A very gentle domme

The thing about dommes is that you never know what mood we are in. As you know if you are following my blogs, I can be pretty mean – a harsh taskmiggstress. But I do hgggave another side. I am never a softie butThe thing about dommes is that you never know what mood we are in. As you know if you are following my blogs, I can be pretty mean – a harsh taskmistress. But I do have another side. I am never a softie but there are many times when I enjoy a gentle bit of tie and tease. I had a slave recently who didn’t seem to be into too much pain or feel the taste of my trusty whip. So after a bit of a chat, I decided on a bit of a mild domming. I still commanded the slave to undress and be ready for my inspection. I made him stand to attention, bollock naked, and then conducted an inspection of his whole body. I decided that he was not well enough shaved for me and needed a spot of my discipline.
I told him to lie on the bed and promptly chained his arms and legs to the bed. I was dressed in my sexy black basque, stockings and thigh boots. I could tell this made him excited. His cock was starting to stir. I decided to oil his cock and balls and sit astride him giving him a full on view of my gorgeous arse. This made him even more excited and started to work on his cock with my long fingers. All very gentle. I whispered to him that he was a naughty boy and deserved my punishing attention. But I was in merciful mood and ready to give his cock plenty of my attention. I am a very professional hand job mistress and could feel his cum starting to well inside two very full balls. But then, I stopped. No warning, no explanation. Just stopped wanking him and went out of the room for drink. I heard him moan, ‘please mistress, finish me off…I want to cum…’ I said nothing but waiting for his cock to subside. After a few minutes I came to him again. Sat astride him – arse cheeks wide apart and hovering teasingly just above his nose. Then I oiled his cock and started my teasing wank all over again. Again I felt him about to explode and again without warning, simply stopped and walked away. I repeated this 3 or 4 times till he was begging me for relief. This is a very gentle but powerful form of torture. No pain, no marks. This works on a man’s brain. Soon he was putty in my hands and I promised to let him cum but only after giving my pussy a damn good licking. Which he did. Then without much help from me, he seemed to spunk all over his body. I unchained him and told him to clean himself up, get dressed and get on his way. My harsh voice and words seemed to make his cock stir again but that was it…session over. A gentle torture.



Doggie or pony – which is best?

I am an animal lover – anyone who knows me will testify to that. But sometimes I can’t decide which animal I like best. Take the other night; was a dog or a pony that I most liked? I just couldn’t decide and it was a poor slave who took the brunt of my indecision.
It all started when a worthless scumbag slave came for a session all dressed up in his own rubber suit. Top to tail. And tail is right. I made him get on his knees, placed a rubber collar around his scrawny neck and attached a metal leash to that. I told him that from now on he was my devoted puppy and if he was a good doggie, he would do as he was told. I barked these commands in my usual authoritarian voice. Anyway, he fell to his knees as commanded and I took him by the lead for walkies around the room. My aim was to teach him to heel. To watch my heel and keep tight in step with it. The trouble was he kept getting it wrong and my razor sharp high heels caught him clean on the paw. What a shame. As I walked him around the room, I deliberately kept changing my pace and step just to make it harder for the cur to keep up with my high heels. Occasionally I would let him rest and give my leather shoes a good sniffing. Well you have to give a dog a break don’t you?
Part of the walk took us to my bathroom – a holy shrine for slaves – and then I made him clean up the whole place with his doggie tongue. He got to work on the floor, the shower, the sink and of course my personal throne. That took a lot of hard cleaning.
After the cleaning I took him back to my lair but was a bit bored with doggie tricks. I now fancied leading a pony. So off came the collar and on went the bridle and bit. When I say ‘bit’ I mean it. That bridle bit like hell. I made sure it was very very tight. Well I am a stern horsewoman (anyone who has caught the end of my horse whip will know that). So now the dog became a pony. I told him to brace his back  and promptly sat astride my new mount, riding crop in hand. Then pulling on the reins, we moved off – first forward, then I pulled to the left, then the right then dug my heels in for a gallop and then pulled hard on his bit to bring the horseplay to stop. He was pretty exhausted; sweating like a, well, like a horse. So I tethered him up to the door handles and told him not to move (on pain of the crop). I trotted off to my kitchen and brought back something for the pony to nibble: a bag of carrots. Yes, raw carrots – unwashed and with their tops on (unlike me who by this time was bare breasted and hot for action).
After his delicious snack of raw carrots, I took the bridle off and turned him once more into a puppy dog. On went the collar and lead. This time though he was going to be a real bitch and take a strapon from his mistress. But first he must do what every puppy must do to the alpha leader of the pack – me! I made him sniff my beautiful arse. Stuck it right out to get his dog’s nose right up between my crack. I ordered him to sniff and take in my powerful scents. Then it was time for his treat. I adjusted my big black strapon and ordered him to present his doggie arse to me. Without any ceremony, I inserted the strapon into his dirty arsehole and shagged the doggie  daylights out of him. Exhausted, I finally withdrew my rubber cock and gave the cur a good kicking. He was then ordered to his basket and told not to make any sound for the rest of the evening. So, dog or pony? Which is best? Maybe both.