weekend part two

Well when my travelling companion was pulled from the back of the car,
I could see how stiff he was and in how much pain he was ohhhh
exciting! Standing in the kitchen looking out at my two slaves one,
wearing a metal chastity and a strapon (which was covered in my juices)
and the other gagged with dirty panties, nipple clamps, a butt plug and
of course my favourite toy an electric shock collar.

My slave lover
had put a collar and lead on slavey and led him towards the house, he
was trying to hurry in case any of his soon to be ex neighbours could
see them and it had also started to rain, now my devious mind got
working and as I locked the back door I started to moisten up ( I love
this state).

Both slaves faces were a picture and as they stood there
virtually naked in the pouring rain with their pleading eyes looking
hopefully at me -will they ever learn.

I them ordered them to go back
to the car and for slavey to get on his knees and suck my juices off of
the strapon sticking out from my lovers waist. Oh if looks could kill (
not them me they know better than to look at me in any other way than
adoration) they scurried off to the car again and as slavey got on his
knees and pulled the panties from his mouth he then enthusiastically
consumed as much of that obscene cock as humanly possible as my lover
looked around waiting to dive for cover at the first sight of a
neighbour. Once slavey had licked clean every inch of that plastic cock
I opened a window and shouted out that lover was to lead slavey round
the back garden and to point out any weeds that need pulling “yes
Mistress” was their enthusiastic reply.

Slavey crawled along the
garden being led by my lover (and let’s not forget he is also my slave)
and pulled weeds pointed out to him, as the rain fell on them it,
turned me on too see their humiliation and their ability to shiver for
me. You should have seen them move when I called them in. They
scrambled in and fell to their knees thanking me for my kindness.

looked down on the pathetic pair and took pity on them and decided to
warm them up. “Right you two, go lay in the bath together, I will be up
in a minute”. As they went up the stairs I made myself a nice cup of

When I got to the bathroom I could not contain my laughter at
seeing slavey and lover lying stuffed into the oval bath like two
sardines only these two sprats were lying naked face to face. Whilst
giggling away at them I slipped of my skin tight jeans and my black and
purple lacy full cut panties which were very moist with my sweetness
around the gusset.

I stood up on the edge of the bath and straddled
myself across it, both of them could now see my moist, bald and if I
don’t say so myself beautifully tight pussy (this is a rare treat for
slavey) . I slid my right hand down over my flat stomach to my kitty
and pushed my middle and index finger in between my smooth lips, my god
was I wet and sticky, I took my fingers out and looked at the gossamer
lines of fine clear sticky liquid stretching between my stretched

I then squatted down over my slaves lying face to face, cock
to cock and toe to toe all scrunched up in the bath, I could see the.
Both ogling my Gucci and my beautiful tight bum hole. To take their
minds off of being dirty perves I smeared my pussy juice over lover
boys face and ordered slavey to lick it off of his face.

Slavey licked
away at the face of my boyfriend and diligently licked my juices from
his forehead, eyebrows, cheeks, nose, chin and lips. Lover got slapped
by me for kissing someone else- not fair I hear you say dear devotees
but remember I am in charge and he is my slut.

I then ordered them to
both face me and open their mouths I stood up and with my fingers
spread my pussy lips apart and began to pee, my hot golden stream
sprayed across their faces and filled their mouths “swallow” I ordered
as I let loose my golden wine across their bodies. Once I had finished
I sat at the doge of the bath looking at two men soaked with and lying
in a bath wallowing in my spendings.

I then ordered them to suck all
my pee up from the bath, which they did but enthusiastically enough so
I whipped them with a tightly rolled towel.

After they had cleaned the
bath it was time to clean them up and get them to work, so I ordered my
lover to turn on the shower and then to thoroughly clean slavey NOT
MISSING A SPOT! I could see he was not impressed but this gave me an
idea, once he had finished cleaning every nook and cranny of slavey I
ordered slavey to reciprocate but before he could start I tied lovers
hands behind his back and undone his chastity.

I then said told slavey
to pay particular attention to my boyfriends cock and balls as they had
been locked up for a while and needed a damn good clean. I would
supervise and decide when his tackle was clean enough to be locked away
again. So after washing every nook and cranny slavey then went to work
on my man’s old man.

As he slowly and deliberately worked the soap
suds into his cock and balls I said to my lover “Don’t you dare get
hard or worse” and to slavey I said “Any accidents and you will get 50
strokes of the cane on your arsehole, after that he will get 200”

matter how hard he tried lover could not resist getting hard, but I
could see he was thinking of things to keep him from coming, whilst my
devoted slavey was trying to wash and massage lovers cock and balls in
a way to stop any little accidents.

“Please Mistress is it not clean
enough? Whimpered my boyfriend so I said “Wash that thing harder”
Slavey looked pleadingly at me but complied, the fear in their eyes was
giving me some lovely sensations and watching a man who had not come
for so long straining to avoid ejaculation. He was physically straining
and was almost at the point of no return, when I grabbed his scrotum
crushing his balls ad repeatedly slapped his cock, which shrivelled

“Well?” I said looking at my lover gasping in pain and
fustration he grovelled out a stammering “thank you for helping me

I told them to dry each other off and then ordered slavey to
lock my boyfriends chastity back on his fustrated cock.

They then put
each others shock collar on and then dressed in white paper boiler
suits and I then set them to work on the house.

I love being me!