A Tale of Two Slutties – part the second

So now ready for action, the old slave arrived. He too was ordered to
strip bollock naked and lie down on his side. Then the younger house
slave came in. He gulped when he saw me in my finest domme wear and
then gulped once more when he saw my aged slave lying there. I thought
what fun it would be if the two pathetic wimps got into a 69 position.
I barked the order to the younger man: ‘slave; lie down with your head
at this old man’s cock and your dick by his mouth! He looked at me
pleadingly. That was the reaction I love. ‘I said, get into a 69
position with this old wretch. You are going to suck him off till he
cums. And you will swallow everything he has to give, which won’t be
that much at his age.’ He whimpered something like ‘yes ma’am’. He
knows better than to disobey me. I told him further that he will have
to work hard to get the hard on but that I have trained him to be a
cocksucker first class.
The house slave got to work on the old man’s dick – he pumped away
with his slutty mouth. I reminded him to keep going..the way I did
this was to grab the house slave’s head and make sure it was pounding
into the other’s cock. I was very rough with him and he kept pleading
for me to stop. I love a little pleader. It is music to my ears and so
the more he moaned the more I shoved his head so that he gave the
older man a thorough sucking.
In the meantime, I decided I needed a little light entertainment.
While his mouth was filled with the subbie’s old cock, I played with
the younger slave’s cock and balls. I  reached over for a nice toy –
my electric fly swat which was used to great effect on his balls. He
moaned in pain but had to keep sucking on that old cock which was by
now slowly, ever so slowly, getting hard.
After what seemed like an age of sucking and ball torture, the old man
eventually shot his load right into the house slave’s gob. The OAP was
told to get dressed and get out and I decided to give my slutty maid
some more attention. First I ordered him to stand to attention and
stick out his cock which by now was huge and erect. It made a great
target for my evil cock whip which I applied with vigour. It left a
lovely colourful red mark on the sensitive tip of his penis. He fell
to his knees in pain and begged me to stop. That was the effect I
wanted. As he went down, I dragged him up and kicked him right in the
balls with my evil shoes. I was in the mood for more and barked an
order for him to stand with his legs apart. I gave his balls another
hard kick, and another and many more until I decided he’d had enough.
It was at least ten minutes – that boy can take a lot and I enjoy
doling it out.
But there was one more treat in store. I strapped him up to a post
that he couldn’t move. I then took out my boxing gloves. This evoked
another pathetic cry and more pleading. ‘Please mistress, not the
boxing gloves. Haven’t I suffered enough?’ No was the answer. Not
nearly enough. Using him as a punch bag, I had a good hot work out
laying hard punches all over his trunk, legs and arms. I finished with
a vicious right hook to his balls. I don’t play by any boxing rules.
Feeling hot but on top of the world. I ordered him to get on with the
ironing but before that I put his sore cock back in its nice pink
cage. Back to where it belonged. As for next time, I have Great
Expectations of giving him yet another Hard Time.