My Command is Your Wish

Be careful what your wish for. That’s something you need to know if
you see Mistress Paris. I had a mail from a would-be slave who sent me
a list of kinky desires. Well he came round a few days ago, I threw
him into the dungeon and ticked off his list one by one.

#1 I’d like to be humiliated and degraded
No problem at all – for me. I barked an order for him to strip naked
as I appeared in long leather boots, seamed stockings, corset, black
gloves and skin-tight hot pants. I could tell he was pleased by what
he saw as his cock grew long enough to be a ripe target for the back
of my hand. I then slapped him hard across the face and ordered him to
lick my boots so clean that I could see myself in them. He was too
slow at getting down so I pulled him up by the hair and gave him ten
regular slaps with my gloved hands. I then ordered him on his knees
again. As he went down I puckered up and gave him two great globules
of mistress spit. It ran down his forehead and on to my boots. I
shouted at him to lick off my spittle and gave him two more showers
just to be helpful!
#2 I want to receive your golden rain
No problem…..while he was down on the floor licking my boots – of
course not thoroughly enough – I stood astride him, pulled by pants
aside and let forth another shower….this time of golden rain. It
cascaded all over his body but I aimed specially for his crotch which
ended up dripping in piss.
#3 I want to be verbally abused.
Again happy to oblige. I called him all the names under the sun
including some very personal abuse about his weight, looks and general
demeanour. I love this aspect of my work …I can be a very loud and
very abusive bitch so I really let rip on the old verbals. I called
him every name and some he’d never heard of.
#4 Food play
As a fan of Bake Off and other foodie programmes, I love using food as
a sexual weapon. I made him lie on his back while I chewed on a giant
cream cake – a profiterole actually. As the cream, sponge and
chocolate got churned up in my mouth, I spat out these munched up
gobbets spill on to his face and waiting mouth. With a whole box of
cakes, I managed to cover his entire body with chewed up gunge. Then I
took a ripe mango  and slowly squashed it with the sharp heel of my
leather boot. I made sure he watched me do this and then i ordered him
to turn on all fours and lick up my mess. Every morsel.
#5 Toilet torture
I told him that he was disgusting – covered in spit, mashed up cream
cake and piss. He needed a good wash. So I marched him to the toilet,
opened the lid, and forced his face into the toilet waters. Four or
five times i use my dirty boot to submerge him. Then I pulled the
chain so that the slave had a good old toilet shower.
#6 Outdoor fun
Still not clean, I then grabbed hold of his neck and frog marched him
to the garden. It was a cold day and i ordered him to stand to
attention bollock naked. I laughed and laughed at this pathetic sight.
But had one more treat for him
#7 Let us Spray
I took my long hose attached to the cold, very cold, water tap. I had
great fun in hosing down the wretch. He wriggled and squirmed as the
freezing jets attacked his shivering skin – then I turned my hose on
his cock and balls. You never saw a penis shrivel as fast as this one
#8 Throw me on the street
I told him to get dressed – even though still wet, opened the dungeon
door and kicked him out into the street.
One very satisfied customer.


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