Breath is Heaven

I am sure my regular readers will know by now that I take breath control very seriously. So to find out from new novice dominatrix (a beautiful young Domme of Egyptian background) Miss Lucy- Fear, that she loves this idea; well you can imagine my excitement!

Miss Lucy- Fear, currently being trained by Myself, is a very articulate young woman and loves to express her sadistic thoughts to the quivering male before us.

Today this quivering male comes in the shape of a sissy slave who has asked us for breath control play. Well, not being backward in pushing forward, we thought we would oblige. First the slave was tied and bound on to my evil cross in my dark and sinister dungeon. He could scream but couldn’t run, actually in a short while he wouldn’t be able to scream either!

Miss Lucy- Fear loved the idea I had to use a clear plastic bag on the miserable sissy maid strung up before us like a snatched cock, more on his cock later. While he ogled my tiny miniskirt and thigh boots, and Miss Lucy- Fear’s slinky black leather dress amply outlining the dips and heights of her womanly body, we got to work on his precious oxygen.

I yanked the bag over his head and tied the end around his neck with my strong hands. “Very soon your breath will run out and you will beg us for air”, we both taunted him. “Whether you get that precious gift is in our hands, we may let you breath, we may not. The power of your breath, the breath of life, is in our hands; no longer yours.”

I whispered in his ear, “Die you dog” loud enough for Miss Lucy- Fear to hear – a harsh yet caressing tone – that it even gave me a few goose bumps. Miss Lucy- Fear said “Boy I am glad I am not in his shoes, or in his plastic bag“ and gave a menacing giggle!

After a few moments, as we continued to taunt him, he started desperately gasping for air, the bag over his head expanded then collapsed as he desperately attempted to fight for the little bits of remaining air. I then handed him over to Miss Lucy- Fear, after all she wants to have fun too; Miss Lucy-Fear was surprisingly tough, She is naturally mean when she wants to be and on this occasion, she really wanted to be!

I whispered in his ear, “You have to beg us for air, we are your mistresses, the mistresses of your life. Let me hear you beg, whimper and plead.” He tried hard to utter his request but the air was so thin that few audible words came out. We could even see his lips going blue. While other women might feel sorry at this sight, Miss Lucy-Fear and I could only laugh and mock as I gave Miss Lucy- Fear the nod to let a small amount of air into the bag thus giving the sissy slave a few desperately needed sucks of oxygen.

As this torment proceeded, Miss Lucy-Fear and I were getting ever more turned on by the power we had to wield. As we called him every name under the sun, I gave her the nod to let air come in but only after he begged and pleaded with his eyes. I turned my attention to his naked cock, giving some well aimed blows with my hand and some lashes from my little cock whip.

When we had done with this pathetic panting miserable slave, I removed the bag from his desperate head. He took in a huge swathe of air and immediately fell to his knees. Naturally this is where we like our slaves to be and after some not too gentle kicks, I ordered him to lick our boots good and clean.

The power that scene gave us both has really been exciting. All we need now are more slaves to control. “We are the mistresses of your air.” Under my careful guidance, I can see a great future for this divinely cruel bitch, Miss Lucy- Fear. Can the world really take two divine bitches like her and Mistress Paris? I will leave the answer hanging in the air. Assuming there is any left!