Boot Camp – femdom style

Fitness has always been my obsession. As a good dominatrix I like to
keep my body in trim – flexible and strong with powerful muscles
capable of wielding a mighty blow of the cane and a crackingly loud
flick of the whip. I also like my slaves to be in the peak of
condition – after all if they are with me, they need to be strong
enough to take my punishments. Fit mistress – fit slave – that’s my

So the other day I filmed a great boot camp session with one of my
regular slaves.

As Madam  Commandant and fitness mistress, I ordered my victim to
strip naked and report to me in the garden of the Oubliette. I donned
my favourite attire for these keep fit domme sessions: a military look
designed to let the slave know who’s boss (not that there is any
question about this). My long blond hair was tucked into an army
officer’s cap (probably Soviet era). I wore a khaki top and camouflage
pants rounded off with a pair of short studded boots. This powerful
image was completed by my military cane which I kept under my arm in
case my subject stepped out of line (which surprisingly he often did).

I began the boot camp by ordering the slave to bring out a pale of
water held in his mouth. Woe betide him if he spilt a drop of the
liquid. Of course he did so and his disobedience was punished with a
mighty slap or two across the chops (this is where my strength comes
into its own).

The PE session comprised a variety of strenuous activities. I barked
orders for the slave to do ski jumps, jack jumps and press ups. I set
an extra challenge for the wanker by placing my heavy boot on his bare
arse – in this way the activities were an even tougher challenge. I
added some extra challenges by making him do rapid press ups with my
cap deftly placed in the small of his back. I told him that if he let
the cap drop, he would get a beating with my cane. It’s amazing how
much incentive for fitness there is with the threat of a heavily
marked arse.

As the session progressed, slave showed his flagging fitness – which
was answered by a severe kicking in the nuts. Doing the plank or a
press up provides the perfect target for cock and balls.  Him on
all-fours, I showed the lazy layabout no mercy as my boot slammed
firmly into his waiting balls. Yelps of pain mingled with his
out-of-breath panting. It was a sound I loved.

As it was a warm day, I concluded the session with some water torture.
Our garden has a fine fountain feature – a cascade of cold water
rapidly falling into a pool; a perfect place for ordering the slave to
do many press ups against the pool edge. He did as he was told but not
quickly enough so I landed my boot on the back of his head. Then I
pressed down forcing his head into the cold water. Head submerged and
gasping for breath, I added to his misery by landing many strokes of
the cane on his bare arse. It was wonderful to hear not cries of pain
but gurgles of torment as his mouth was held underwater and my cane
reined down on his buttocks.

Session over – my slave had completed his boot camp, fitter, wetter
and definitely arse-cheek redder than when he started.

My boot camp session with the slave can be seen on my Oubliette Films clips…..
T Take a look and imagine I’ve got you by the
short and curlies!


The Tractor Factor



Farmyard toys are always popular and boys do like to play with their tractors.  Well this mistress also enjoys tractor play – not a toy, a real one. The other day I was down on the farm when I came across my slave. He had been a very naughty boy, not doing as he was told and being just a little too cocky for my comfort. Cocky behaviour deserves cocky treatment. So I put his cock in a cage and gave it a good hard slapping. I led him by the balls to my full-sized working tractor. He looked a bit aghast when he saw the old thing – what were my plans? To run over his dick with the huge tractor wheels? No, I am not that cruel. But I am cruel enough to tie his arms to the body of the tractor. Better than any whipping bench, his arse stuck out as he struggled to get free. That of course, was not possible. I had other plans. Dressed in my PVC catsuit and donning a mighty pair of black thigh boots, I slipped on my thickest dildo. I ordered him to present his arse. Starting slowly, but not that slowly, my mistress-dick entered his waiting hole. Rammed up against the old tractor, he was going nowhere except forward and backwards as I grabbed his hair and began my rhythmic thrusts. In – out, In-out, fucking all about. As I started to fuck him faster, the tractor began to rattle, the wheels moved back and forth in response; there was no sound except the twittering of birds in the wood and the moans of a rogered slave. I got ever more excited; my womanly rubber penis pumped up and down like a piston in his worthless arse. His hands tightly tied, slave boy tried to get away, but of course he was going nowhere. I was hotting up, almost getting carried away but all good things must cum to an end! I told him that I would leave him tied to the bonnet and that  I might come back to have another play with my toy slave and the real tractor.

