Strictly come auntie

I had a new slave the other day who wanted to be punished by his firm and strict aunt.  Well he got more than he bargained for – not one, but two disciplinarians. Mistress Lash and I played the part we love so well – the stern schoolmarm auntie.  We dressed in tight skirts and crisp white blouse – high heels, stockings and hair tied back into a formal bun completed the picture. When the wretch reported to us – he was   quivering (with fear or excitement? probably both. We ordered him to tell us what he had done – the usual misdemeanors – being late, insolent and having a slovenly appearance. Auntie Lash firmly ordered him to strip down for inspection which I duly did with my cane. We were not pleased with the stage of his dirty cock and told him that severe punishment was all he deserved. He was told to put his naked butt over first the knee of Auntie Lash and then Auntie Paris. Each of us doled out a strong rhythmic spanking making his arse cheeks as red as a stop light. He sobbed and begged forgiveness but as you know, this music to our ears. Talking of ears: Lash took him be the ears like the spoilt child he was and gave them a  good boxing. Then we bent him over a chair and administered at least 24 biting strokes of the cane. We ordered the boy to wipe his tears and get dressed. He kept saying how sorry he had been and wouldn’t do this or that again. Of course we didn’t beleive him and gave him six more strokes as a deposit for next time – which will surely come.