Subby Dreamer

Shock warning! A slave of mine had a very interesting dream that he
wants to me to share with my readers. It’s rather violent and not my
usual stuff but remember it was a dream and everything in it is purely

The slave, let’s call him ‘Shitface’ dreamt that I had invited him to
meet me in a remote farmhouse somewhere in the middle of nowhere. He
was an arse virgin and imagined himself to be gang raped at knife

He duly drove out to the remote spot and parked his car as instructed
near a dark farm building. He was to wear tracksuit bottoms, teeshirt,
trainers and have his pockets stuffed full of cash – at least £500 in
crisp 50s. As instructed he approached the gate of the farm building
and called out ‘Mistress, I am here and ready for your pleasure.
Whatever that may be.’
There was no reply just the distant cooing of a night owl and a dog
barking somewhere in the distant woods. No lights shone in the farm
and it seemed deserted.
Yet by the time his words died away on the cool rural breeze, the door
of the building slowly opened. Some unseen hand had unlatched it.
Shitface got onto all fours and crawled in making piggy sounds (as
instructed). He sniffed, grunted and trotted forward in complete
darkness. A strong smell of wet hay and animal droppings – perhaps
horse – wafted into his nose. He felt slightly nauseous but before he
could wretch, a strong light came on. He blinked as if half blinded.
Eventually through a haze of diffuse light he caught a first glimpse
of something he had half expected.
There in front of him was his mistress – yours truly – standing in a
full leather suit, riding boots, gloves and face mask. I towered over
him, legs akimbo, arms folded but with a menacing horse whip
brandished in my right hand. On my right and left side, two others
stood by. They were my accomplices – two burly masters also dressed
head to foot in leather except one donned a menacing gas mask. Each
carried a wooden club which they rhythmically tapped with their free
“Stand up!” I commanded in this dream. He did so, though slightly
stumbling over some slimy horse shit on the ground. “You know why you
are here? To be fucked.”
He nodded and muttered something.
I responded in fury.
“I didn’t ask you to say anything or comment did I?” Before he could
reply I stepped forward and gave him a sharp kick with my riding boot.
He keeled over and as he did so I gave the two assistant tormentors a
nod. They knew what to do.
One grabbed the slave by his puny neck and lifted him up high. As he
did so, the other delivered a mighty wallop into Shitface’s abdomen.
He gasped and fell forward. As this happened one of the men caught him
in a bear hug and again lifted him high off the ground before letting
him fall into the horse dung.
I clicked my fingers. This was the signal for the men to lay astride
the prostrate slave and give him hard slaps around the face and a few
well aimed thumps to his cock and balls. He cried out in pain but not
for long – I shoved the toe of my boot into his mouth forcing down his
slavering gob almost knocking out a tooth.
On another click, the men got up and ripped every shred of clothing
off the slave. They then manhandled him roughly and turned him over
forcing his arse into the air. Each attendant was then instructed by
me to force Shitface’s arse cheeks apart.
Thus presented with a target arsehole, I put on a huge dildo. Seeing
this he sobbed and struggled, begging for mercy. But none came.
With the two men holding him in position I fucked that waiting arse
for at least ten minutes. – loving every one of them. I felt so
powerful as my rubber cocked slammed into his anus and deep inside
that unwilling tube.
When I had had my fill, I withdrew my dildo and gave the slave a hefty
kick so that he lay flat on his back, breathing heavily and in an
exhausted state of collapse.
I told him that I was finished for the evening but my attendants had
not..that they were free to use him and his hole however they wanted.
As I emptied his pockets, taking his car keys and driving away in his
car, I heard the distant cries of slave Shitface as the two men gang
raped his arse without pause or mercy. i smiled a cruel little smile
and left with the satisfaction of a job well done and nice wad in my