If you want to see this blog in action then watch my I want clips


My Command is Your Wish

Be careful what your wish for. That’s something you need to know if
you see Mistress Paris. I had a mail from a would-be slave who sent me
a list of kinky desires. Well he came round a few days ago, I threw
him into the dungeon and ticked off his list one by one.

#1 I’d like to be humiliated and degraded
No problem at all – for me. I barked an order for him to strip naked
as I appeared in long leather boots, seamed stockings, corset, black
gloves and skin-tight hot pants. I could tell he was pleased by what
he saw as his cock grew long enough to be a ripe target for the back
of my hand. I then slapped him hard across the face and ordered him to
lick my boots so clean that I could see myself in them. He was too
slow at getting down so I pulled him up by the hair and gave him ten
regular slaps with my gloved hands. I then ordered him on his knees
again. As he went down I puckered up and gave him two great globules
of mistress spit. It ran down his forehead and on to my boots. I
shouted at him to lick off my spittle and gave him two more showers
just to be helpful!
#2 I want to receive your golden rain
No problem…..while he was down on the floor licking my boots – of
course not thoroughly enough – I stood astride him, pulled by pants
aside and let forth another shower….this time of golden rain. It
cascaded all over his body but I aimed specially for his crotch which
ended up dripping in piss.
#3 I want to be verbally abused.
Again happy to oblige. I called him all the names under the sun
including some very personal abuse about his weight, looks and general
demeanour. I love this aspect of my work …I can be a very loud and
very abusive bitch so I really let rip on the old verbals. I called
him every name and some he’d never heard of.
#4 Food play
As a fan of Bake Off and other foodie programmes, I love using food as
a sexual weapon. I made him lie on his back while I chewed on a giant
cream cake – a profiterole actually. As the cream, sponge and
chocolate got churned up in my mouth, I spat out these munched up
gobbets spill on to his face and waiting mouth. With a whole box of
cakes, I managed to cover his entire body with chewed up gunge. Then I
took a ripe mango  and slowly squashed it with the sharp heel of my
leather boot. I made sure he watched me do this and then i ordered him
to turn on all fours and lick up my mess. Every morsel.
#5 Toilet torture
I told him that he was disgusting – covered in spit, mashed up cream
cake and piss. He needed a good wash. So I marched him to the toilet,
opened the lid, and forced his face into the toilet waters. Four or
five times i use my dirty boot to submerge him. Then I pulled the
chain so that the slave had a good old toilet shower.
#6 Outdoor fun
Still not clean, I then grabbed hold of his neck and frog marched him
to the garden. It was a cold day and i ordered him to stand to
attention bollock naked. I laughed and laughed at this pathetic sight.
But had one more treat for him
#7 Let us Spray
I took my long hose attached to the cold, very cold, water tap. I had
great fun in hosing down the wretch. He wriggled and squirmed as the
freezing jets attacked his shivering skin – then I turned my hose on
his cock and balls. You never saw a penis shrivel as fast as this one
#8 Throw me on the street
I told him to get dressed – even though still wet, opened the dungeon
door and kicked him out into the street.
One very satisfied customer.

customer service

As a domme my motto is ‘the customer is always wrong’. But there are
times when I am more than happy to oblige their kinky requests. So the
other day, a slave contacted me to say he wanted to be humiliated and
degraded. Those two words are music to my ears. If the slave wants
humiliation and to be treated like a miserable animal – then I’m the
woman to deliver.

