Back online

Sorry that owing to computer problems, I have not been able to add to my blog. I know all you slaves have been slavering for more from your mistress. Too bad.

Anyway I have had more fun with Lady Lash and a rather agile slave who was forced to do a rather unusual thing: squirt his come straight into his mouth. In case you think that can’t be done, it can. We forced the slave to lie on his back and bring both legs over and bend them as far as he could over his head, yoga style. He was a good flexible boy and managed to do it well. Of course as his legs went over so did his cock and balls ..he was stark naked of course….. As his legs were pushed further and further back behind his head, his tool got closer to his dirty mouth  – a few inches away. Then Lady L and I started dealing with his stiff and throbbing cock..not of course letting him come when he wanted to ..and giving him some pretty fierce verbal abuse at the same time. We are good at that. Anyway after some expert wanking and plenty of dire threats from us, he shot his load straight into that gaping mouth of his. Then of course we made him swallow. It was good fun for us and of course rather humiliating for the slave..but that is the name of our game.