Foot worship trio

What is it about women’s feet? A lot of men, and many of my subs seem to want to adore them all day long. I love having my feet worshipped – kissed, licked, sniffed and massaged. This is especially good after a hard day in the dungeon when I have been wearing my hot leather thigh boots or killer stilettos. But I am not namby pamby about foot worship. Like most things, I like to go in hard. Take a real pain slut we had the other day. ‘We’ was Lady Lash, Miss Venom  and myself. The slave had been having a hard time with our whips,  hand smacks and electro tools. It was time to give him a bit of a treat. So, we ordered him to lie on the floor – bollock naked of course. Then we three dom witches sat  on a settee with the slave at our feet. Miss Venom took off her riding boots – she had been wearing them for hours with no socks or stockings so you can imagine how hot and smelly they had become. Lady Lash kept her high heeled boots on and I peeled off my thigh boots to reveal a pair of sticky bare feet. Then we got to work. Venom rubbed his nose with her feet and ordered him to lick off her sweat. She was covered in it – heel, sole and toes. Without gagging, he had to lick her feet clean. As this was happening at one end, Lady Lash was giving his balls attention with her steel capped heels.  She has this amazing way of gently feeling every inch of a slave’s cock and balls with her stilettos. He tried to cry out in pain but of course Venom’s size 5s were in his stupid gob. What was my role? Well Venom took her tootsies to his chest and applied a lot of pressure on his rib cage. She took his breath way – literally. As the air was being stomped out of his lungs, I decided to give him some foot attention. I ordered him to open his mouth as far as he could and then I sank my hot heels into his waiting orifice. Hoping I wouldn’t damage his jaw, I rolled my heel around his mouth, feeling his tongue going to work on my leathery skin there, getting little sensations as his teeth came into contact with the ball of my foot. ‘Don’t dare bite me or you will feel the wrath of my punishment rod’ I warned him. When one heel was properly cleaned and serviced, I started on the other. Then I commanded him to lick each of my ten toes – and the spaces in between.  I told him that I only wanted to feel his hot wet tongue on my toes and that if I felt his teeth then it would be a session over my knee. As my slave attended to my heel – taking one all into his opened mouth – Lash took off her shoes and rubbed his cock with her two stockinged feet. She is good at this and I could see that he was near to cumming. This I would not allow and instructed Venom to stand on his chest. That took the wind out of his sails I can tell you.

After an hour of this worship, we let the slave kiss our shoes and boots and have one last go at worshipping our sacred toes and heels. Then using our powerful feet, we kicked him out. Job done.





When I employ a slave to do work in my house or garden, I expect him to work hard. And I mean hard! I am a very cruel task mistress, any slacking is punished severely. I do have very high standards and very few slaves manage to get through their assigned work without a thorough beating. The other day, my garden slave came late. This, I do not tolerate. Apart from his lack of punctuality he has rarely given me a full day’s work in the garden. I expect my garden slave to dig deep and dig hard, to hoe, to rake, to mow the lawn and make it look like a Wimbledon surface. I don’t expect to see any weeds except the slave himself of course


Well this garden slave did not come up to expectations so I decided to punish him, he knew what was coming. Of course I know my slaves well and this one is easily humiliated. So  I ordered him to buy some condoms and made him watch while I fucked the arse of another slave. After 5 min I ordered him to get undressed and suck the cock of my other slave. As it was lunchtime I ordered him to kneel on all fours and I used his worthless back as a table. I then ordered him on his knees to do some serious shoe licking and collared him so that he knew he was now my property. I told him that as a worthless dog he was not fit to look me in the eyes. I told him that if I caught him looking at me I would truly hurt him. Of course he couldn’t resist looking at me, staring into my cruel eyes, and so duly I gave him a series of hard punches with my fist on his flabby arm.


I then sent him over my knee and slapped his  naked arse until it was bright red. He made a big mistake – he started moaning and begging for forgiveness. He told me he would in future spend all day in my garden. Well, I thought, perhaps he will, perhaps he won’t, in any case I need to continue to teach him a lesson.


I told him that servitude for me was no place for a baby and so I pulled his lead and made him sniff my bottom like a worthless dog. Of course he did not sniff deeply enough and so fully deserved a session with my wicked cattle prod. After this, we went on walkies and of course if he didn’t keep up he got an extra jolt with my prod. This happened on several occasions. I wasn’t convinced that he truly played the part of a dog. For instance, he didn’t bark very well when commanded to do so. He had to be punished and so I let forth some more strong punches into his body.  Suitably battered and bruised my slave finally learned his lesson and next day appeared properly attired in my garden, Wellington booted bollock naked.