He asked to be made to kneel naked at my feet. And with a wave of my
magic (electro) wand and the rub of his oily lamp, my command is his
wish (to reverse the Aladdin story). So he arrived at the dungeon only
to be told to strip naked and get down on his knees. As he did so,
bollocks and cock hanging out ready for my ‘attention’, I quickly did
a neat bit of ropework on his hands. I am well trained in bondage
knots and in a flash transformed some of my rope into a pair of
handcuffs. A quick pull on the rope and the knots got tighter binding
his hands firmly behind his back. Feeling that he was looking a little
too comfortable, I placed a nice thin cane under his knees. Believe me
that gets very very painful. Sadly, for him, he winced in pain.
Wincing without permission is a crime in the Paris Penal Code and so
he was instantly punished by a harsh slap across the face.

‘You are going to please your mistress by  performing the lick and
slap routine!,’ I barked into his left ear. He looked puzzled. What
did this mean?

‘You will lower your head, pull out your disgusting tongue and start
licking my leather boots. After 10 licks you will present your face to
me for two slaps, one on each cheek. If your licking is not up to
standard, my standard, you will receive double or treble the number of
face slaps. Is that clear?’

The naked and bound slave nodded meekly. The licking began. He started
well but soon began to grunt and slaver over boots. He was clearly
enjoying this far too much and had broken my laws.

‘Head up – filthy dog. Present you cheeks to me. Your face cheeks (the
other ones will receive my attention soon enough.’ He knelt up and put
his head back ready for a slapping. But this time I surprised him with
a powerful jet of spit – mistress spit; goddess spit, right between
the eyes. A lovely globule of saliva went clean into his right eye.
Unable to wipe his face, I helped in the drying process by delivering
20 powerful slaps with my now gloved hands. I am a strong goddess and
a slap from me is a mighty blow. He yelled in pain as each blow made
his face turn redder.

Tired with this punishment, I took another length of rope and tied it
tightly round his balls – a neat slip knot pressed up into his fleshy

‘You will follow me. You have no choice!’ I bellowed at him and pulled
on the rope yanking him on to all fours. He followed me like a docile
lap poodle. I led him by the balls into the garden, pushed him on to
the cold and wet grass (this was February). He was now flat on his
back looking up at his mistress’ boots, stocking tops and black
panties. I sensually moved the knickers to one side exposing my secret
pee hole.

‘Open your mouth you filthy mastiff’ He did so and without a pause I
unleashed a stream of my golden juices aimed directly at his open gob.
I made sure that my aim wasn’t that good and covered his shivering
body with my warm piss. How I laughed at his predicament: naked on my
lawn, goosepimpled from the cold and now smeared in warm urine.

‘Thank mistress for warming you up you ungrateful fucker!’ I was now
pissed or pissed off and gave him a sharp kick in the ribs. For this
he simply moaned and didn’t thank me.  I unleashed a torrent of abuse
calling him every name under the sun. Then it happened. He was excited
by being verbally assaulted that his cock got hard.

‘How dare you have an erection without my permission?’ I was furious.
So furious that I went inside to fetch a short cock whip. I bent over
over him and gave him 12, 15, 20, maybe 30 harsh blows with the whip
not just on his tethered balls  but at his stiff cock – which quickly
subsided with the biting stings of the whip.

I had had enough of this wanker. I ordered him on to his feet and
marched him by the testicles to my dungeon and the cage within, I
shoved him into the narrow cage and closed the iron bar gates tightly

‘You will spend the night in this cell, with only my piss to drink
from your body. And if I come to find you with a stiffy again, I will
take you out and strap you into my punishment bed to give you a night
of torture you never dreamt of.

With that warning, I turned out the dungeon light. Locked in his tiny
cage, enveloped in darkness with nothing to eat, he would have hours
to  think abut his crimes. Hours to thank his mistress for her
generous customer service.

