Foot and Ice work if you can get it! (and you can)

No-one likes a good joke more than me. I don’t know why but when I’m
torturing a slave, I can’t help but laugh, especially if he’s forced
to suck on a lolly made out of Mistress’ sacred golden nectar. You’ve
heard the expression ‘laugh till you cry’? Well, my version is ‘I
laugh till you cry’. And maybe beyond! A good example of a session
that reduced a slave to humiliating hilarity took place in my dungeon
the other day.

A slave said he wanted to foot worship. I was happy to oblige but only
if I could have lots of fun with his naked body first.

He had no
choice but to agree. And so the session began: I greeted him with
scorn in our famous torture chamber. I ordered him to get naked – fast
– and chained his arms and legs so that he formed a very nice ‘X’
shape. I ensured that his legs stayed nice and wide by clamping on a
spreader bar – one of Mistress’ countless dungeon toys. Spread-eagled
now he was all mine. Mine to enjoy!

I began by pointing and mocking his tiny cock which needed a
magnifying glass to see. Such was my disdain for it that I gave it
some hefty slaps with the back of my strong hands. ‘Did that hurt?
Yes? It’s just your starter for ten’, I laughed in his face which was
in wincing pain. I then took from my collection, a large cock pump.
Slave no doubt believed that I was about to apply it to his penis to
help it grow. In fact I held it a few inches away from his limp dick
but instead of its usual use, I stuck it firmly up his arse without
warning. That led to yet more cries of pain and anguish, but that only
made me laugh more. Then without warning I slapped the cringing
cock-cuckold hard across the face. I repeated this several times until
I heard him begging me to stop.

Red-faced with an impression of my hand, I released him from bondage.
But not for long. I ordered him to put his head  in my wall stocks and
rummaged in my collections for another one of Mistress’ toys of
torment. There it was – my stainless steel spider gag. What a gag! I
applied this to his mouth and opened the screw so that his gob was
really gaping.

‘It’s time for you to have some food and drink. See what a kind
mistress I am?’ He nodded in agreement at this but could only grunt as
his mouth was wired wide. Then, pretending to be a soft Mistress, I
wanked his cock. This came as a complete surprise to the slave who
responded in the predicted way. He soon came but I collected his mess
on a large kitchen spoon. You can guess what came next? Yes I forced
his cum down his pathetic throat.

‘Does that taste good? Your own spunk?’ He looked at me pleadingly but
I was not finished yet.

‘Are you thirsty? Do you fancy a nice ice lolly?’ He looked puzzled at
this offer. But I had something really surprising in store. Well in my
freezer to be exact. It was a tray of ic cubes made of Mistress’
golden pee. I shoved the icy piss into his open mouth, and told him to
keep it on his tongue until all the golden liquid had melted. Nearly
gagging on my melting piss, I couldn’t help but laugh until I cried.

Thus properly humiliated, I took him out of the stocks and as an extra
treat bent him over my bench to give his arse (still holding that cock
pump) a thorough caning. Let’s call his six-teen of the best!

Slave had done well to take all my humiliations and so just before he
left the dungeon I allowed him to gently suck on each of Mistress’
toes. Foot worship with a ‘bit extra’ you could say.

Why not join the fun (mine) and book a session with your laughing Mistress?


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