Peg Legs (arms and bodies too)

You’ve heard the phrase ‘taking him down a peg or two’? Well in a recent session we mistresses took a slave down at least 40 pegs – all the way up and down his naked body. Mistress Serena and I held the soon-to-be tortured slave in the bedroom of our dungeon space.

Mistress Serena in her tight-fitting black bodice and spangly tights was in a particularly cruel mood; though I came a very close second. Standing erect and butt naked, our victim – hands and feet tightly bound – was ready for the peg fun – ours!

Standing on either side of his torso, we selected our cache of brand-new clothes pegs. They were chosen, by me, for being particularly tight gripping on to skin like a relentless piranha. I applied the first peg to the slave’s left nipple. He gave a short gasp of pain. ‘That’s just the beginning, by the time we’ve finished with you you will be more peg than man,’ I whispered. Mistress Serena laughed and added, ‘Not that you’re much of a man now!’

She continued the torture by pegging his right nipple and applying one of the pegs to the skin just below. That produced a low moan. In the next few agonising minutes (for him) we both applied the pegs to either side of his trunk. Each peg led to a groan of pain and a quiver of his whole body. One of the pegs broke and that annoyed me. I slapped his face hard with a stern rebuke, ‘Look what you have done!’ That also annoyed Mistress Serena who at the best of times has a cold-hearted look that can reduce any man to a wobbling jelly of fear.

Having covered his upper body, Mistress and I began on his arms and legs. Not daring to writhe in pain, the slave just swallowed all the pain we could dole out..and that was a lot. Mistress Serena added to his discomfort with her gentle-sounding comments – ‘Do you know what we’re going to do with these pegs?’ and ‘are you ready to really suffer and suffer for us?’ All he could do is nod in pathetic response.

Once fully covered in clothes pegs, we then went on to Round Two of his torments. Mistress Serena and I took hold of our riding crops and one-by-one, slowly but firmly, we whipped the pinching beasts off his body – peg at a time. Each swish of the crops brought out a howl of pain. ‘That is music to my ears’ said Mistress Serena pouting her lips with mock sympathy. She is very good at that. She can sound like your strictest nanny.

Once we had whipped off every peg, we let the slave go and think about his subservience to his gorgeous mistresses. He had been brought down a peg  or two (just add 40 to that).


Watch the clip here


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