Spitting Image

Imagine being covered with the spit of your divine mistress. A recent slave didn’t have to imagine – he experienced the exquisite juices of his goddess at first hand. Mouth juices weren’t the only liquids to descend on this worthless piece of you will see.

Slave arrived at my dungeon but was ordered to strip naked and report to his mistress outside in the garden. Now this is winter and it was rather chilly. So to warm up the naked slaveboy  I attached a metal dog lead around his neck. Pulling hard on the collar, I ordered the shivering lump of jelly to heel to his mistress. This was not hard as my heels were 6 inches long. They supported a shiny pair of leather thigh boots which half covered my long leather trench coat.

‘Heel’ I barked my orders to the human dog and sped around the garden like it was show day at Crufts. Sadly (for him) the man cur couldn’t keep up and I had to pull on the lead very hard. The bollock naked slave collapsed in a heap. He had a look of self pity which only stoked up the fire in my temper.

‘Stay on the ground you worthless pig’, I shouted. ‘I have a present for you. Lie flat and open that doggy mouth of yours’. He did as he was told. I leant over him and delivered a gob-load of my spit. Slowly at first, the thick spittle fell into his waiting mouth. ‘Drink it!’, I ordered. He did so. He had no choice.

I then spat hard into his face but demanded that he did not wipe it away. Imagine how humiliated he must have felt covered in his mistress’ personal spit.

I had more spit to come and aimed it this time at his pathetic man-dick. My liquid covered his by-now erect cock.

‘Wipe it off your cock and don’t dare to have a hard on as you rub it.’ Of course my demands were not met. Of course he had a hard on. It got harder as he glanced up at my towering leather-clad body and the horse whip I was holding in gloved hands.

‘I told you not to have an erection. Did I not make myself clear?’

The slave shook his head and whimpered an apology. This was not good enough and yanked his lead to make him follow me back inside. His relief at being back in the warm was short lived although he was about to get warmer.

I brought two plastic dog bowls over and ordered him to watch me carefully.  I then squatted over the first bowl and filled it with my golden nectar. Then I did the same with the second doggie bowl. Both were full to the brim in mistress’ piss.

‘Well doggie – you must be thirsty after all your efforts! Use your tongue to lap up every drop. Every drop in both bowls.’

Calling him every name under the sun, the naked pig man / dog shit lapped up my pee with noisy vigour. He lapped up every drop as ordered.

And so it was time for a reward. A liquid reward. Another dollop of my spit right on to his pee-crusted lips.

‘Thank your mistress for giving you two kinds of drink!’

He thanked me, wiped his moist mouth and collapsed at my feet stammering words of apology. But i couldn’t hear what he said. ‘If you have something to say there’s only one thing to do now – spit it out!’

Never piss me off


I had a slave in my dungeon the other day who really pissed me off.
That is something you should never do with this mistress. I am
normally a calm, gentle, almost saintly (oh yeh!) sadist who dishes
out the pain and humiliation to the mutual satisfaction of slave and
goddess. But when a miserable wretch makes me angry, then stand aside
Mother Theresa, here comes the fiery devil in leather. Actually it was
not leather I was wearing in the dungeon but a nice top, black
trousers and high-heel shoes. The slave, I will call him Dogdirt,
committed two offenses against the Paris Legal Code: he arrived late
and was far too slow in getting undressed ready for the session.
Actually there was a third misdemeanour – he had the audacity to smile
at me and look me in the eye without my permission. Yes, on top of all
that I had had a bit of a bad day and was feeling a bit grumpy so this
slave’s crimes came just at the right time.

Once naked, I roughly placed restraints on each wrist and ankle. I
then tied each one to a rope thus suspending him to opposite dungeon
walls. His arms and legs were spread wide making him especially
vulnerable. Finally I added a leather collar round his neck to remind
him who is always the boss.

I marched up to him and grabbed him by the neck and shouted right into
his ear. ‘You have really pissed me off and you know what happens when
you let me down. I make you pay. I make you suffer!’ He started to
utter pathetic apologies but I was having none of it. I grabbed a
leather ball gag and stuffed it into his protesting mouth. Next I took
a favourite flick whip and started to beat him around the nipples.

