows that he is willing to go that extra mile to be in my presence.


Zap zap zap  – “We’re waiting!” I shout his face gives it away in surprise he mouths “WE”; his slave brain is going into meltdown then he shouts out “Can I serve you both as a slave?” – ZAP ZAP ZAP ZAP-  “You are already my slave you lazy shit, what will you do for my wine and less pain?” He cries out “Please can I give your lover a blowjob!”


Ha! I thought he is just the cum dump I thought he was. Opening the baby monitor I said to loverboy –  “is that a good idea sweetie?” His face showed  a little confusion and desire (I should explain slaves suck cock not me. I even have a lesbian slave who has not had sex the way she likes it in two years, however her cock sucking is apparently astounding – oh I’m not gay!)


My lover smiled and whispered, “I have never had a man suck me off, I don’t know!”


“Oh honey, he only wants to please me and as you know this is the closest you will get to having one off of me.  But you can come as many times as you like; you have my permission,” I said as I squeezed his huge balls and bit into his right nipple.


Funnily enough he acquiesced!


I send a vibrate command to my slave in he dungeon (the electro collar bleeps, vibrates and did I mention it shocks?) This command means he must hurry to find me where ever I am in the house. Now this is not easy when you are wearing my heavily soiled panties, three feet of stinging nettles stuffed into them round your freshly shaved balls and a shock collar that I just love.


He staggered into my bedroom he looked at me and my boyfriend lying back on the bed sipping champagne that slavey had bought me. I could see in his eyes how much he wanted to be sipping this with me, it made me tingle inside when I saw how jealous of my lover he was.


I understand his anger, you see he has come in and set about cleaning my house then making a lovely meal. He has then  suffered for me in so many ways and here I am with my lover drinking champagne whilst he gingerly strips out of his clothes.


Once he is down to my nettle filled dirty knickers and shock collar I order him to sit at the foot of the bed. There is a chest at the foot of my bed and on top of this sat a stainless steel dog bowl and  folded neatly into the bowl was a pair of paper panties (from a recent hospital stay).


I had folded them so that he could see the heavily soiled crotch and boy was it soiled!