The Tractor Factor



Farmyard toys are always popular and boys do like to play with their tractors.  Well this mistress also enjoys tractor play – not a toy, a real one. The other day I was down on the farm when I came across my slave. He had been a very naughty boy, not doing as he was told and being just a little too cocky for my comfort. Cocky behaviour deserves cocky treatment. So I put his cock in a cage and gave it a good hard slapping. I led him by the balls to my full-sized working tractor. He looked a bit aghast when he saw the old thing – what were my plans? To run over his dick with the huge tractor wheels? No, I am not that cruel. But I am cruel enough to tie his arms to the body of the tractor. Better than any whipping bench, his arse stuck out as he struggled to get free. That of course, was not possible. I had other plans. Dressed in my PVC catsuit and donning a mighty pair of black thigh boots, I slipped on my thickest dildo. I ordered him to present his arse. Starting slowly, but not that slowly, my mistress-dick entered his waiting hole. Rammed up against the old tractor, he was going nowhere except forward and backwards as I grabbed his hair and began my rhythmic thrusts. In – out, In-out, fucking all about. As I started to fuck him faster, the tractor began to rattle, the wheels moved back and forth in response; there was no sound except the twittering of birds in the wood and the moans of a rogered slave. I got ever more excited; my womanly rubber penis pumped up and down like a piston in his worthless arse. His hands tightly tied, slave boy tried to get away, but of course he was going nowhere. I was hotting up, almost getting carried away but all good things must cum to an end! I told him that I would leave him tied to the bonnet and that  I might come back to have another play with my toy slave and the real tractor.

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