‘I do everything for you – allowing you to be my slave and yet this is
how you thank me? By seriously pissing me off?’ I whipped him many
more times and I could hear behind the gag muffled grunts that sounded
like ‘I’m sorry’ ‘I won’t do it again’. But I was not to be easily

I got close to his ear again and told him in a whisper, ‘Never ever
piss off your mistress, do you understand?’ He grunted and nodded.
After more strokes to his chest and legs, I decided to remove the gag.

‘I’m so sorry, I’m so sorry’. His pleadings got nowhere. When this
lady is angry she is not for turning.

‘I don’t believe you!’ I shouted and continued to aim my whip at his
nipples, cock and balls. He screamed in agony, pleading for mercy and
forgiveness. But it was not to come. Not until I was satisfied. Until
my anger was quenched. Until he was was covered in red stripes. That’s
what happens when you piss off this mistress. You have been warned.


The Humiliation of the Insignificant Slave no 5

This was no ordinary slave event but one which was attended by Six Slaves and the formidable Goddess Serena and Mistress Paris.
The location was very unique and was located in the depths of Bedfordshire in some remote historic church building which was positioned in a remote field away from prying eyes and uninvited guests.
This Blog account concentrates on one particular Slave number 5 who was given this number at the start of proceedings which lasted several hours until late evening and involved the Humiliation of all six Slaves who one by one met their fate in different ways.
The Slaves had to be in a stripped naked state from the moment they entered the Dungeon Room which was located at the top of a set of winding stairs leading to the fulcrum of the building which featured medieval oak beams and stone tiled floors which for each of the Slaves represented a cold existence being naked and being in such a humiliating position in the presence of two unforgiving Dominatrix’s who each both towered well over six feet in height and when stood next to any of the slaves made each Slave look and feel both small and totally inferior beings next to the leather clad high heeled goddesses that made all Slaves Crawl on hands and knees in their Presence for the duration of the day.
Goddess Serena was dressed in short Leather Mini Skirt with 6” Stiletto Louboutin shoes that made her appearance every inch a Goddess in appearance and in stature as she Humiliated each Slave with several tasks and by her very presence maintained the Slave to Goddess status throughout the entire proceedings.
However this Blog was only about the final interactions and Humiliating end of the day for Slave no5 and Mistress Paris who’s own individual attire during the day was intoxicating and dangerously looking.
She was wearing a high cut Basque with showed off her long legs in such a way that they went on forever, although covered in Nylon fabric they were joined by 6” High Heeled Boots which accentuated her slim frame but as she moved about the building each Slave was fully aware that she was the one in control and you knew that in her presence you had to give total attention and your reactions to her commands had to be precise or they would be punished without remorse.
During the Lunchtime period the six Slaves were allowed to mix with some Male guests who were fully dressed who were attending a separate function in another part of this medieval building although the Slaves were not allowed to talk with the clothed Guests and had to remain Naked with Collars on depicting and maintaining their lowly Slave status during this lunch time period.
Both Goddess Serena and Mistress Paris looked magnificent as the male guests conversed with them which added to the Humiliation of the Naked Slaves as this added to the inferior beings that were made to feel so insignificant in the company of fully clothed male and female Guests who looked down upon the Slaves as if they were bits of inscriment that had dropped of the bottom of thier shoe.
Continued p2

Both Goddess Serena and Mistress Paris maintained their Superior Position and at no time did they allow themselves to talk to any of the Slaves who they made it very clear at the start of the day that during their presence a Slave could only speak when allowed to speak or again a suitable punishment would ensue.

