My cane got a good airing yesterday. A regular slave asked me to give him a good thrashing with my thin swishy cane. He is into worshipping my ample breasts – so that gave me a good reason for doling out the stick on his worthless arse. I ordered him to strip naked and be ready for a thorough body inspection. I ordered him to ‘spread ‘em’ and gave his cock a good scrutinise. Then he made his first serious mistake. As I was handling his tiny clit of a penis, he looked straight at me. I hadn’t given him permission to do that and duly gave his face a really hard slap. Well, several slaps. I lost count but they were heard and the sound of the slap reverberated around my dungeon. I love that sound. Anyway, he was about to transgress my rules even more seriously. In looking down during the slapfest, he seemed to fix on my breasts. I teased him by playing with my big boobs which of   course, got him slavering with desire. But of course, licking his lips at the sight of my boobies was a corporal offence. I ordered him over my knee and walloped his cheeks until they glowed like a firework. I ordered him over the whipping bench and told him to use the safe word if he needed it. I told him that he would probably need the safe word as I was so angry, he was going to get a severe caning. He whimpered some kind of pathetic apology which only made me more cross. As he bent over I fingered his arse and gave him something he little expected – an electric clamp on his balls and cock and a finger – my long finger – up his arse. I then went round to the other end of this slave and took my breasts out. I told him not to look at these globes but teased him by sticking them in his face. He let out a pained cry. But that was nothing compared to the cries he let go as I then went to work with my cruel cane. Over and over and over it swished through the air to land in a carefully targeted part of his buttocks. Very soon there were marks, welts and even a little blood.  I considered a ball gag but was enjoying is cries especially knowing that above all he was desperate to see my beautiful breasts as the swung in the air during each stroke of the cane. Of course he was not allowed to see but I knew that his imagination was on fire. His cock had grown into a full man’s prick and when I had satisfied my need to hit him,  I allowed him to wank it but still without looking at my tits. A very satisfying experience.

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Bound for Kidnap

You know that I love to please. A slave asked me for a specific kidnap scenario that I was only too happy to deliver. He wanted to be kidnapped – well, snatched from the street; bundled into a car, bound tightly and humiliated by a bunch of cruel women. Well, I delighted to oblige as I love nothing more than acting out kidnap scenarios.
For this little jaunt, I called on my two accomplices: my partners in male humiliation, Mistresses Lash and Venom. We each got ready before the snatch, with our leather dresses and long coats. We waited until dark and then arranged to grab the slave outside a hotel. We drove up to a very dark spot not far from the arranged pick up (or push down) point. I called him on the mobile: ‘This is Mistress Paris and her friends. Listen to what I am about to say, and do what I tell you – to the letter!’ My voice had the authority of a powerful and cruel mistress who expects her words to be his commands. We could see him walk to the arranged spot. We turned off the car lights and my two femdom friends crept out – they were like stalking cats – to come up behind the slave. I got out and approached the man. I told him to look at me and not to look around. With that, Venom and Lash crept up behind him and with ruthless efficiency, grabbed him by the neck and arms – Lash (she is a cruel bitch) gagged his mouth with her hands while Venom gave him a few bullying shoves (she is very strong). They bundled him into our car and smothered his face with a pillowcase dowsed in chloroform (actually it was fake, something like olbas oil but that is what he asked for). We drove around the area – a very dark, country place where no one can hear you scream. All the time we told him what we were planning to do to him. We had kidnapped our victim so that we sexually abuse him, whip his cock, slap him around the face and generally humiliate him. He struggled but between Lash and Venom (I was driving) he stood no chance. In fact he was about to stand even less of a chance. Lash had the idea of binding him up in a sheet – like some Egyptian mummy only this was living hell not the afterlife. He played the role of the drugged captive and while he was ‘out cold’ we talked about what we do to him. Lash had a great idea: ‘As he’s waking up, why don’t we stick a wet pussy on his face?’
After about 15 minutes of this, we ‘woke him up’, stopped the car and threw him out. We were in the middle of nowhere – a farm gate somewhere. I told him some lie that now we’d had our fun, he could wait there for a taxi that we would order. That was a lie of course and we drove off giggling. After a short time, we drove back again. I got out the car, and told him: ‘I couldn’t get a cab to come out here, so I take pity on you and will ive you a lift.’ He thanked me profusely but as he got near the car, my two fellow kidnappers darted out, grabbed him by the arse and balls and bundled him back into the car. This time, we all felt a bit more vicious. We undid his trousers to reveal a pathetic cock. Lash and Venom started slapping him round the arse cheeks, I grabbed him by the balls with my vice-like grip and we just laughed at his tiny member. He was crying by now and begging for mercy. At first we showed him none but eventually relented by stopping near the original pick up point, throwing him out the car with his trousers down, cock all red and arse on fire from our hefty slaps.
A few minutes later, we got a text message from the man saying it was the best role play he’d ever done and begged us to do it again. See, I told you I love to please.