Serveing mistress paris …part two


I sent the second text of the day it was not a good start, my piece of meat was late again it was gone 8am and it was still not here. 
His reply was prompt he was sorry but he said he was going to call in the garden centre and collect plants for my garden.
My orders were short ” You had better not be late again, I want the weight on your balls do not forget slut”
This slave at the moment is difficult to mark but I do have other plans for him, his ball are starting to hang lower, he is wearing weights every day in order to achieve this. I have also invoked a diet on him and he has started to lose weight, My aim to get him a size smaller dress so he has a better shape for me. He does not know it yet but he will soon be taking regular doses of estrogen this will start to change him physically as well as lowering his sex drive how sad !!! his enslavement to me has truly started and I will get what I want from my piece of meat.     
I gave him until 10am he was to be late again, I was not happy this piece of meat will have to learn who is in charge, I returned to my bed and relaxed.
I awoke just before 9am I ran my bath, happy in the thought my slave was on way and plans had been made to teach it a lesson.
“YOU have 4 minutes!” I sent the text and waited…
” just leaving the garden centre Miss i have all your plants” came the reply 
I waited to see his little car car pull up on my camera, I met him on the drive.
“good morning Miss”
“Hello slut you have work to do, and a lesson to learn”   
“Pardon Miss “
” just go get on with your work I will text you when and if I need you “
I returned to my morning coffee and over my computer I planned my lesson for my slave. 
There are certain things I demand from my slave honesty and of course total control over them. This piece of meat has sometime wavered from this and every now and again it need to be reminded of where his life is now heading. That is total service to me working for me and have me take total control of him.
I will soon be able to log into its email account check its diary, then check his bank account to see how his earning for me are going. i will also soon have its passport to control him further, I do not see that a slave should be allowed to travel abroad enjoy life on holiday,, that has to be earned and if necessary paid for after all I will be without a slave for a week or so!! So they have to think is this holiday worth it and paying to have their passport back. 
I look up from my computer and see my slave working hard planting pretty autumn flowers around my garden, dressed in his overalls and boots his uniform when working for me in my garden, I  might have him wear them out and about as well after all slaves need a very small wardrobe. Gives them more money for mine to grow such is life….
I look at the time 1130 am I think its time for his first lesson of the day, slave has gone to clean my chickens out, it is learning his routine very good.
‘GET here now ” I text the slut I expect no reply just to see it appear at my feet.
“Come here, get your overalls off now then get over to that tree ” I stand in my tight leggings, thigh high boots with 6inch heels and my clinging black top, watching as it strips off from its overalls exposing quickly naked flesh, what a good idea theses overalls are. 
The piece of meat walks over to the tree I tie the arms tight behind the trunk, then wrap the body of my slave in a corset of rope securing it to the tree, there is no escape.
“Right it time for your lesson slut you must not be late and start doing as you are told, do you understand?”
“Yes Miss”
” What is this pathetic  little cock  so small is it cold! perhaps this might help” I slap hard down on its cock the slut cries out ..
” please Miss”
” Now then let see if this helps!”  I aim the hose right at his cock I stand there hosing him down. I laugh this is so much fun..
” please Miss, i will won’t be late again “
“I know you won’t will you or this will be the least of your worries, now just a little more”
I aim the hose low again hitting his now very small cock but thanks to the weights his balls remain the perfect target!!
Untied from the tree I order it to get dress his boots and socks soaking wet oh well..
” Now get on with your work the path in the front needs clearing, oh and clean my boots they have mud on them” 
I drop them onto the floor and walk into the warmth of my kitchen. I have some editing to do Master had filmed the entire lesson of the hose, I think this will be suitable for one of my pay to view  film clips.
The film looked good and I will use it on my site should get some good hits. I look outside oh dear it has started to rain I do hope my piece of meat is not getting to cold working. 
Anyway it is now time for lesson number 2!!
” Get in the dungeon now ” It is so good how just a few words of command can work. it is learning now to strip before entering the only other place it allowed to enter.
I look on the camera I see my piece of meat on its knees waiting not knowing what comes next. I walk in and sit at my throne looking down on My slave.
I order it to put on his kinky pink boots and put he ankle straps on I slowly lift it upside down and leave it hanging there,
“Now then lesson number 2 slut remember my friend” I introduce a good friend of mine who visits me on a regular basis I show my slut £10 and waive it in front of slut..
  ” Right you piece of meat  earn your owner a little money, suck his cock well I do not want to see any cum on the floor all down your throat”
Master has come in now and has started to record every piece of the action.
” What would wifey say about this slut if she saw this film you will from now on behave yourself and do as you are told or else!! of I will have to keep your punishment going as part of your training. Now take his balls in your mouth suck them well good slut”
My friend agrees and enjoys his lunchtime treat..
“Now take all his cock slut deep down his throat thats it get ready I want to see all that cum slide down your throat. Theres a good slut”
I lower it down from the winch..
” Now go and finish your work go quickly”
Master and my friend go off and watch the result of lesson number 2 more material i have on my slut, its road to total enslavement has began.
It is now 1.30pm my slave has worked hard, I dismiss it early as it has things to do at home. 
However it is not long until I receive a text from it I go on line to chat to it.
“thank you for my last two days Miss I really enjoyed serving you” 
I reply saying he is now mine and will start to obey and not be late in future and I want his passport soon.
” Yes Miss i will bring it over to you i am relaxing now having taken some more of your tablets thank you, I will give all the information you want”
His addiction to my pain killers is working I suggest why not send the information I want now. The next email I receive has every thing I want his email password and access to its on line banking account. 
TOTAL ENSLAVEMENT the piece of meat is mine now!!! to work hard for me and no one else I WILL come first every time!!!!

Serving mistress paris…….