Once Lunch had finished the six Slaves had to resume their position in the Dungeon Room waiting on their Hands and Knees for their owners to appear and start the Humiliating experiences which involved several Tasks which at the end of the final experience each Slave was brought to a Humiliating climax by either Goddess Serena who seem to concentrate on different Penetration methods while Mistress Paris selected a couple of Slaves who she verbally abused and like Goddess Serena brought them to some kind of Humiliating Climax that Slave No5 found not only Humiliating but reduced him to his lowest status to date and accentuated and showed the Total Power that Mistress Paris can inflict upon any Slave that she wishes to engage.
It was Slave’s No5 turn to be confronted by Mistress Paris who commanded the Slave to Crawl to her Boots were she was perilously tapping the cold stone floor with the sole of Boot to hasten the Speed of the Slave who knees must have been aching with each movement upon the Stone Slab flooring in his eagerness to acknowledge the Command that he had been given a few seconds ago.
Slave no 5 now start licking the sole of my Boot “NOW” and show your adoration and Passion while your Licking the Boots because I want to feel your Tong engaging through the leather of my Boot.
As Mistress Paris looked down on the now slurping slave from her magnificent height she raised her Boot Heel and placed in upon the Salves Back and pushed it slowly down in such a way that she pinned the Slaves body like a little Worm trapping the Slave between the Stone Tiled Floor and the Sole of her now Deadly Boot as she continued to slowly applied the pressure until the Slave No 5 frame was lying flat on the cold surface.

“SLAVE” now Roll over onto your back as I want you looking up at the Bottom of my Boot where you belong and as he did so she pressed the whole of her Boot onto the Slaves Face and slowly applied pressure in such a way that she was Crushing the slaves head with simple movements and as she looked down upon the Slave she could feel her Power through her Boot as the Slave started to Squirm in Pain for he knew to well that Mistress Paris could have Crushed his Skull at any time and the fear mounted as he squirmed again when Mistress Paris lifted her Boot Heel off the now beaten Slave who lay motionless waiting for what Mistress Paris may do next.

He did not have to wait long when she summoned another Slave to bring her a couple of Carrots form a Table full of Nibbles of Food which the Mistresses had during the day.
The Slave handed the Carrots to Mistress Paris who commanded Slave no5 to keep his nose to the Floor and she then placed the Carrots by the side of her Boot Heel and then proceeded to Humiliate the Slave even further by Placing her Boot Heel onto the Carrot.
Now SLAVE this is what I can do to lowly Slaves like you I can Crush you like the carrot which she now proceeded to Grind the Carrot to Pulp in front of the Slaves face which was inches away from the terrifying boot which as she twisted the sole of her Boot the Carrots disintegrated into a mush where not content on showing her Power to the Slave she commanded him to eat the Carrot mush while she guided the Slaves mouth with the sole of her boot then pressed the back of his head onto mushed carrot and commanded him to eat every single bit of the mushed carrot off the floor which in front of the now other mesmerised Slaves he did.
Not content with this she then continued the Slaves Humiliation by lifted her Boot to the slaves Mouth and instructed him to lick the bottoms clean which the Slave seemed to be in a form of Subspace as he fervently licked the boots clean.
Mistress Paris again summoned another Slave to bring what seemed like a Cream Cake which she again repeated the same process as she had done with the Carrot only this time there was much more mess made on the Bottom of her Boot but again she presented the Boot to the Slaves face and guided his face towards the cream cake and slowly and Humiliatingly crushed the Slaves head onto the Cake and twisted her Boot in such a way that the Slave could hardly consume all the now mushed food which eventually he licked very spec from both Floor and the now deadly Boot.
The Slave was now beaten and in a Final Humiliating Act she commanded the Slave to Wank himself in front of her while looking at her Boots which within seconds the Slave no5 came to pulsating Climax spurting his seed onto the Stone Floor.
Slave Number 5 had never been so Humiliated like this before but unbeknown to him Mistress Paris had exploited his Weakness and now he was exposed to her like never before.
Could she be planning to now exploit this Slaves Weakness even further by turning him into her Boot Slave???.
Blog by slave no 5……