Slap and Tickle and Tickle….


Are you into tickle torture? I love it and so does one of my willing
slaves. He came for a session of tickle and edging but got more than
he bargained for with me. I don’t know what it is about being tickled
but I love to see the laughter it generates turning into tears of
agony. For my slave last week, it was ecstasy, then agony, then can guess the rest.

My slave booked a torment session at my new play space, La Oubliette.
That’s French for ‘forgetting’ but it was a session he will long
remember. I ordered him to strip bollock naked and then tied him to my
torture bench. Strapped in and well buckled, he was at my mercy – not
that I showed him much. Let the tickling begin.

I began his tickle torments with a light feather, just the lightest of
touches on the soles of his feet, around the belly, in that
oh-so-sensitive bit round the waist and of course, in the arm pits. At
each delicate feathering, he squirmed and couldn’t help but laugh.
With cries of ‘stop, please…stop’, I course carried on regardless. I
am always tickled by requests for a good tickling!

As many of you know me, you will not be surprised that this mistress
loves variety. And so I kept changing the tickling medium: first the
feather, then the flicky end of my horse whip, now the buzzing top of
a vibrator, and most fiendish of all, mistress’ own long and merciless
fingers. Each tickle was a torture – laughter and tears, tears and
laughter…..a merry-go-round of agony and ecstasy.

It is not in my nature to see a slave laugh too much however much it
is against his will. And so I introduced another element into the
session: edge play. For those not familiar with this term, it means
bringing a pathetic male to the edge of orgasm but not allowing him to
cum. It is a terrible tease. Mistress is a dab hand at cruel hand jobs
– one that can bring a male to the very edge of a cum eruption only to
dampen down the rampant member. It can drive a sub to madness – all
that animal desire crushed like a swatted fly.

Edging and tickle – just imagine what state my slave was in after 90
minutes of this relentless torture – but there was more to come. I
decided to make him even more vulnerable to my attentions. Unstrapping
his arms, I tied them with rope up to the top bar on the torture
bench. Then I looped the rope over the bar and down again to tie
around his balls. I tightened the rope so that his arms were raised
into the air. He could of course pull them down but that would create
a counterweight on to his balls. What a dilemma and what a target now
I had in those open armpits. My tickling reached a climax but he could
not! Again I played with his cock, and even used my nimble pinkies to
tickle the end of his dick. I feathered his armpits and tickled his
midriff so that by the end he was begging for mercy. Luckily for me,
in La Oubliette, no one can hear you scream. I intensified my torments
by tickling his cock with a vibrator and at one point pushing his
member through a special cock harness attached to the electro-gadget.

Again I brought him to the edge of explosion but would not let him
complete. And so after 2 hours of tickle and edging, I untied him and
ordered him out of the dungeon. He had never been in such a ticklish