I checked the time it was 8am my piece of meat slave should have been here by now, I have him for the next 2 days to work for me.

“I should not have to do this where are you slut?” it did not take long for my phone to purr… I read the text

“sorry Miss running late will be there about 930″

I was not happy and told him so ” I own your arse so get over here asap or you will be sorry!”

I like my piece of meat to get here early morning, knowing he is sweating and working hard for me in the garden gives me a warm glow as I sleep in relaxing.

It was 930 I texted my slave “Where are you? ”

“i am here Miss just getting changed”

I smiled to myself, I will soon have him working hard for me in my garden, I walked from my bedroom and ran my bath. I checked on the camera there he was my piece of meat changed in his overalls naked beneath, his uniform from now on when he works for me.

My slave is never allowed in the house and is only allowed in my dungeon if he asked and then he must strip before he is allowed in. He is starting to understand he has no life and must always put me first but the training is on going and I need to take control of him.

I leave him to get on with his work while I bathe and relax after all you do not have a dog and bark yourself. I wander down into the kitchen and prepare myself a coffee, I see my slave look into the window as he crosses the garden , I just blank him he has no rights he is just a slave there to serve me I will decide when I talk to him.

I return to my work and the computer satisfied my piece of meat was working hard.

The morning passed quickly as I chatted on line to my friends and slaves who were eager to please and serve me, I wandered into the kitchen and started to prepare some lunch for my self and my slave after all I had to keep his strength up. Now then what shall we give him some salad and a nice ham sandwich I spoil my staff, I nearly forgot some of my spit across the ham better than any mustard!! and of course his tablets my piece of meat is coming on nicely with his addiction to pain killers I will soon have him begging to have his dose. It feels so good to slowly take control over someones life.

I walk outside and I see his little eyes light up as he thinks I will give him some of my precious time.

“Thank you Miss” he takes his lunch and sit on floor next to me, he explains all what he has done.

I listen then ” Why were you late, I want you here right after dropping your wife off do you understand, no time for breakfast. I come first”

“Yes Miss sorry”

“Good I do not want you late tomorrow, I will decide if you have breakfast, I can always fix you a left over scraps breakfast! Anyway I want you to slim down ready for your April dresses when you are slut for my customers”

“Yes Miss”

“Good, now then show me what you have done there a good slave”

He is up on his feet quickly to show me around my garden, things are starting to look better. he has worked hard this morning I am pleased.

“I have to go out this afternoon you will not leave until I return do you understand?”

“Yes Miss”

“Good, now get on with your work I need to change”

I left my piece of meat working hard in the garden as I leave and decide what I am going to wear to go out this afternoon. Once ready I text my slave

“Open the gate for me now” I always text my slave when he is around my house it is far easier after all he is there to make my life better .

I see he has the gate open for me as I climb into my new sports car, I stop lower the window.

“you look very sexy in that car Miss”

“Thank you, your Mistress has every right to have nice things like this and you WILL help pay for them won’t you? Now get on with your work”

I look forward to having my slave working here tomorrow, I have to decide what punishment I will hand out for his lateness!!

Mistress Paris….

part 2 later..

wake up call


i did not see the first text that Miss Paris sent me i was working hard, but this was no excuse. The text was sent again “where was her piece of meat ” i had not had time to reply to Miss Paris and had now gone straight home after collecting my wife from the station

It was around 7pm when i checked my phone for any messages all it read was”oi” i knew Miss Paris was annoyed i had not contacted her since leaving work, i quickly did a quick text say i would try and call in tomorrow to see her to arrange a day to do her garden. it did not please Miss Paris she said she was going to phone me on my home phone so i had better answer it or my wife will know i am a dirty cock sucking slut.

i sent some quick texts to Miss Paris begging her not to ring i promised to arrange a work day at hers, i would provide her with all the docum she had demanded from me. The next text made my heart beat faster it simply said “ring ring”

i returned to the living room my heart pounding and my hands shaking, i sat down to try and relax to watch the television. Then it happened the phone sprang into life i could not get to the phone fast enough i picked up the phone.

“hello” i said i made the conversation sound as if i was arranging gardening work, but as i spoke i could feel my heart pounding and face getting flushed.

i put the phone down i knew now not to mess Miss Paris around, she would carry out her threats. i was owned for good now!!

As arranged i turned up to see Miss Paris to arrange the garden day, after looking at the garden and talking about what was was required with Master i received a text it read ” go to the dungeon when you have finished” i was already running late i was due home but i dare not disobey Miss Paris again..

i walked into the dungeon the door was locked behind me, i stripped and waited on my knees. The bolt slid over and Miss Paris walked in i dare not look into her eyes but kept looking at the floor.

“In future when I say call me I mean it, do you under stand!”

“yes Miss”

“I am going to make sure you remember you useless piece of meat”

i put the ankle straps on, i had not been hung upside down before the next thing i knew i was hanging with the blood rushing to my head. Miss Paris stretched out each arm wide and tied it off.

There was not escape Miss Paris took hold of my balls and pulled them hard, i begged “Please Miss i am sorry”

” You will be, you are my property and it is about time you understand that, you are a piece of meat for me to use and make money from do you understand!”

“yes Miss sorry”

” i want those documents I ordered from you, i will hold your passport , driver licence, bank cards all your pass-words for you accounts and email do you understand”

“yes Miss I will promise”

“Good, I own you and will remember that, now I want you to show how sorry you are to Master, you will suck him while you hang there like a piece of meat you are”

i found it hard to focus where i was facing then i saw Master’s huge cock in front of my face. i took his cock deep into my mouth.

” Do it well slut you will not be released until Master has filled your mouth and I do not see a single drop of cum spilt”

i realised now ownership to Miss Paris was what she commanded, and nothing else in my life mattered. My ownership to Miss Paris was now complete. x